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I accidentally spread a plague there once in Assassins Creed. Gorgeous place tho

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Heh I also came here to mention Assassins Creed. I swear, those games have done more to spark in me an interest in history and geography than anything else.

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I love that with those games. Age of empires sparked the interest in me as a kid, been a bit of a history need ever sense.

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What they've managed to achieve by basically letting the player run around in fleshed out, detailed, toy versions of historical places of phenomenal, even if not all the games are great.

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I was there just last week! I mean, it's when I started AC Odyssey, but I think it counts

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Hey I just restarted that one too.

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My former boss owns a home here. It’s incredible.

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One of the most beautiful islands I visited.

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Beautiful. Shame those windmills on top of the mountains in the back.

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Ahhh, didn’t realize until you pointed them out my bad.