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This is my first time submitting, what should I know?

/r/EarthPorn is for natural landscapes. We review each and every submission for compliance with the rules. Here is an example submission which did very well on the subreddit. It includes all the required title info and the image is appropriate.

/r/EarthPorn uses bots to help the moderators keep control of the content. In addition, human moderators review each post to ensure compliance with the rules. If you get a message from a bot or a moderator, please don't take offense as they are trying to help you post effectively. Bots may request that you add the resolution tag to your title. If you get this message, please delete your post and resubmit to /r/EarthPorn. A human moderator may remove your post and request that you post it to a different SFWPorn Network subreddit, such as /r/RuralPorn or /r/SkyPorn. This is not meant to be a comment on the quality of the post you made, its just to notify you that there are more appropriate subreddits in our network for your post. If you feel an error has been made, please message the mods.

You can expect the following to be required of every submission on /r/EarthPorn.

1) Make sure you include the resolution (in pixels, horizontal and vertical axis). Here is an example of a large image with the resolution stated in the title correctly.

2) Make sure you include the location (either the name of the country at the very least if its a small country, preferably the state/province. Do not include geotags. If the image is of a well known area or feature, that is sufficient without including the actual location. Here is an example of such a post.

3) Include a photo credit in your title. If you are the photographer, please add [OC] to designate that this is your image. If you are submitting someone else's image, you must name that photographer in the title. Here is an example of how to credit a photographer in the title. Note that if you are submitting someone else's photo you must source the photo back to where the photographer originally posted or has control of the photo. DO NOT REHOST PHOTOS TO REDDIT OR IMGUR.

4) Make sure you host your image with a reliable host. We want submissions to /r/EarthPorn to be visible for the long haul. There are some recommended hosts listed below. Please note that if you are submitting someone else's photo, you are required to locate the original source of the image, and submit that.

5) Make sure you submit the direct link of a static image. Only static images are allowed. Interactive images (such as zoomable images and interactive panoramas) and compilation photos are not allowed.

6) Ensure that your posts are not reposts of photo's that have been submitted here in the last 3 months.

7) Ensure that your posts are not in the Top 100 of all time. These images are not suitable for resubmission. Reposting a Top 100 photo is grounds to be banned.

8) Ensure that your Non-OC post has not been rehosted from it's original host. If you are unable to locate the original source of an image (a source which includes the photographer's name and has authorization to host the image) please do not submit that image, instead visit some of the resources above and post an image hosted with them.

9) Ensure that your link is live and doesnt lead to a 404 or dead link.

10) Use the long form URL in your post, as reddit may automatically remove your short link as a spam-fighting measure.

11) Please review your image for human-made objects, humans, prominent animals, and boats. Submissions containing these elements will be removed and the submitter will be directed to the appropriate subreddit. Human-made objects are only allowed if they are indistinguishable from the surrounding area. Photos with Small human-made objects that stand out against the background will be removed and the submitter will be asked to modify the photo.

12) /r/EarthPorn is for landscape images, so images submitted here are required to have some visible land that is not silhouetted. Images without land or where all the land is silhouetted will be directed to the appropriate subreddit, for example /r/SkyPorn.

13) Check your title to make sure you aren't circlejerking/pandering for karma/making inaccurate statements about the image. EarthPorn isnt a super serious subreddit but when a title is not in good taste it may be removed. Pics of natural features that look like body parts or clouds that look like dicks arent appropriate for this subreddit.

14) Don't include your device/camera name in the title of the post. This information can be included in a comment once you have made your submission.

15) Non-OC Submissions are restricted to one per day. Please be aware that if you submit more than one image per day where you are not the photographer, the image will be removed.

16) No photos taken illegally. This includes flying your drone in a no-fly zone. Please respect local laws and access closures! See this thread for more information:

I love r/EarthPorn and I want to contribute but I can't find anything to submit and I dont want to submit my own photos, where should I look?

Try these great resources:

Why are some hosts allowed while others are not?

