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Looks amazing! Can't wait for my Feels tattoo

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That’s a good one! Nice choice haha

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tattoo pictures are honestly some of my favourite posts on this subreddit, looks sick!

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Lol I’ve always always wanted the boy with his head chopped up on the feels cover. I’ll have to serve this as reference

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It was a really hard choice between the girl in pink with the bird on her head and the goat. I just loved the goats silly little sweat bands

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Oh that would’ve been equally as beautiful. Looks amazing

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I love this so much! I’ve wanted a feels piece for a while

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On the LP label there is an image of a boy and girl holding hands but their faces are blocked by a goat, but the goat is facing the other direction. I’ve wanted to get a tattoo of that for a while.

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That’d be sick you should!