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I fucking love this album.


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DE Soto De son is probably my favorite. I like the album, but I think there's a song or two on there that doesn't do it for me.

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"Do you think it still holds up after all this time?" Let me just say nothing else will be playing when I try to fall asleep at night and can't. This album holds up, all the time. I love it dearly, so dearly. These lyrics as well from De Soto De Son, one of my favorite compositions personally, are some of the greatest I've heard in all of my life:
"When I felt your heart stop beating, the room brought out the silence in your breathing."
"The sky has breaks, what a good way to rise.. The set of the sun will surely take all day.. Taking it's time..."
Wonderful. Pure bliss.

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Absolutely love this album. The band at their most beautifully tranquil. Doggy is my favorite song on it but it’s also the reason I don’t listen this album as much as the others. No song makes me as uncontrollably sad as Doggy does. I cry every time I listen to it

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Love this album. It’s in my regular morning rotation at work. So relaxing at a surface level, but I also love that the deeper you dig the more heartbreaking the songs are lyrically. Basically every song is sad or tragic in some way.

I prefer to treat it as one long song but if I had to pick a favorite it’d be de Soto de son.

Only thing I don’t like about this album is I can’t own it on vinyl.

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I will forever associate this album with a bright spring morning. This album is slept on so much it pains me. I can’t count the number of times I would wander around my college campus stoned off my gourd just looking at the trees and the grass with this album in my earbuds. The transition from Queen in my Pictures to Doggy is my favorite moment in recorded music.

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Am i the only one that falls asleep to this album? But like in a good way! Not like “yawn this boring” but like “yawn this beautiful”. Looking forward to falling asleep to Tangerine Reef.

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Beautiful album. Perfect ambience. Those three boys made something so personal together, yet it's so comfortable. Possibly their most consistent release.

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Love this record. Love the versions of these songs in the animal crack box even more.

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The transition from Queen to Doggy is one of my favorite Animal Collective moments.

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My 2nd favorite AnCo release, right behind Prospect Hummer.

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I'll have to give it a light 10/10