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I guess this also means that overseas iPhones with iOS 15 will now make shutter sound when used in Japan.

I have a Canadian-purchased iPhone 12 Pro (identical model to what is sold in Japan) and have updated it to iOS 15. It still makes no shutter sound in manner mode, identical to how it performed on iOS 14.

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Can confirm the same. Also have a Canadian model.

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Can also confirm on 3 US iPhones on iOS 15. No shutter sound.

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Same for my US-purchased iPhone

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That is because the shutter sound is muted by the sim card. You can get around it by downloading another photo app.

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Now just have to wait for someone to write a guide on how to spoof ios into thinking it's overseas and I will be able to take my toddler sleeping without risking to wake him up.

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Same here, but replace the words "toddler sleeping" with "upskirt pictures of schoolgirls on the train".

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"upskirt pictures of schoolgirls on the train"

You mean you don't have your phone inside your shoe video recording through a small whole during your commute ? Damn dude, just do as the locals do

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Just turn on live photo and it makes a very tiny sound. Plus bonus you get to see the girls moving around like a short video.

I’m not saying I do that, but if I did, that’s what I would do.

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Various other photo apps don’t make the shutter sound. It’s kinda stupid the camera app makes a shutter sound just for this reason alone. A creep can EASILY get around it by downloading another photo app.

And no, the reason I know this isn’t because I’m a creep, I just have one of those super-popular-in-Japan filter apps that gives you cat ears or flowers around your head or whatever and I realized it doesn’t trigger the shutter sound. So I’ll use it for things like taking pics of my sleeping baby or whatever (you can also take unfiltered pics with it)

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A creep can EASILY get around it by downloading another photo app.

Those app don't actually take a photo, it's more a screenshot of the preview screen. It's good enough for a creep, not good enough if you want a nice picture.

Try to take the same picture with both, you'll see a huge difference in quality, especially in low light

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You’re right it is lower quality. But like you said its good enough for a creep so it’s naive to believe one is just going to give up trying to take creep shots because the main camera app makes a shutter sound when they have plenty of other options (including spy cams you can openly buy at like donki or wherever)

It’s also good enough to take random pics of my baby sleeping lol

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Yeah, it's really hard to get the subtle stitching on the panties with just a preview screen.

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I thought creeps just make a video... its easy, its silent and you wont miss the "target"

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Why would a creep take a picture and risk missing something when they can just take a 4K video and step through it frame by frame for the perfect shots?

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Username checks out.

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With Live Photos, it’s honestly not that bad…

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With live photo you don't have night mode, nor deep fusion, for sleeping baby in a darker room it helps a LOT

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My kid when he was still a few months old slept through the noise coming out of a pachinko parlor as we walked by, I feel like a shutter sound ain’t gonna wake him up.

Light sleepers here?

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If he's sleeping in the living room, then TV on etc wont wake him up, he can sleep in a department store no issue.

However if he sleeps in a silent room some noise coming out of nowhere sometimes wakes him up, and i m not taking chances at night just in case he doesnt get back to sleep after ;p

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You can put your thumb to cover the phone speakers, works pretty well for me.

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Yes, and focusing the sound to mono on only one speaker helps too but it's not a real solution tbh

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It’s pretty easy when your phone has been jailbroken you can delete the shutter sound from the actual phone

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I used to jailbreak for this purpose but in later versions of iOS I couldn't do anything to stop the shutter sound. Like other commenters here I now have an imported iPhone and don't have the issue at all anymore.

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Where do you buy imported iPhone in Japan?

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I didn't. It was bought in Canada by someone I know who lives there. I paid for it (obviously) and he sent it to me.

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You can sometimes find them on Yahoo auctions and the like, but marked up considerably. I recommend just buying them from the US online Apple store, and have it routed through a service like MyUS, which receives packages and sends them anywhere around the world.

