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Avey metnioned microdosing LSD occasionally just a couple of years ago, also mentioned growing “plant medicines” in the recent AMA. there’s an old interview with them in the back of a van where Avey says psychedelics have played a part in “informing” their process and Deakin & Panda laugh and nod. psychs are very much a part of their process, even if some of the guys aren’t taking them very often now (who’s to say) they have have had a significant impact on each of their creative styles.

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Yes yes yes. I would say the older stuff mainly.

Now a days they are all family men to an extent (think it's panda and geo have kids) I'm sure they don't over indulge as much as they did.

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You think?

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You need to look at Automine and immediately look at Spirit. It’s so obvious when the partaking was!! Cmon now, ya jokin!!

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They said they started dropping acid in late high school. but they were way more punky and predictable pretty much right before their first drop

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Pavement + World music, and then black dice comes into the picture and “wanna hear I secret? I know one.. ya messed the whole thing up!”

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where’s the thing about the secret from?

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STGSTV. First thing you hear when you put it on ✌️

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Checks out