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I don't have an answer for you, but 100% this is why authors must push for their publishers to credit their artists. Visual recognition like this is high on the list of what gets artists their next gig.

Good luck on your search!

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ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY! (I also wish musicians would push for the same on album covers.) Not to make this about me and my endeavors, but my second book, The Art of Darkness: A Treasury of the Morbid, Melancholic and Macabre has the artist Alex-Eckman Lawn on the cover and not that he needs me to be a hype-man for him, but if even one person discovered him because I credited his work in my book, then I would be thrilled. https://www.quarto.com/books/9780711269200/the-art-of-darkness

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I have at least one string I’d like to pull on this. I’ll let you know where it goes… -Amory

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I'm intrigued...let me know what you find out!

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I, um… I think I did it. More soon!

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OK OK now I am frothing at the mouth! Can't wait to hear more!!

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This person thinks they may still have — get this — THE ORIGINAL. The bad news is they’re traveling until early June, so they won’t be able to check until then. In the meantime, check your Reddit chat for a DM!

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Aaaaaah we need to know!

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Any update?

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we're working on it!

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Maybe you could find someone Lilly has worked with in the past and ask them to pass on a message? He's done art shows, magazines, other books etc. Good luck!

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That's an interesting avenue to pursue...I'll see what I can dig up!

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This is someone named Jesus (middle name legally). What do you all suggest for this Jesus to do/be if you have suggestions at all? i am requesting help from any (8not incarceration/never suggest incarceration nor church although church families are cool as i am looking for one to be a part of open minded to kind). thnx

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ICYMI... mystery SOLVED!

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Thank you for doing this research!! I am in tears. Everyone called that cover 'nightmare fuel', but it was the version I had as a child and I absolutely loved it. Both the book and the art shaped who I am, and now I even work as an art director in the publishing world because of my love for that cover. I've searched for the artist on and off for years!!!

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Wowowowow! This makes my morning. May I send your comment to the Bobers? It would mean a lot to THEM to know how much this cover meant to YOU. -Amory

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Oh my gosh!!! Yes, please do! That would be amazing, thank you!

PS: I had emailed Ms. Frank yesterday too! now that I know who my favorite artist is, I'll be making sure to have some of his work in my home!!


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I just wanted to thank you for diving into this search in the manner you did; I'm in my childhood home at the moment, while our new house becomes prepared for move-in, and I recently honored the 15th anniversary of losing my late older brother. At 44, I'm now a full 7 years older than he was when we lost him...yet I can see, in my mind's eye, being curled up with him late at night while we took turns reading the book to one another. This has always been a special title from childhood, and I still have our original book with the same artwork investigated...if only slightly worn with dog-eared corners and all.🥰

This story brought such a smile to my face with a warm wave of nostalgia, and I just wanted to say Thank You. What can be accomplished with just bits of collaboration will never not impress me. 💜