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With hard subs, I'm sure...

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God I hate this about Amazon prime. Kind of annoying when watching a western drama and being distracted because you’re automatically reading the jp subs so you don’t catch everything said in English. AND a lot of Japanese content doesn’t have any subs at all—no captions in Japanese. Isn’t that against some kind of rules, don’t they need it for the hearing impaired? Ugh.

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Lately I've seen some anime that actually had optional CCs. The styling is awful, but it's better than nothing.

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And only in Japanese. I hope you know how to speak Russian!

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I am fluent in Japanese and have seen every Bond movie multiple times, so that’s not really a concern…

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They’ve gotten better. The evangelion movies were available with multiple dubs and (soft) subs…. …never mind I checked and Spectre is hard subbed.

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what does this mean? like i can't turn it off?

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Pretty much everything on Amazon Prime Japan is either dubbed or with subs you can’t turn off, and you can’t just click one button to switch between them. Amazon‘s library system is shit.

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The main exception is their new original content seems to have a proper subtitle menu these days. Hopefully they eventually overhaul their entire jp library that way, but it’s probably too much to expect from Amazon.

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Apparently the issue is that their system is built for purchases and rentals, not streaming.

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Iirc purchases and rentals on platforms like iTunes let you turn off subtitles.

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Today I watched the Joaquin Phoenix doco and the audio/subtitle options were Audio - English (only), and Subtitle - off (didn't turn off). Such options!

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In some cases you can even switch between 10+ languages and audio/subtitles combinations. So far, it’s almost exclusively Amazon produced content.

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oh, yeah i've noticed them on john wick movies, but didn't bother me because i wasn't paying attention and just listening to it.

it sucks and will be bothersome if you can see a poorly translated pharse

and i want silicon valley back

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You can turn off subs on some of the newer stuff.

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jw what happened? Amazon used to be huge in streaming in Japan beating Netflix but they're crap nowadays

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Free... on that subscription service we're paying for. I mean, sure, it's great that I'll finally be able to catch up on the Daniel Craig series, which I've only been vaguely interested in so far. But it's not free by any means.

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There are a lot of movies on there that require an additional charge, so its not 100 percent free but its a meaningful thing to point out.

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Give OP a break. They’re excited. I, like many others and possibly OP, joined Amazon Prime for the shipping. The Video is just gravy. Now my kids are using the Music too. It feels free. I get it.

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I thought the music cost extra. Is that not the case?

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Basically yes. Limited music is free. Unlimited costs extra. There seems to be a lot of BTS available on the limited version…some may say too much…

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Music Prime is included in Prime subscription. Number of songs available are very small compared to Amazon Music Unlimited which is separate subscription.

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Ahh, that's the one I'm thinking of. Thanks!

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500 yen? That’s free in my mind…

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Best news I have read all day. Thank you.

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In English, hopefully?

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Yep and Dolby Atmos too :)

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Hell yeah! Time to go watch Goldeneye

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Goldfinger for me. An absolute classic.

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First four Connery movies are the peak. Although I’d say Casino Royale is the best single entry to the franchise, reinvented it and paid homage at the same time. Wonder what Japanese audiences will make of the rather suspect You Only Live Twice though.

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Thanks for the heads up! I was literally looking to re-watch a bunch of them over the summer. At the time they weren't available for streaming and I wasn't about to haul my ass out to a DVD rental place in the middle of a pandemic.

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Yay they are back! They used to be on Prime a few years ago and I didn't get a chance to go through them all.

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Thank you!!

I am excited for the new movie to come out and was wanting to binge some older Bond movies!

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As someone that’s never watched a Bond film, where should I begin?

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If they're all available, try from the beginning. And watch em all

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I'm no expert but I would personally recommend to start with "On her Majesty's Secret Service"

It's frequently lauded as one of the best representations of Bond and, I personally feel, it offers a good foundation to view other iterations of the Bond character with a more sympathic eye. 'How Bond became Bond' as it were. Yes I know it wasn't first chronlogically but that's not the point. And yes. I'm aware the Bond actor is Australian.

It's also possible you'll never listen to a certain song the same way ever again.

And the good news is. As OP said "all James Bond 007 movies" they now need to get you a copy.

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Casino Royale (1967) is a great place to start.

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I mean...

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I was going to say "why are you making a post about Amazon Prime?" but to be fair it is the first major franchise addition in quite a while. I've had Amazon Prime for a few years now and the selection has gradually improved.

Only other noteworthy thing (for me) is that the final season of Suits was added about 6 months back. I remember watching all of them and it saying I had to pay for the last season and I was like "get to fuck".

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The Expanse is pretty good too. Well, some seasons are better than others, but overall its pretty solid.

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Started watching them in sequence when I noticed they suddenly showed up a couple days ago. Watched From Russia With Love yesterday, on to Goldfinger tonight!

Not 007 related, but I was a bit disappointed that "Dirty Work" isn't available even to rent on Amazon Prime. I was saddened by Norm MacDonald's passing yesterday and wanted to track that one down for old time's sake but they don't have it.