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Can you post the setlist please??

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When and if I get it.

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  1. “Time for a rhythm ripple” rally song
  2. The musical
  3. Lips at night
  4. Hey bog
  5. Ghost of books
  6. To thumb piano: Neurons
  7. To Acoustic guitar: Ms secret
  8. Coral lords
  9. To Electric guitar: saturdays
  10. Invisible darlings [spaced out piano only version]
  11. Chocolate girl

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Thank you much. Was it an awesome show?

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Are you sure the first song wasn't Midnight Special, which was off of one of the EPs after Cows came out?

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Okay because Friday's set in Savannah was exactly like yours, except he opened with Midnight Special

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He also switched around Invisible Darlings and Saturdays. I was right at the front left, near the casket (that they moved like 7 songs into the set lol). Super sick show!

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That's true. What a great show. It was such a nice mix of songs with electronics and just acoustic songs. I also liked the rework of some of the songs, which was a nice surprise. Saturdays (again) rework was really awesome. I loved his freakout moments too, especially during the bridge of Lips at Night. Haven't seen a serious Avey freakout in a while. I felt that.

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That freak out during Lips at Night was intense! As well as the end of Midnight Special, too. I really loved that arrangement of Chocolate Girl too. Well worth the drive up and back from Jax!

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Was that new song you saw the same as "Mystical" which was played in Atlanta?

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What was his setup like? Just bass playing mostly, with samples?