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Childhood is idolizing Feels and STGSTV.

Adulthood is realizing MPP is their best project.

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Old Age is sitting on your front porch only listening to Ark/Campfire/Danse/Hol

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The difference between wisdom and knowledge.

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I just want four walls and adobe slats, for my girls

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I hope someone got fired for that blunder.

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This except I started with Feels and am now back at Feels

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Okay but honestly my love for mpp grew so much more then any other album as my fandom grew. Such a consistently perfect record. Spirit and sung tongs still better tho.

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Merriweather slaps front to back I heard it when I was a teenager and it was the most visceral sounding music I’d ever heard and it fekt instantly accessible even though I had barely listened to psychedelic music before then

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Where am I with Painting With

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And Centipede?

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Finally, my people

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Typical Average Joe win. Stay losing idiots and geniuses!

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A+ meme

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Probably gonna get put on blast for this but Time Skiffs may be MPP tier .

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I'm disappointed in myself, but I just can't get into Time Skiffs at all. It just does nothing for me

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I feel the same. And it sucks cause I loved prester john so I was excited for the album. But when I listened, it just wasn't connecting for me at all

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What did it for me was seeing them on that last tour. The live arrangements really brought out the songwriting. But on the album itself it pays to listen closely the details. All of the songs slowly progress their complexity in subtle ways through the runtime of the track.

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its MPP without the mainstream hype that MMP got. and also deakin

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real shit

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I listened to MPP for the first time in ages this morning and it's pretty special huh. It's no Feels tho!

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Is this graph claiming that only early hominids and Jedi love MPP?