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PSA: I wasted months interviewing at Woven Planet so you don't have to. by bautasteen in japanlife

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Long time lurker, but seeing this thread I had to make an account to describe my experience. Basically I applied for an ML Engineer position last year, was given a take-home assignment that had mistakes with some of the very basic concepts of ML!!


Anyway, I wrote the code partly using my understanding of the basic dataset and guessing what they wanted. I waited for a month for the reply, then decided to push their HR for a response, knowing that it'll be a negative. (Perhaps they were hesitant to reject me because there wasn't anything wrong with my code, but weren't interested in me for other reasons. But they still were miserable enough to make me do their homework instead of outright rejecting me.)

PSA: I wasted months interviewing at Woven Planet so you don't have to. by bautasteen in japanlife

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Yea....so I applied with them fairly recently too Basically, I had 2 friends who already warned me given their experience which was similar. Essentially went through months of interviews and then got told no at the end, all while the shit they did as the "challenge' ended up actually being used. But I figured, well, might as well find out for myself.

Basically gave me the layout of their entire network, with all the technologies they use, and then wanted me to basically find all the issues, propose fixes, budgets, technical manuals, use cases, etc. This was easily a week of work if you did all the things they asked. I told them nah, I am not going to do this. If they have a "challenge" actually related to what I would be doing, I will do that. But I will not do something of this scope for free. Told them I would be more than willing to discuss this in an interview, but not prior. They essentially tried to argue that "well we need to see that you know a little about a lot of things" (bullshit). Again I repeated, pick a section of this and I will do it as a challenge, or we can just have a conversation in an interview. They basically refused and said ok well "we are not a good fit and that I couldn't do well at a startup cause I didn't do their challenge".

At worst, they are looking for basically free consulting work, and at best, they are utterly clueless. It looked a giant mess from the outside, and from what I see here it seems it's just as big of a mess on the inside. Stay away.

Weekly Complaint Thread - 02 September 2021 by AutoModerator in japanlife

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My favorite building in the world, the Nakagin Capsule Tower, is being destroyed because Japan has 0 respect for preserving architecture that isn't already 500 years old or some bumfuck mungbean processing plant. I wrote at least 5 papers on this building for college, met my first boyfriend because of our shared love for Japanese Metabolist architecture, took up urban sketching as a hobby just to document buildings of similar styles. And after a losing fight of some 20 years between artist tenants and the management company, it was let to rot and fall apart just so they could replace it with a hair salon or soapland or whatever Tokyoites think is important that month.

It's just so frustrating that Japan has such an obsession with art culture but treats architecture like old iPhone models to be replaced immediately. We live in prefab shacks that have neither comfortable commodities or logical structure (the window placement...), sleeping spaces that exist between the joys of work and overwork. They tore down Wright's Imperial Hotel while his sobbing widow was still in the lobby trying to keep the building from being demolished. Replace, replace, replace because the only things that matters are land prices and the appearance of being "new." Circlejerk to the same 4000 identical shrines, never preserve anything so as not to displace tori and telephone lines in people's memories of Japan.

Edit: For those who want to see the tower, it's in Ginza and it'll probably be a few months before demolition. It's not in good condition due to neglect but it's a very inspirational building with incredibly ambitious design. I'm not sure if they are still doing inner tours but some international art museums are buying individual capsules for preservation, thank God.

Female Stalker at Tokyo Station by mod2k4 in japanlife

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If you write something like this, you get downvoted. Honestly foreigners or mix people, whatever, should stick up for each other but I find they tend to agree or go against you to benefit themselves. It's sickening.

I'm sorry you had to go through something like that. I experienced exactly the same thing. The way they do it is very systematic and I'm not surprised considering their actions in the WWII, which they so vehemently try to deny and act as the victim.

I'd like to know how people get married or raise families here. Now that I look back I feel like most of my former friends married for status reasons or mutual benefits or to stop working and be okay with their gender roles.