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Some iPhone shops in Akiba have HK phones that don’t have that restriction

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That’s why I never updated unless the jailbreak was updated as well, I’ve been jailbroken since the 3GS when geohot released it, I’ve mainly used it to have customized UI themes and when carriers started charging to use the hotspot as a separate feature, I’d use tether Me to hide my hotspot usage so I wouldn’t have to pay $10 extra to use the tethering feature

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I never had a problem with jailbreaking but at some point there was no longer a file I could find to delete that stopped the shutter sound. The cydia apps that claimed to disable the shutter sound also stopped working. Dunno if it ever got fixed, I stopped jailbreaking 5+ years ago.

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Yeah with new updates, sometimes the file name or directory would change and you would have to go digging and find it again, and the Cydia apps were never updated so they didn’t work, but the process was always the same I just browse and renamed with ifile

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Couldn't you just use a VPN? I'd think that'd work

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Would guess they are using GPS to determine location, not IP address.

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My guess would be the SIM card or network ID (the Android phones I had went off SIM). So maybe roaming eSIM+airplane mode?

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It's been tested and it isn't the SIM card.

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The Apple Watch features that are location-dependent (like EKG, which was slow to approve in Japan) use the mobile network ID. So you’d have to spoof your 4G signal somehow.

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That would mean that you could spoof your location in airplane mode and Wi-Fi off, which I don’t think you can.

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Airplane mode stops transmission but not reception. The phone still picks up GPS in airplane mode, and can still detect nearby mobile network IDs.

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Nope, tried it, have a few VPN, one of them being a direct link to my home in europe and still shutter, must be in the cell signal or something

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Tangentially related question: does the LINE app's camera make noise on iOS? It doesn't on Android.

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I'm an Android user and in-app cameras have always been pretty random whether they make noise or not for me. Never thought too much about why though since in-app cameras are usually poor quality.

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It makes a huge sound for me.

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Just throwing this under here incase someone is unaware, but if you have an android there are many ways turn off the shutter. Personally, I use an app that forces my phone into complete silence whenever I open the android camera app.

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Another reason for me to be wary of future upgrades. I’d be willing to put in a lot of effort to work around hearing that annoying sound. It’s frustrating because it does nothing to stop people taking upskirt photos, and just punishes everyone else.

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Idunno if there’s any rules regarding information like this and I’m okay with deleting this comment if there are, but apps like Simple Cam allow you to have silent cameras on iOS.

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Which is why its a dumb law in the first place. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, it’s not even a law. Just a proactive measure by Japanese cell phone manufacturers.

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It’s not illegal to use a silent camera app. It isn’t enforced by the government but by telecom companies.

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Or just wait another month and buy an international version from online.

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Lol. Why is still actually still a thing?

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You know why...

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The law, but I mean… I guess…

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It’s not a law.

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I see no reason to expunge “still” from our language. You even used it in the same sentence asking it’s necessity.


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I never realized that was a Japanese thing. It's indeed quite loud. I upgraded iOS on my EU-bought iphone and the shutter sound is gone. Still have it on my iPad (from Japan) unfortunately.

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The fact that Japan has to have shutter sounds on their phones at all is just sad... So glad I have a foreign phone. Absolutely refuse to buy a Japanese one.

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You can either use live mode or during video recording, you can tap on the little shutter button on the side to take pictures and delete the video afterwards. The shutter sound is still impossible to delete overseas. At least, I can't.

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Good news!

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I like the Hong Kong iPhones. They're the only ones that have the dual real SIM (i.e. you can put in two real SIM cards) and it's a no shutter sound iPhone.

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If I’m not mistaken, there is another nice function for HK/CN iPhones: a setting to block apps from using both cellular and wifi connection.

Since all China iCloud users are stored in China data centers, and iOS having additional functions for China iPhones, I am not gonna risk my data being accidentally stored in China data centers, no matter how much I envy the dual SIM slot and cellular & WiFi blocking function on their iPhones.

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overseas iPhones with iOS 15 still mute the shutter sound here.

I think you mean "do not artificially create a shutter sound here", which is fundamentally different

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So you can be hentai outside and not hentai in Japan?