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Can’t wait for Minneapolis! I love how it’s smaller venues (maybe not by choice) so it feels more like a group of friends hangin out.

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7s tour at 7th St Entry. Coincidence? Yeah probably. My favorite venue? Definitely.

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Yeah!! In Savannah there were only like 150 people there max, so it was very close and intimate.

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heyy ill be there too!

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Is he just playing solo or does he have a band with him? It was hard to tell from the photos I’ve seen so far. Last time I saw him he had Deakin on guitar and Jeremy Hyman on drums.

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He said in an an interview recently it was just gonna be him up on stage this tour.

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He's just up there alone. I saw him last night and during the Cows tour when he had Deakin and Jeremy in his solo band for that tour, and last nights show was far better than the Cows show I saw (and I am a fan of the Cows album). It was a great show last night and had a really good variety

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It was so good! It was my first Avey solo show (I missed his show in Tallahassee in 2019) and I’m extremely happy to have seen him on the 7s tour, since 7s is by far my favorite solo album of his.

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I saw the DT tour but missed Eucaluptus, even though that’s my favorite Avey record. Super psyched for DC on Tuesday!

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I’m psyched for you!

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That’s good to hear. I loved cows but haven’t gotten too deep into 7s so far. Hoping the upcoming show gets me in.

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It was kind of the opposite for me—I thought Cows was decent on first listen, but 7s spoke to me instantly.

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Dude!! They are only $20, 2 days after my birthday here in SD. I think I will. Thanks for the heads up cudi

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You totally should!! Happy early birthday :)

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I can't believe I fucked up so hard and didn't snag tickets for the Brooklyn show right away :'( I've been going through a lot and just didn't get around to it. Now I dunno if I'll be able to go.

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Awww I’m so sorry to hear :( I hope you can go, and I hope you are feeling better after going through a lot!

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There's still tickets for the Philly show but it's on a weeknight lol...I should just go for it and take off work the next day. ;)

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I was just up in Philly visiting from friends—it’s gonna be a fun time there, I say go for it!! xD

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!!!! I think the site for the Brooklyn show was just messing up for a while, but something told me to go look again. I don't know WHAT happened because it now actually says it's sold out but yet allowed me to buy a ticket 😂 I am not gonna look that gift horse in the mouth.

Ya girl is gonna see Avey in just a few days time!!!! 😍 I adore watching him perform, this is gonna rule!

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Ahhhh I’m so happy for you :)

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Damn it’s sold out? I’m going to that show. I’m sure you can find an extra ticket or two. I love that venue because the subway zooms right past the windows.

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About how long is the show? (Any memory of start/end times?)

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The show was about 2 hours and 20 minutes from start (started 30 minutes late at 8:30) to finish (about 10:50 or so was when Avey walked off stage). That includes the Sham set and the intermission when Avey was setting up his gear.

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Absolutely killer show, got to meet some cool folks there and even got to say hi to Avey for a second. Def worth the wait!

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Totally agreed! Also super jealous that you got to meet Dave—I saw him a few times but didn’t end up going up to him. I also heard quite a few cool people having conversations that I wanted to jump in on, but ended up keeping to myself for the most part. Still, I had an amazing time, and was super close to the stage (right in front of the small casket on the left side of the stage lol).

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Going next Friday in Brooklyn! Gahhh, I’m so excited - especially since I missed the Time Skiffs tour. Glad that you had a great time!

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So hyped for you!! It’s going to be an incredible time

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Saw him in Atlanta tonight. It was a very fun show! Saw Animal Collective here not that long ago so it was a nice surprise to see him coming back so soon. I was also lucky to catch him on the Slasher Flicks tour back in 2014.

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I also so Animal Collective in Atlanta!! It was the first leg of the Time Skiffs US tour I believe, and I saw them again in Orlando on the second leg which was also really cool. The Eastern became one of my favorite venues ever because of that show!

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The Eastern is my favorite venue in Atlanta and within walking distance from where I live. Variety Playhouse is great too.

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I saw Alvvays at Variety not too long ago! Great venue, but The Eastern is definitely a cut above the rest. I like to venture up to Atlanta for all the shows that don’t come down to Florida.

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Yep, they really got it right with this venue. I’ve seen some fucking amazing shows there too, King Gizzard and The Smile to name a couple. Animal Collective was great as well.

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i’m headed to the detroit show!