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10, one of the best Animal Collective songs no doubt. So watery, so mystic. The pay off on this song is one of the best Animal Collective moments

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yes. this may be my all time fav. swimmmming pooooool!

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What is this, a joke?


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If this ain’t a perfect 10 this sub is a failure

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Easily one of the best songs they’ve ever written

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Easy 10/10 up there with their best.

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10 without a doubt. A complete masterpiece. Such a simple song that makes such great use of minimalism. Much like Queen in the Pictures, the single chord drone is so peaceful, and makes it so much more meaningful when it finally moves to a new chord. (Going from the I at the beginning to the IV, such simplicity but so meaningful.) The next best moment is where it moves to the ii…gives me chills every time. I also love the slow fade in of the rhythmic elements. The lyrics and harmonies are so incredible as well. All around one of their greatest songs of all time.

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10 just not to break the scale. But it’s legit the greatest song ever written

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This one breaks the scale. 20/10

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10... POOOOOOOOOL (intimate and epic, lyrically and sonically perfect, just an absolute masterpiece, i could go on forever)

This is the third 10 I've given Feels and I don't even think I'm being overly generous, this album is truly THAT good.

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Music doesn’t get any better than banshee beat

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“I don’t think that, I like you anymore. I got new feelings, At the feeling store.”


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The easiest 10/10 of my life

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Story time

I remember the first time I heard Feels. I had just gotten into AC after years of vowing to never listen to them. I got through MPP, loved it, SJ perplexed me but is now my fav, and Sung Tongs really threw me off but I still loved it.

Now Feels, I kinda did not care for honestly. Thought it was kinda uneventful. Kinda bland. Feels. I know. Now, I had kinda mentally checked out in my listening session by the time I hit Banshee Beat, but this track got my attention and I was waiting for it to really kick into gear, but it never turns into a Grass or a Purple Bottle or a Fickle Cycle, where it becomes explosive. But Banshee Beat was a really serene and special moment despite the song not going how I anticipated or the album being what I was hoping for.

I'd still rank Feels as my least fav of the big 4 AC albums, but in the years since I've come to love and appreciate it a lot more, and by the way, there was a gig AC did early in the Time Skiffs era when it sounded more like we were going to get announcements soon and AC opened their set with Banshee Beat which I thought was a strange choice, but boy oh boy was I wrong. The fucking energy, despite it being such a chill song... man I wish I was at that gig. I have a habit of throwing Banshee Beat as the first song in my AC playlists now because of that set.

Freaking. Awesome. Song.

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10 Best song oat

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10 it's my favorite of all time

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10 (11 if possible)

Possiblely one of the most emotional tracks on feels (aside from Loch raven, and turn into something)

It's one I feel you can cry to, and thats OK.

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11/10 probably one of my 2 or 3 favorite songs ever

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  1. Scale breaker.

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10, no question.

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10/10 no question

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10 10 10

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  1. It’s a top 5 AC song and a candidate for their crowning achievement.

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01/10 oh oops I meant 10/10 had the digits backwards.

Cuz when I'm snuffed out I doubt I'll find a swimming POOO-OOOOOOOOL(hop-a-fence)

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The most 10/10 a 10/10 could be.it catches you by surprise and you tumble down the rest of the song.

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Either way you look at it you have your fits, I have my fits but this song is a 10

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If you rate this as anything lower than a 10, well, I don't think that I like you anymore.

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“But I don't wish that I was dead
A very old friend of mine once said
That either way you look at it you have your fits
I have my fits but feeling is good“


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10 but hurts so much to listen to

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  1. Massive chune.

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10/10 for me. Still my favorite AC song all these years later.

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10, who keeps putting nine?

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10 it is a song that is very good

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It really is a 10. I remember when I first heard that start of the best begin to hit and I remember thinking I will always love this band. They always had a way of surprising me everytime I'd hear something new or just a song I hadn't heard before. I felt like they were plugged into some realm we weren't able to to see as mere mortals.

As with much of Anco's material the album itself is a 10 through and through.

There isnt many songs I hear and don't immediately find something to like.

Some stuff has to grow on me. Like I wasn't super into 7s, that new Avey album, but then I saw him play it love a couple days ago and it has been playing in my head and on my playlists every day since.

It's everything that goes into it. You can tell music is something these guys can't help but do well because it is what they are.

Everything they do and have done will always have a part in my heart somewhere. I'll remember what people were in my life, what was happening in my life when it came out. When I discovered it. Whatever.

They really are just a special band with a special connection to me and I'm sure many others.

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Heard it at my local thai restaurant last week and almost fell out of my seat, havent heard ac played out in public places without me being the culprit. But yeah a 10 of course, every song between 04 and 09 lets face it

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  1. fucking incredible song

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This is their god song. The feeling I get from this song is exactly what I imagine id feel in heaven, just pure,unadulterated bliss.

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611,00/10 such a literally god tier song like holy moly I love this song goodness gracious hell yea

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It gets a 10 from me as well

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It’s the best song ever made

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10/10 would cry again

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10s across the board

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some of the most heartfelt lyrics i've ever heard

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10 no doubt

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10 will cry

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10/10 all of feels is encapsulated by the beat switch at 2:26

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11/10 best song in their catalogue

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This is a 10

Very close to being my favourite AC song, but easily top3

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First time voting on one of these but I love this song so much I have to give it a 10. Makes me cry (almost) every time I hear it.

“But I don’t wish that I was dead / A very old friend of mine once said / That either way you look at it you have your fits / I have my fits but feeling is good”

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  1. This and Safer have oft been considered the two best AC songs (at least of their first decade)

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10 to the googolplex

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  1. Recently found a new appreciation for this song

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10 It's perfect in my eyes

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  1. Seriously, my favorite between DYSTW, Grass, The Purple Bottle (not that the others aren't masterpieces too) and this changes every second. Such a perfect album :)

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Its absolutely the definitive AC jam. 11/10

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9.5. nearly perfect, what a fucking song

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You’re getting downvoted for that. And that’s why I really don’t like this fanbase. To be downvoted for this is unreasonable.

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Fanbases are like that, it's normal

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Tbh 9.5, it's fucking AMAZING but for me it's a lot to get into the headspace.

HELLA disappointed at the lack of Bees love, that song is a perfect 10 to me

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Bees and Daffy Duck are better than Banshee Beat for me, but Banshee Beat is still at least a 9, just a tad overrated

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10/10 this is the most Animal Collective song they have

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What does IB mean?

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International Baccalaureate

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There we go!

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Irritable bowels

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Ah yes. Makes sense.

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10, life changing