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See y’all in Boston!

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I'll be there! do you happen to have the presale code?

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I don’t, unfortunately, but I’m going to try to find out!

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RESET. On sale now.

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Yes! And Avey very soon!

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Man, Braxe & Falcon as the opener? That’s hot!

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of all of Canada, why Winnipeg? :(

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Seriously. When I saw Winnipeg I was like "sweet, if they're playing there they're obviously stopping in Vancouver too." But no. Just Winnipeg.

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Come to Toronto!

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Maybe the idea is that east and west canadians can meet at the middle XD

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+1! Thinking about going down for the NYC show if there are no other dates coming.

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I considered going to the Brooklyn show as well with my wife and make a road trip out of it!

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That is the spirit!

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Winnipeg never gets love on canadian tours. It's about time

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Yeah I'm happy for them :) It seems to be a much folkier festival. I wonder if they'll change up the sound at all

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I wish they would not play at Pitchfork. I am torn, I don't really want to see anyone else at the festival. Not sure it is worth the cost and headaches just to see them.

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Just take some shrooms and enjoy the festival man I would love to go myself

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Agreed. If they were just playing their own show in Chicago I'd be down to go...but when I attended Pitchfork in 2021, the day AnCo played, the sound was really bad IMO. I mean every act sounded fuzzy. It was bad. You could barely hear em. They fixed it the next day, but I'll never attend another Pitchfork. I came out of state to see AnCo and was disappointed.

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The “axe” scent tent is so absurd. 🤮

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Really, nobody? Not even a little bit? Alvvays' newest record is amazing. Mdou Moctar is a really talented guitarist. Lots of others on the lineup I've heard good things about.

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awwww fuuuuuck not pitchfork :( dang it

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im already going to northcoast this year so I have no budget , also I went to pitchfork a few years ago and it was so crowded. plus Saturday , the day they are playing , doesn't have much else I'd like to see , and it would be foolish to just get that one day bc on Sunday freaking kelela and koffee are gonna play AND it would be technically cheaper to just buy the 3 day pass . so that's like 350 down the drain just to see panda bear ............ so yeah

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Ah, that sucks, dogg. I would think they'd announce a bigger tour for later in the year. We'll see though.

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So that’s like $350 down the drain just to see Panda Bear

And freaking Kelela and Koffee 👍🏾

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what else didn’t you like about pitchfork? i would happily shell out $350 to see PB, but i have a wedding to attend.. so i’m trying desperately to pretend i don’t want to go anyway lol

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Any more dates expected?!?!?

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Ugh I seriously hope so. Someone asked SB on an IG post a while back if they were planning on any US dates and if I remember correctly he said later in the fall. So let's hope this is just a tease.

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Gives me hope for Levitation

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also Desert Daze

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sonic boom said on instagram this is only their first batch of US shows!!

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Whew! Thanks

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Anyone have a code?

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RESET probably

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When do these tix go on sale??

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I guess Panda’s a European man now…

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I’m just commenting on how he only picked 5 out of 50 states

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Am I really going to buy tickets to the Washington DC show, despite living in Florida homeless? I just might. I love this album

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Presale code, at least for Boston is "RESET"

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Such a tease

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What’s the code!!!!

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I'm still in my prayer circle for AnCo to tour in Europe

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The lineup for pitchfork this year is insane

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🤞🤞🤞 for a p4k aftershow

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welp looks like i'm going to pitchfork fest for these boys yet again. except last time i also got to see black midi, big thief, and phoebe bridgers. this time they're kinda the only act i wanna see, (maybe snail mail...) which i don't think justifies the ticket price.