Weekend Stupid Questions Thread - 24 July 2021 by AutoModerator in japanlife

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By coincidence I found out that Misumi Meviy service will do this. Check it out.

Anyone care to share how they met their gf/bf/wife/husband in Japan other than through work/foreign bar/dating app? by KaudoTV in japanlife

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This story might be unqualified here since I've initially met my husband at work but hear me out.

I worked at an English language school soon after I graduated college. This foreign teacher guy (I'm gonna call him Pickles here - he likes pickles) who works at a different branch comes to my school for substituting.

Pickles instantly starts hitting on me with some cheesy pick up lines in Japanese not really realizing I am a native level English speaker. (I am Japanese and I look like one too.) But I'm not thrilled. At all. Plus, I simply had no interest in dating someone related to work.

After that day, Pickles sends me messages every now and then asking how I was or inviting me to go for a drink. He sent me a rose emoji on Valentine's day. I usually just ignored him or, once in a while replied to end the conversation as quickly as I can.

We both quit the company that happened to be around the same time finding new opportunities. Pickles still messaged me asking how I was doing. Me, not phasing. In fact I ended up labeling his Facebook account as "Acquaintances" so he won't like all the posts I put up. When Facebook added that function to connect with Instagram accounts and allowed cross-posts, I didn't realise posts via Instagram doesn't block out the acquaintances and I freaked out not just because he liked my post but also happened to be traveling to the same country at the same time.

Roughly 7 years pass from since we first met. I was happily living my own life. There's this event at a school nearby my place every year open for the local community. I knew a teacher from my elementary school worked there so I went to see her. I also knew Pickles just happened to work there but really didn't care.

Sidenote about this teacher. I came across her in the middle of a ski mountain by chance the previous year. It had been nearly 20 years since I graduated elementary school but I recognized her voice in the lift waiting line. I went up to her and said hi. Obviously, she doesn't recognize me but I say my name and she instantly remembers and asked me if I still do gymnastics (which I did back then). She's an awesome teacher. She married a guy who taught outdoor education program at my old school. I've taken his classes too. He now works with his wife as well as Pickles.

Anyways, at the event, I wanted to see my teacher. I look for her around the school and there she is! ... talking to Pickles... great... I hesitate to go up to them for a split second but also think "what the hell, it's been years, he's probably forgotten he was hitting on me" and took the courage to go say hi to them. The interesting thing is that, I know my teacher and Pickles from different occasions, they know me vice versa but, they don't know I was their mutual friend.

We talk about how we know each other. My teacher is the type of person who doesn't age. She was in her early twenties when I was her student and Pickles couldn't get over the fact I was her student and still somehow looks like she's in her early thirties. We took a picture and naturally, I messaged him to send the photo. Few weeks passes and couple more message exchanges. We finally go out for a dinner and discovered we had a lot in common. Growing up in the same area in the states, we both like snowboarding, loads of mutual friends, foodies, and etc. Just realizing that moment I've never actually talked to him therefore I simply never knew him as a friend.

Fast forward 4 years - I am writing this story now in bed, listening to the sound of snoring with a surround sound system. Pickles to my right, and Baby Pickles to my left.

Give me all your best cheesy English jokes that Japanese people understand! by AnkiGuy in japanlife

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/r/oyajigag is for bilingual jokes. The smaller /r/oyajigyagu was set up for jokes you don't need English for, but it never got many submissions.

It really is good living in Japan. by Crippie8 in japanlife

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Same. I lost my wallet on payday with about 40,000 yen is cash, plus my zairyu card, and all other important cards right before New Years 2019. I reported it lost and got a call on the 31st of December from the police that it was returned.

From there, I went to the station, and everything was inside as it was when I lost it; money and all.

A phone number was left behind so I called and it was a super sweet old man in his 70s-ish (my guess after hearing his voice) but when I offered him 10%, he just said "電話だけで十分や" (just calling is plenty). Definitely one of my better memories since I've been here.

Edit: Holy smokes what. I got my first gold?? いいねだけで十分やで!

