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Now this is musical porridge that I could eat for breakfast, lunch AND dinner

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Ever since I was a boy I found new ways to view my porridge.

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Awesome to finally see this. I went to a live performance version last year called Coral Orgy and the setup was amazing. It was in a symphony stage with giant projections of the visuals all around the room and the boys were jamming out, everything was great... except the audience. Nonstop talking the whole time, I could barely hear anything. Probably 10% of the people there were actually paying attention, it sounded like a high school cafeteria. My girlfriend had to go to the bathroom at one point and other people in there were just like "this is so weird and boring, wtf." Then why did you pay money to come to this??? Did they not know who Animal Collective were??

Fucking Miami. It's double sad because Coral Morphologic are based out of here and I thought it was a real treat we got to see it way back then with the band performing live.

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Audiences are very often disappointing for animal collective shows. At the sung tongs concert in LA, the people around me were chatting the entire time asking why they weren’t playing my girls or anything electronic. Do people not research concerts before buying like $50 tickets?

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Sung Tongs crowd in Seattle was horrendous.

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Really? I was seated about 10 rows back and it was pretty silent the entire time. Maybe people in the pit?

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the show in my city was lit. people yipped with avey on one of the songs at the very beginning. it was great.

my friend and i joked about people being there wondering where summer time clothes is or shouting out "play my girls!!" ... kinda sad to hear this actually was the case elsewhere.

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I'm going to the sung tongs concert in september, and to be honest I am kind of sad they won't play anything from merriweather or strawberry jam or feels. It's like the second time ever they're coming to my country (and the first time I'm seeing them) so it's kind of a shame.

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Fair enough, my point is you know that going in. I can't believe someone would buy tickets to a Sung Tongs only concert and then be flabbergasted the boys showed up with acoustic guitars.

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Oh, yeah, I wasn't saying doing that was okay. By the way, how was the concert?

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sounds like MPPsyndrome, but with PaintingWith as well this time. Where there's one or two songs that they think they think are good, so they go to the show because "i just like to go to concerts and have fun because i like to do fun things with people in them." And as you experienced, find themselves in situations of contemplative/thought-provoking music and that's a no-no booboo, i'm tryna dance & feel good & get my cocktail OOOOoonnn.

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This may sound hardlined and it is but oh well, why do people have to talk at shows and be so disruptive? There should be no talking during more quiet, easily disrupted parts of a show. It's so rude and inconsiderate. It's not accepted to talk during a film, so why is it okay at a show during quiet songs? I know people that talk during more ambient parts of shows, but what they don't get is THAT is still part of the performance and to some people just as important as say hearing the band play a hit, like "my girls" in AC's case. If you want to talk during parts where you're easily heard, whisper into eachother's ear or go towards the back or into a different m#&!&!£ing room. And if you're tall (like me), look behind you to see if maybe there are a few much shorter people behind you and if so offer for them to stand in front of you. It's not going to affect the show at all for you to just stand a couple feet back and give a few people a chance to see the stage. One of my friends years ago during a flaming lips show refused to do that. He's like 6'5'' and the people behind them were like 5'3''. Okay, I'll get off my soap box. Sssorry

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I can't believe Animal Collective tricked me into watching tentacle porn.

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(genuinely enjoyed it though, both the visuals and the music!)

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That first scene with the butthole as it was fisting itself... powerful stuff!

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  • Genuinely love the album and video. Heard the album about 6 times now and dig it so much.
  • Only disappointment with this entire release is the color of the vinyl.. The picture looked like it was gonna be some cool alien green opaque vinyl but it turned out to be translucent dark green :( small nitpick but I don't really like translucent vinyl. LUCKILY my copy sounds friggin incredible :)

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Avey's vocals on Buxom are so good

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I want to eat so many of the corals they look like delicious sour fizzy sweets.

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I've been so ready for this

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Take me away.

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I know what im doing when I get off work today!!

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Musically, it's closer to the older experimental releases, than newer "poppish" ones. I love it. Also, I have never been a big fan of the visual side of AC work, but this one is the winner for sure.

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Is it just me or does this album sound like Pink Flyod if they did lines of C+ instead of lines of coke.

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I really love this album, so happy they put it out. Perfect as an off the cuff, low pressure release. Reminds me of Here Comes the Indian in a lot of ways, it sounds like the same band but on a bucket of sedatives and tranquilizers. Haven't yet watched the visuals but it's a remarkable mood album, perfect for working / background music. Geo finally using animal samples again!

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I thought the music itself wasn't anything particularly special. But with the visual this album is very pleasant.

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dang, I was ready to sync my vinyl with the video on the website tonight but might just do this instead

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Love it!! I just watched the video.Strong first impressions. I'm sure the music is better in tandem with the incredible visuals. My friend and I had many WTF moments, just in awe of these corals. The ebb and flow of the music to the waving corals... just sublime! I just wish I could've seen this performed live! ...also tentacle porn hahaha!

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Their most psychedelic in some time, which really says something!

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Thanks for posting this! Hadn't heard it yet and it was a GREAT way to start off the day. Good God I love what they're doing

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A part in the back half of the album where Avey sings that “eye on the prize” vamp, I swear I’ve heard him do that before and I think with panda hocketing on the repetitious part .

Maybe at the Sung tongs show in DC?

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On the road and won’t find time to watch or listen for a minute but I am so excited for this!!!

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Does the CD come with a DVD with the visual part?

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Is there somewhere else like vimeo I can watch this? YouTube compression sucks.