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Cherry Blossom Trees Vandalized in San Francisco’s Japantown The destruction of the trees, planted by a Japanese cultural center to commemorate a 1994 visit by the emperor and empress of Japan, was captured on surveillance footage. by [deleted] in japan

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Right wing propaganda? LOL go look at my entire post history. I’m a minority democrat you idiot.


Latest dropped ball is a career criminal with 16 prior arrests including felonies was free on parole after being arrested 5 times this year for multiple felonies including armed robbery and grand theft auto. Stole a 3rd car this year and hit and killed two pedestrians on New Year’s Eve.


At last check of the San Francisco Police Department, crime statistics comparing November of this year to November of 2019:

Burglary shot up by 42% citywide Arson has gone up by 39% Stolen cars saw an uptick of 34% Homicides up by a 32% Police believe the increase in homicides is still mostly targeted and gang-related.

The crimes that require more person-to-person contact have all gone down.

The San Francisco Police Department, commercial and residential burglaries have increased 75% in the area covered by Richmond police station — which includes the Richmond neighborhood, as well as much of Golden Gate Park — over the last year. (SFPD did not break out figures solely for the Richmond neighborhood.) Burglaries citywide were up 47% as of the end of November. Police say they are working with the crime-prevention nonprofit SF-SAFE to combat the growing rate of burglaries through redeployment of resources and increased patrols, in addition to tracking repeat offenders.

Popular NHK newscaster who criticized Suga government to be replaced amid pressure from the government by kotarohanawa in japan

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This is speculation and an article by Bunshun online. Most people on this sub do not understand Japanese and can’t read the article so the OP should be more responsible in not manipulating the headline. even in Japanese the headline comes with a question mark to indicate that it is a speculation. This is not news. This is an article from a tabloid magazine

Japan: Nike advertisement on bullying, racism faces backlash, boycott calls by bassambadis in japan

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Although perhaps uncomfortable, how is staring racism? No one in Japan has ever called me a nigger. Not once. Now, people in America generally don’t stare but racial epithets...

Japan not planning to shut schools despite surge in virus cases by redditteer4u in japan

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Schools are not a significant vector of the virus. Countries have successfully undergone a second lockdown without closing schools.

My class in 1968 by linesallover in japan

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1968 Iwakuni. I was the first foreigner to attend this bukyo school. The monk in the center was my head master. I am the blond kid on the far right. The second western child is the son of my mother's friend. I think his name was Joe. He was accepted after I turned out not to be a demon (Barely.) I remember my headmaster so very well. He established my moral foundation that thrives in me to this very day. He is still alive. I have spoken with his son who runs the school now. I planned to return, and all my teachers were excited. However, life loves curveballs, and I suddenly required a bone marrow transplant. After recovering from that, this awful virus popped up. There is no way for me to finally travel home. It was a home to me and dearly missed.

There was a persimmon tree in the school yard next to the shine. It was off limits. Sensei would occasionally pick a persimmon for a child who performed exceptionally well. Since that was never going to be me, I sneaked up that tree and got one for myself. As I secretly sat in that tree, I took a large bite of the persimmon. I know it sounds weird, but it tasted...like sunshine. In all my travels and in all these years, I have never tasted anything close to that persimmon.

I have been told the tree is still there and it still bears fruit. As soon as this virus is under control, I will be flying to Iwakuni so I can taste sunshine once again.

Found it in my cellar... does anyone know more about it ? by Soul_Sander in japan

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Yes. That's the legendary meat cleaver of Okuninushi. It was given to Gintoki, the first Hokage of Japan, who used it to slay the eight-headed serpent Yamata no Orochimaru. It is so powerful that the Shogun Taira Kiyomori decided it had to be taken to Kyou-un-yama. He sent his seven stout samurai (one a bit stouter and hairier than the others) to destroy the cleaver in the fires of Kyou-un-yama. Unfortunately, the cleaver was said to have been lost at the Battle of Dan-no-ura, because that little fucker Furodo Baginzu wouldn't let it go.

You are very lucky (or possibly unlucky) to have found it after these 5000 years. It is now up to you to take it to Kyou-un-yama and make sure it is destroyed. May the luck of Edo be upon you.

I legitimately hate whenever my country is discussed on reddit by throwaway7391746 in japan

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Korean here I want to post some of my thoughts.

Maybe some who will read my comment may have seen my other comments before but I personally think my view lies on the moderate side when it comes to Korean-Japan relations so with that said let me give the "moderate's" POV.