Weekly Complaint Thread - 15 July 2021 by AutoModerator in japanlife

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Is this place so bitter than now weddings are “terrible Japanese scams”? Last week it was fruits, I feel like by the end of the year, we’re gonna have a weekly “What else do Japanese do wrong?” Thread.

Edit: who the fuck gave this platinum? lol

Kids are mean by kawaeri in japanlife

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Ok, real talk.

You're white, and if we may assume, your husband is born and raised japanese in japan.

So, neither of you will fully understand what your kid is going through. Experiencing lack of race privilege as an adult, is not the same as experiencing it during your puberty years. Being supportive and loving is important, but so is recognizing, and admitting, that you'll always have some degree of ignorance.

Also, i disagree with people who call this "just bullying" that "happens to everyone." Being bullied for your appearance and/or behaviour is one thing. When the bullying causes the target to also question their sense of identity, it is another layer of complex emotions added on top of that.

So, you must first recognize that neither of you will ever be able to fully understand what the kid goes through.

I'm emphasizing on this, because i see a lot of white x japanese parents in the gaijin community claim to know it all. and at the same time, i have a couple of biracial friends (we're all adults) share how their parents never tried to listen, how emotionally unavailable their parents are for support. because their parents believe they know it all and won't acknowledge they actually can't.

I think it'll be best to keep reading and educating yourself about biracial struggles. I know it's very unpopular within the english-centric gaijin community in japan, but consider following asian, biracial, mental health advocates which integrate intersection as part of their outreach.

What i'm concerned may happen eventually is your child may feel 'no where'ness. Strong sense of belonging no where and constantly stranded/homeless. And until they gain more confidence later in life, they may be constantly doubting themselves. Am i supposed to be beautiful and exotic because i'm haffu? Am i really japanese? Am i really white? What am i? I'm not japanese enough for japan, but not white enough for white folks.

Thoughts like these. I hear these struggles often among my biracial friends, and it really may take a whole lifetime to hopefully come to terms with it.

Have some of you left Japan, regretted and came back? by melzhas in japanlife

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I'd be careful... As they say "You can never walk into the same river twice" - things change. Your love of Japan is partly a love of Japan, and partly a love of who you were when you were here - a mix of situation, age, circumstance, and experiences that are (admittedly) heavily influenced by Japan... but also by other things.

Maybe you recapture that if you come back... maybe you don't. Maybe your years overseas have changed things. Maybe Japan has changed. Maybe the situation you find yourself in when you return are different. Lots of variables, and the only real certainty is that whatever you experience when you come back will be different than what you experienced before.. maybe worse, maybe better. But definitely different.

I was here in the mid-90's for a couple years, and then left. Traveled, lived in Europe and the states. Came back in 2005. My first experiences were classic "OMG Japan so awesome!" new-guy-in-Japan stuff. My experience on returning has been a mix of good and bad, but much more based in reality and not the rosy view new young guys have of a place they barely understand. It's a very different reality I have now. And, objectively, I am less "insanely pumped about being in Japan" now than I was in, say 1997. But I am also old, bitter, and jaded. Like anyone who has been here more than a decade.

To be very honest, if it were not for my family having roots here, and various obligations... I'd leave. Japan is a nice place to live, but it will never be home. The 'Rona has made that pretty damn clear. I was lucky that I cancelled a business trip I had early on in the pandemic - and when Japan decided that long term residents could go fuck themselves if they wanted back in (while still letting "real Japanese people" return from their mid-pandemic vacations by the planeload) - it was clear... This is not my home, nor will it ever be. They are just polite enough to let me live here as long as I'm not too much trouble.

Naturalization in Japan by me_and_Jp in japanlife

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I naturalized four years ago! I didn’t have PR. My lawyer (and hiring a lawyer is optional—I was just lazy) said that getting PR is easier when you’re married and naturalizing is easier if you’re single.

If you’re interested I did a whole post on how the process went for me: https://imgur.com/gallery/tQVKL3h