The approved hosts are hosts that have been proven to be reliable. Images hosted by them last a very, very long time and have the bandwidth that can withstand even the most intense Reddit traffic. We allow only these approved hosts in order to prevent broken links. We want submissions to last a very long time and regulating what domains are allowed and which aren't helps us achieve this. This is also why we do not allow blogspam or domains with "wallpaper" in them, they are usually unreliable.

The image I'm submitting comes from the photographer's own website, do I still have to rehost it?

If you are linking to a photographer's website where he or she showcases their own, original work then no you do not have to rehost the image. This is the only exception to the approved hosts. If you are submitting a photographer's own website then you should make note of this in the title with the [OS] tag in the title to avoid any confusion and removal by the moderators.


/r/EarthPorn respects the photographer's right to put their own limits on how their content is displayed. If the photographer chooses to watermark their image or make it available for viewing in a non-downloadable format, that is to be respected and not interfered with once it has been submitted to this subreddit. Anyone removing water marks and rehosting content will be subjected to a subreddit ban

I'm submitting an image I took myself, how can I show this?

If you are submitting a photo you took yourself, please show this by putting the [OC] tag in the title.

What's up with those little cameras next to people's names? How do I get one?

That's submission flair! You earn submission flair by submitting [OC] images. Our friendly bot counts all your submissions and assigns the flair automatically based on the table below. If you don't see your flair within a few hours, please let us know.

What it looks like What it means
black camera has submitted an [OC] photo.
bronze camera more than 5 [OC] photos submitted
silver camera more than 10 [OC] photos submitted
gold camera more than 20 [OC] photos submitted

How should I link to my image?

When you submit your image make sure to link directly to the image file. If you are submitting a link to Flickr or another site where the photographer hosts their own, original content then you should not link directly to the image. When using Flickr please link to the sizes page so the page views will be recorded properly for the photographer and it will load properly with hover zoom and RES.

What should I include in my title when submitting?

Your submission title should include the geographical location, the resolution in brackets, and the photographer's name, or [OC] if the image was taken by yourself. As long as it has this information your title can consist of anything you like. Examples:

For an image where you are the photographer:

La Push Beach, Washington - Look at the size of that driftwood [1200x901] (OC)

(See this post.)

For an image where the location is known and the photographer is known:

Formoso River in Goiás, Brazil [1200x900] © Tui De Roy

(See this post.)

EarthPorn no longer allows unsourced/uncredited images.

If you don't know the geographical location OR the photographer please use Google Reverse Image Search by clicking on and uploading the image or copying and pasting the url of the image. Please note that pandering for upvotes with titles like "My cakeday" and "Upvote this please" will be removed on sight.

Do not name or reference the device you used to take the photograph you are posting in the title of your post. This information should be posted in the comments.

Resolution? What is that and how can I find it?

Resolution is the pixel dimensions of an image. To find the resolution of an image:

  • In your Web Browser:

    • Google Chrome - Open the image in a new tab and it will show the resolution in parentheses after the image name in the tab name. For imgur it would look something like: imagename.jpg (1600x1600).
    • Firefox - Same as Google Chrome but it will look something like: imagename.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600x1600 pixels).
    • Safari - Same as Firefox but it will look something like: imagename.jpg 1600x1600. You'll need to show the tab bar to view the tab name. You can do this by hitting Control/Cmd + Shift + T.
    • If the tab name gets cut off and shows ellipses then just hover over it and it will show you the whole name in a few seconds.
  • On your desktop:

    • Windows - Right click the image file and go to Properties -> Details. It will say "Dimensions" towards the bottom and that's your resolution.
    • Mac - Right click the image file and click "Get info". If that doesn't show the resolution go to Tools -> Preview -> Inspector and that should find it.
  • Flickr - Go to view all sizes and it will list small, medium, large, original and will have the resolutions under those.

Why are we supposed to include the resolution?

