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What is the thing hanging all the way to the lift? A giant bib?

Is that the Infant Dressing Table?

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It's a "banner". It's $50.

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Plus down there, 7s and cows vinyls.

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Down There on vinyl? Oh shit. I'm bringing cash to PDX show

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$22. Ive been looking for one a while and got one.

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That record sleeve is particularly cool, because it has 2 sleeves with crocodile cut outs, and the green and purple is a cool color scheme.

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Was it the violet colored 7s vinyl or just black?

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I didn't ask or look. Everything was wrapped up.

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How much is the printer?

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Can you post the setlist please??

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Yeah if I can figure out how to spoiler it.

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Thanks. Just put "setlist" in the title of a new comment in the sub and the date, then in text part put the song titles. People shouldn't click on your comment if its title says "setlist: spoiler"

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Got an hour and a half drive home but have the show recorded. I'll get the set list typed up before tonight. Amazing show. Full discography and something else.

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Damn what a juicy set list! I can’t wait

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OMG WOW exceeded whatever was in my dumb head

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God damnit I want it ALL! So coool!!!!!!

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Shirt is 🔥

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No kidding that thing is glorious

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Damn it’d be so sick if they made totes with that purple tie dye

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How much the shirts go for?

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40 😬 got one though

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Damn! A little too pricey for me, but that's awesome!

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Handmade in Asheville.

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Wish the AC T-shirt merch was this drippy

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Wow, I really hope there's some posters left by the time he gets to Vancouver

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Those might have just been for tonight unfortunately. It's got the venue name on the bottom. This same artist has made Asheville specific posters for the last few years of shows in that town. I have seen some similarly styled posters at a St Louis show last year and in Virginia I believe on the PW tour.

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Aw thats too bad. I can see it now zooming in. Thanks for the info anyway.

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Damn! Should've went to this show instead of the Durham one. Would've went well with the Asheville '21 poster for AnCo I've got

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I was literally 3 people in line from getting one before they sold out I was so sad because of how sweet it looked. It was an incredible show though!

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Oof. It was an edition of only 45 posters (if you're talking about the AnCo show) so I'm surprised the print order was that small for that show. Funnily enough, Matthew who designed the poster was next to me for that show. Such a great and affable guy

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I absolutely adored them playing at hazel Robinson amphitheater. It was such a perfect venue to come back to play with the material they did for times skiffs and the upcoming record. It’s a shame that seemed to be the last show that was booked and played at the venue since them coming through :-(

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Oh my god that shirt is so sick! Love the banner too

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WAY KOOL! I hope they still have some T-shirts left when they get to Detroit!

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I'm consistently disappointed by AC/AC related merch. The band is so wildly artistic, why is merch sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo limited? One shirt and a bib (banner)?

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It’s often designed by them or his sister Abby and I like that they don’t have a ton of generic trash merch out there, yet more proof they’re not much into the corporate/business music thing so many bands yearn for.

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Thanks for posting!! Hope it was a fun show

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Best Avey show I've been to.

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What was his setup like? Just bass playing mostly, with samples?

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Acoustic, Electric (Stratocaster and a beautiful Telecaster), samples and a kalimba.

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Okay, thanks. Great show?

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Absolutely. Avey seemed so happy to be there and so full of energy.

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No vinyls?

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Yeah. I added a comment about which ones were for sale. Down there, 7s and Cows. $22 each :)

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Who got one of the banners? I didn’t see that at all on the west coast.