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Sweet, been waiting for this to archive. Thanks for putting this together!

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Thanks for sharing! Break a leg and have fun!

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Any chance you can provide a tracklist?

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yes back soon with a tracklist - probably at the end of the week!

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commenting so I don't forget to check later hehe

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Maral! Come to Brooklyn soon please

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i've got some shows and a boiler room booked July 14-16 in brooklyn/NYC :)

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That daily routine is so good! Thank you for putting this together!

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Sweetness and thanks maral. Look forward to listening in to this and checking out your stuff. Best to u and happy shows supporting mr avey !

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What's the song starting at 1:08:12? It's so good and I know I've heard it before but I can't figure out where. This mix is insane. Instrumental Slippi ftw

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from a beach!

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Yes!! Thank you! I was starting to sift through all the bootlegs and live recordings on youtube to find it lol

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Dublab is so cool. Favorite shows are Void Filler and Quietudes!

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Song around 40 min mark is bananas.

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yes, the song from about 38:30 onwards is so crazy. is there a source or a title?

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that track is bonfire of vanities

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which is technically a panda bear track but i had to include it haha

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I knew I heard it before! It's been like 13 years since I listened to it, was having very strange deja vu.

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That’s bonfire of the vanities, a b side from person pitch

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looooove Maral!

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This version of doggy is so fire