The SFW Porn Network subreddits were originally created as a place where people could go to find high quality wallpapers for their desktops. The rule was established so people could search the subreddit for their favorite resolutions. It's also nice to know what you're clicking on not only because of the quality but because 1200000x120000 is quite taxing on some people's computers/connections.

What types of images are allowed?

The SFW Porn Network is a heavily moderated network of subreddits that relies a lot on our technical definition of what is 'EarthPorn'. EarthPorn is, in essence, high quality images of natural landscapes. In a picture that would look like this, this, or this (those have already been submitted, do not submit them you lazy bum). The two things we stress are natural and landscape. There are several content-specific rules we have that govern what is allowed and what isn't allowed and we will remove your submission if we feel it breaks any of them but don't worry because we will leave a comment on all removals explaining why they were removed and we will point you in the direction of a subreddit where it is allowed. The content-specific rules are listed below by content.


Images that have plants, water, skies, and space in them are allowed in EarthPorn as long as those are not the only things in the photograph and don't take up a major part of the photograph. The images should be primarily focused on the land in the natural landscape. Silhouetted images, i.e. where the landscape has been darkened to the detriment of the landscape's detail, are not allowed in EarthPorn and should be submitted to /r/SilhouettePorn.


Images of plants should be submitted to BotanicalPorn. This does not ban all pictures of plants from EarthPorn. For example, this has a group of trees right in the middle of the photograph but it's not just a picture of trees. There is a beautiful landscape in there too. Images of just plants such as this however are not allowed in EarthPorn and should be submitted to BotanicalPorn.


Images of water should be submitted to WaterPorn or SeaPorn. This does not ban all pictures with water from EarthPorn. For example, this, this, and this all have water in them but are not only photographs of water. In fact, the landscape is even reflected off the water in some of them. All three of those are allowed in EarthPorn. However, images such as this where half the image is sky and the other half is water are not allowed. Those types of photographs should be submitted to WaterPorn, SeaPorn if appropriate, or SkyPorn if the sky is more dominant--that photograph could be submitted to either WaterPorn or SkyPorn. Images like this and this where the photograph is almost entirely of water are not allowed in EarthPorn and should be submitted to WaterPorn or SeaPorn if appropriate.


Images of the sky or sunsets should be submitted to SkyPorn. This does not ban all pictures with skies from EarthPorn. For example, this and this both have skies in them but also have landscapes in them as well, they are half and half, and are allowed in EarthPorn. However, this is an image of the sky and of water which should be submitted to SkyPorn or WaterPorn, this and this are images of the sky and land that has been blacked out by the sun and so it should be submitted to SkyPorn, and this is an image of just the sky and should be submitted to SkyPorn.


Images of space should be submitted to SpacePorn. This does not ban all pictures of space from EarthPorn. For example, this photograph is half space and half landscape and is allowed in EarthPorn. However, this has some land in it but it is mostly space so it should be submitted to SpacePorn, this has space in it and the land is blacked out so it should be submitted to SpacePorn, this and this are of the planet Earth and not Earth's landscapes so they should be submitted to SpacePorn, and this is space and space's reflection in water so it should also be submitted to SpacePorn.


Images of fire should be submitted to FirePorn. This does not ban all pictures of fire from EarthPorn. For example. this photograph captures both the fire and the natural landscape while this photograph captures only the fire (and the landscape is blacked out). So this would be allowed in EarthPorn while this should be submitted to FirePorn.


Images that have human made objects in them are generally not allowed in EarthPorn. However, if they are very small and unnoticeable then we will sometimes let them slide. The images should be primarily focused on the natural landscape and anything human made should either not be in the photograph or be very, very small. Here is a quick idea of how we review images to determine the content and if it is suitable for /r/EarthPorn. In this instance, the image would be removed due to the presence of human made objects.


Images of machines are allowed more often than structures but they're still pretty rare. If the machine is small enough and unnoticeable then we will sometimes let it slide.