  1. The most important thing to note is that its always the loud ones who gets heard, regardless of the silent majority. You agree not all Japanese hate Koreans right? Same on this side of the sea, not all Koreans hate Japan.
  2. I have to disagree on the work culture. My friends living in Japan and one of my family who used to live in Japan (this family member moved back about 10 years ago however) all agreed how strict workplaces are. How they always have to look busy. Japan's suicide rate has gone down drastically and I applaud the Japanese governments actions for fighting against suicides, Korea definitely needs to work on that still (too bad mental health care is still behind in the East). But if you look at this chart, you can see how compared to the rest of G7, Japan's suicide rate was and still is high(got nothing compared to SK though), that's why suicide is so often brought up as a issue. Workplace stress and overtime has often been pointed out as a cause of high suicide.
  3. About 99% of the non-kpop fandom will tell you the kpop fandom is cancer, I'm Korean and find it cancer, these are basically the Korean equivalent of "weeboo", the ones who think Japan can do no wrong, of course Korea can do wrong, kpop fans are so cancer that my kpop-liking friends pay extra when they go to concert to sit away from the rest of the fandom.
  4. Regarding the apologies and Yasukini. Yes we know the temple hosts others besides war-criminals, we also know there's a temple complex dedicated to foreigners who fought for Imperial Japan as well, but the important part that most foreigners emphasize (besides the hardcore ones who view the very existence of the shrine as a sin) is the enshrinement of the class-A criminals. This goes in tendon with the apologies, if you agree that Japan acknowledged their crimes and agree they have reflected on their crimes why are there 14 people who committed said atrocities respected and honored? If you go to the wiki page it says the controversies began after the criminals were enshrined and SK has repeatedly supported the removal of just those 14. In addition, LDP, the largest party in Japan that has basically been in power for about 90% of post WW2 has more than a handful of war crime deniers and pro-Imperial Japan members. The reason Germany is brought up so often is because it's literally illegal to deny Germany's war crime (as in they can and will go to Jail) nor can any deniers be elected to government position. Obviously I don't expect things to go that far, and I don't think most Koreans do either. I think most, myself included, is just expecting less war crime denial/revision from Japan(by which I mean less politicians and issues like this one, TLDR. A Japanese newspaper retracted several papers that said a Imperial Japanese officer took forced comfort women).
  5. Now I will be the first to admit and other of my moderate Korean friends will agree that there's some changes to be made on Korea's side. There's 2 major problems that need to be addressed. One, as you pointed out, a fair number of Koreans actually don't know any apologies made by Japan, those who do know don't think it was "sincere", this is due to issue number two. Two, in most every apology Japan's issued, there seems to be a certain word that is used. Owabi (here's the link to said controversy). TLDR the controversy is that the word owabi is a "soft/insincere" form of apology according to some Japanese language expert. I asked around in this thread and those who live in Japan agreed that owabi is a "hard/sincere" form of apology. I'm not a Japanese expert, most Koreans aren't Japanese experts so we have to trust what the Japanese language expert said, see how this misunderstanding can come cause a issue?

Look, I like Korea, I like Japan, I like China. I dislike the politics/government in said nations. I genuinely want the 3 nations to get a long better. I don't see it happening any time soon but I sincerely hope so. I will tell you I know Koreans who get along quite well with people from Japan. I will tell you I know Japanese folks who get along swimmingly with Koreans. They hold their own views on the whole Japan-Korea relations and sometimes fight with me/others about it but it doesn't stop us from getting along (as far as I know none of these people are trying to kill each other).

For any Japanese reading this (which I don't know how many since this subreddit is mostly non-Japanese but I've seen a couple), I pray you don't discriminate/hate against all Koreans but I also understand why you may hate some cause trust me, I've seen my fair share of Korean nationalists and they make me sick as well just as much as Japanese/Chinese nationalists

Nogawa court case latest by [deleted] in japan

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For the benefit of everyone reading this, my opinion is worth exactly what you pay to read it. As for my background, you are free to infer as you wish.

Thank you for your enlightenment on the specifics of the case. The use of 'defense' is indeed a careless mistake: I have corrected it and will leave the rest untouched. While have been aware of the case and follow it with interest, it has not been my pleasure to watch the press conference.

Should the court prove my mere opinion to be not only worthless but also wrong and Article 11 is invalidated, I will be more than happy to trade the anonymous loss of face on Reddit against the utility of Article 11's invalidation.

RemindMe! Jan 21, 2021

Finally, an onsen that doesn't allow zombies! by [埼玉県]Raysian- in japan

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A tattoo / The dead drunkenness / No entrance

Sublime. One of Basho's finest.