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Crap. Now Iceland is going to be jam packed with people trying to get pictures for /r/EarthPorn

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I feel like we should hit them up for sponsorship considering how many pics from there hit our frontpage. /s

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Nice, I like these rules.

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I don't understand. I just posted a picture I took six or seven years ago. And I am sure that I followed all the instructions. So why does it get deleted and also affect my karma?

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Hi nseled! Dont worry, this message does not mean that your post is removed.


I assume this is the message you are referencing?

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Thanks for the clarification. Yeah. My post is still there.

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I agree with these rules everyone deserves a fair shot

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Seems logical but im very curious how they are gonna enforce this. You talk about alot of pictures

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typically the photos I'm talking about have done very well here, and even under the existing rules they would get reported to the mods for being reposts. It wont be too tricky to catch them.

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Hi, I have a question that might seem to be nitpicking here but I just want to better understand the rule. Hope you don’t mind it.

So something I typically do is tune a photo into different versions, for example, a lighter version and a darker version, a softer version and a more contrasting version. I’m wondering if two of these photo counts as the same photo?

Also, by extension, I’ve seen on this sub pictures which are substantially altered/photoshopped (not something that I do, but I do like some of those) Does these photoshopped pictures and the originals count as the same?

It would be nice if we have a clause for substantially similar pictures, but it seems that that would be very hard to enforce since it requires human to identify/decide whether 2 pictures are similar (enough) to remove a post and could cause potential frustrations.

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Hey, so far we havent seen this happening much, I think I see a handful of users per year that do something like that, if at all. So I would just let it slide. If it becomes the new meta to slightly change a photo to intentionally go around the repost rule we will probably address it. Similarly we're only making the changes in this post because we've seen multiple users abuse the system.

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What’s with the megaphone for the sub picture?

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Probably because no one really actually clicks on the sub. This post never made it to a lot of people even though this is a pinned post (I'm basing this on the number of upvotes). Hence, they thought about changing the sub icon to let people know there's an announcement. That's the same way I ended up here.

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Huh. I bet you’re right

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Does the karma of 20k count as total karma from all posts of the same image, or from a singular post?

Because this ish is a wee bit annoying.

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Singular post; however with the new rules they wont able to post it again until 2 years are over, which should cut down on this quite a lot.

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Fantastic. Thank you for the clarification.

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Are there any plans to limit the heavy editing done to photos? Or is there another sub that would exclude heavily edited photos?

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this is an artistic photography subreddit. Editing is allowed.

you might want to look at /r/landscapephotography instead.

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what happened to the sub icon tho?

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Unfortunately this doesn't give everyone a fairer shot, because every time you post you are also at the whim of Reddit's shitty "AI" to decide whether or not to show your submission in peoples' individual feeds and trending notifications. I've posted the same image twice before once to receive 30 likes and another to receive 8000. Same exact image, Reddit's AI feeling different one day vs. another deciding whether or not to actually show it to people.