  • Images of machinery and mechanical parts should be submitted to MachinePorn
  • Images of cars should be submitted to CarPorn
  • Images of boats should be submitted to BoatPorn
  • Images of abandoned machines should be submitted to AbandonedPorn
  • Images of guns should be submitted to GunPorn
  • Images of any military should be submitted to MilitaryPorn


Images which feature landscapes with structures are scrutinized very carefully by EarthPorn moderators. If the image in question is primarily landscape with very small, virtually undetectable structures, permissions will be given for the image to be viewed on the subreddit. The structures should be small/hidden enough for them to be missed without looking closely at the image.

  • Images of cities should be submitted to CityPorn
  • Images of villages should be submitted to VillagePorn
  • Images of architecture (individual buildings) should be submitted to ArchitecturePorn
  • Images of infrastructure should be submitted to InfrastructurePorn
  • Images of abandoned structures should be submitted to AbandonedPorn
  • Images of farms should be submitted to AgriculturePorn
  • Images of cabins should be submitted to CabinPorn
  • Images of human made objects and structures in natural settings should be submitted to RuralPorn
  • Images of human made objects and structures taken from the air should be submitted to AerialPorn.


Images of animals, like human made things, are usually not allowed in EarthPorn but if they are small and unnoticeable or a part of the scenery then we sometimes let them slide.


  • Images of humans should be submitted to HumanPorn or /r/EarthlingPorn
  • Images of humans performing physical activities (sex doesn't count--no pornography you clowns) should be submitted to AdrenalinePorn
  • Images of humans climbing should be submitted to AdrenalinePorn or more specifically, ClimbingPorn.
  • Images of history should be submitted to HistoryPorn but just because it's a historical photograph doesn't ban it from any of the other network subreddits.


  • Images of animals should be submitted to AnimalPorn.
  • Images of animal macro photography should be submitted to MacroPorn but are also allowed in AnimalPorn.

No photos taken illegally

This includes flying your drone in a no-fly zone. Please respect local laws and access closures! See this thread for more information:

What if my image has already been submitted?

Reposts are allowed, but only if the original post is at least 3 months old, and not currently in the top 100 submissions of all time.

Reposts are especially encouraged if the original post was missing information in the title (such as the image resolution or full location), or had less than 100 upvotes.

I have a gallery of images that I want to submit, is this allowed?

Collections are no longer allowed because many if not all collections rarely fit completely, there are usually one or two images that aren't appropriate for the subreddit. We suggest that you either post the images individually or submit your favorite and then link to the collection in the comments of the post.

I want to submit a video, is that allowed?

Videos are no longer allowed but you can submit videos to /r/VideoPorn. Make sure to read the sidebar as the title format is slightly different.

I submitted my image, but it hasn't appeared in the new queue, why is this?

There are two reasons why your image may not have appeared in the new queue.

  1. Your image may have been caught by the spam filter. If after 1 hour your image has no comments and very little up/downvote action and you suspect it may have been caught in the spam filter, send the mods a message and we can check the spam filter for you. If the image is there and meets the above submission guidelines, it shall be approved. However if it does not meet the guidelines for submission, you may be asked to resubmit the image with the corrections made.

  2. Your image may have been removed to the spam folder by a moderator. If this is the case, normally the moderator who removed it should message you in your submission telling you why it has been removed, and if applicable, that you can resubmit when it has been corrected.

The moderators do browse the spam folder, but if you feel your submission may have been overlooked, feel free to message the mods.

Why are all these subreddits named Porn? Don't you guys know that's stupid?

Please read this explanation

What is the image used in the top banner?

Top [OC] images in recent history. Banner is updated regularly.

The current image is from here and is of Red Rock Canyon in Nevada by /u/herpderpdingle. Thanks for the image!

What about commenting? Can I say what I want?

No. Hate speech, racial slurs, rudeness, etc will not be allowed. These comments will be removed and depending on their severity you may be banned. Keep the comments civil.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here, what should I do?

If something hasn't be answered that you still wish to know, feel free to message the moderators and one of them will get back to you as soon as possible.

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