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Visuals: Chemical Brothers Eric Prydz Tale of Us

Overall: Labrinth was my favorite set of the weekend Loved Romy’s mix of DJ set / live performance. Incredible party energy earlier on Sunday Wet Leg Muna Sofi Tukker Jai Wolf Charli XCX

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Did you split Prydz and Labrinth? If so, was that a good move?

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We did. Started at Prydz and made it to Labrinth for the last 20ish minutes.

Honestly, if I were doing it again I’d just only hit Labrinth because it felt transcendent; but I loved both.

Back half of Labrinth set was luckily fantastic and we made it in time for Billie

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Sweet, appreciate the insight!

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Chemical Brothers, Tale of Us and Eric Prydz have raised the bar for audio/visual production for electronic acts. You can debate whether that's a good thing or not, as I have just as much fun in a warehouse with a great sound system and no lighting as I do at something like Prydz holo but if you're into that sort of thing they are all very well produced shows.

2ManyDjs was AWESOME and deserved a better time slot/stage

Blondie was a blast and one of those unique acts that you'll definitely only get at Coachella, she performed with Niles Rodgers for about 30 minutes or so.

Not a huge Bjork fan but thought she was pretty cool. Most of the acts I saw in Yuma absolutely smashed it. Keinemusik, PAWSA and Dennis Cruz, Sasha & Digweed, Oliver Koletzki, etc... and it feels like they have upped the lighting/production budget in there a bit as well.

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Cannot wait for 2ManyDjs this weekend. Saw on the stream and it looked and sounded unreal

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Blink 182 also gave an amazing performance

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Drama was insane

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Really ?? Debating going

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I saw 13 sets this weekend, the crowd for drama was easily the best. Just a big dance party

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DRAMA was easily the best party all weekend. If you go Wk 2 be ready groove.

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Super fun on the stream - had some tough conflicts tho (Bjork, Fisher/Chris Lake)

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Sick show!

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Eric prydz had the most insane visuals, Rosalia was a great act

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Jackson Wang wasn’t the best, but I thought he did a great job. I’m not a fan of his music but did great. Him & Jai Wolf for Sunday

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ROSALÍAAAAAA motomami was motomami-ing!!!

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Ashnikko, Rosalia, Chromeo, Gorillaz, Marc Rebillet, boygenius, Angèle, Kali Uchis, Willow. Some others who were also good chem bros, blink 182, bad bunny, Eric for visuals

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Chem bros, bad bunny, charli xcx, jai paul, 2manydjs, the blaze

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Kenny Beats played one of the most fun sets i’ve ever seen. Chris Lake and Fisher also threw down

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Overmono, DRAMA, boygenius, Marc Ribllet, Gabriels we’re my top five, with Chromeo, Ashnikko, Los Bitchos, Wet Leg and others follow.

But don’t miss Boris. I stayed with my* group thing for Frank and regret it like the rest of the festival.

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Some early stuff that is getting overlooked: Elyanna, Gabriel’s, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Overmono, Marc rebillet we’re all before 5 and all Absolutely amazing

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Bjork, Charli, Muna, Latto, Boygenius, and Blackpink

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Rosalia. Could easily replace Frank as a headliner

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BlackPink, Gorillaz, Kali Uchis, Remi Wolf

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Charli XCX, Blackpink, and Two Friends were some of my fav sets of the weekend.

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Rosalía was best of fest for me! She really knows how to put on a SHOW; the energy was immaculate. Charli XCX was great as always. Kali Uchis’ setlist was great even tho she seemed a bit nervous, but brought out so many good features. Other great ones were Metro Boomin, Kenny Beats(!!!), Foushée, Blackpink!

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Jai FUCKING Paul! What an amazing show!!

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Tobe Nwigwe, chemical brothers, blink-182, Gabriels, Gorillaz, scowl, revelation, jai paul, underworld, Chromeo, Calvin Harris, stick Figure, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, 2manydj’s, knocked loose, and dombresky as disco dom, we’re all FANTASTIC. (Not all the sets I saw, just the great ones)

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I loved the blink 182 set also Remi Wolf is amazing vocally El Michels Affair was awesome they had a special guest that I shit my pants to also Gorillaz killed it

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Both DJ Tennis sets popped off hard

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Keinemusik! 2manydjs and MK too.

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Kaytranada, I had a timeeeee 💃🏻

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White Fang. A Boogie. Kaytranada, Rosalia

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MUNA! Wandered in and had a blast

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Tobe Nwigwe and Ethel Cain!

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So much great music but I keep thinking about 070 Shake. I feel like not enough people are talking about her! She really took me somewhere 🙌🏽 fuckin rock show

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I loved watching Chromeo. It was the first time listening to them and their energy was infectious.

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Cannons has a similar vibe and performed Sunday brilliantly.

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Dominic, fkj, charli, blackpink, 070 shake

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From what I've watched so far, almost everything but the headliners have been great! Watching this to see who to watch next.

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Metro forsure !!!

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Bakar killed it, and played all the hits

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Calvin Harris- all around greatness ,Latto- great stage presence, Cannons, and UMI

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Los Bitchos! They played early Sunday. But they were fantastic. Played great Spanish oldies before their set, great energy and great music. Loved their set

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$uicideboy$ was empty at the Sahara. But was a GREAT performance

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2manydjs, Despacio, Underworld, Keinemusik, Romy, Rosalia, Gorillaz, Blaze

Worst: Frank, Overmono, Jai Paul

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I thought the blaze was pretty solid

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Don’t miss Benee, her energy and enthusiasm was contagious. +1 on DRAMA, tale of us, Blondie, Angèle and Remi Wolf

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Cannons!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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BlackPink, Metro Boomin (🔥), Dominic Fike, Willow, Bad Bunny, Rae Sremmud, Calvin Harris.

I enjoyed these streaming but will be there this weekend. Hoping to catch Labrinth, Tobe Nwigwe and Rosalía as well.

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Rosalia and Bad bunny were up there for me! Blondie was also so much fun! Overall everyone was great . Gorillaz Awsome