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Absolutely amazing. Pumpkin Gets a Snakebite is my favorite anco song title

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The peak of their tribal tendencies. Pride and Fight->Forest Gospel->There's an Arrow is one of my favourite 3 song stretches in their discog. Pride and Fight is always on the verge of falling apart and I don't even know how they made the drums sound so distorted on that one. Forest Gospel... well, we all know what that is about. Possibly their heaviest song. Am I the only one here who finds the high pitched "lighthouse" squeals in There's an Arrow soothing and hypnotizing?

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youre not the only one! There's an Arrow is beautiful as heck.

i really like how just wildly intense Forest Gospel is. its one of their moments where theyre really like a "noise rock" group

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I love everything up to Lablakely Dress, with I See You Pan being my favourite. I'm not sure if I like the album more or less than Danse Manatee as a whole. Probably slightly more? I can't seem to get into the last 2 tracks though. Maybe I need to give it another go.

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I was actually the same way about the final two songs at first, but it’s definitely worth it to keep trying, as with any AC imo. Maybe try listening to the songs on their own instead. Personally I often feel kind of exhausted once I get to Tell it to the Mountain (even tho this is one of my favourite albums) which can make it hard to keep up the enthusiasm but Tell it to the Mountain/Pumpkin gets a snakebite are 100% worth the effort

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That makes sense. I'll try listening to them in isolation.

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There's an Arrow is one of my favorite AnCo songs. I'm actually planning on maybe doing a piano cover of it. I'm also trying to do a more full cover as well, but I have to find a good substitute for whatever sample they used near the end.

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almost seems like you could chop up some noisy guitar feedback to get a similar sound

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Sounds like that could work. Thanks!

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This was one of the only Animal Collective albums I owned on CD for the longest time because it was somehow at like FYE or something during either post SJ or post MPP era.

The coolest thing about the packaging is that the cd comes in a plastic sleeve inside of the cd jacket.

I’m overdue for a listen, the last time I did was when I was going through the Crack Box stuff. Pride and Fight has such a beautiful build up that it’s very indicative of what’s to come with HCTI. I remember it was one of the first times I really actively listened to it and not just passively heard it. I was either stoned or drunk but I definitely cried haha.

I love that it’s tough for me to listen to at some spots and is still challenging me some 10 years after I bought it.

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i love listening to the people in the background in some of the songs, they seem so confused by what they're hearing

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used to not care for it, but a lot of the songs have really grown on me. lablakely dress is in my top 10 anco, pride and fight is lovely and arguably more amazing live. rest of the songs are ok, still think pumpkin gets a snakebite is one of their worst songs. A-side of the album is definitely the better one imo

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Pride and Fight live on the PW tour ruined me it’s so good. Amazing that they could fit a song from over a decade ago flawlessly into their set. Personally I like Pumpkin a lot but it is kind of a weak closer

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there's really nothing i dislike about this album. its one of my favorites of theirs (although to be fair i tend to say that about whichever album of theirs im talking about). i guess if there was any flaw it could've had a couple more of the songs that ended up on animal crack box, to round it out more. especially the rest of the pumpkin trilogy.

what i like about it is that it just sounds amazing... i dont really know a better way to put it. everything about it sounds so real and puts such vivid landscapes and experiences in my head that its like going on an adventure. and it reminds me a lot of adventures i have gone on so theres that personally appealing side of it.

Pride and Fight is my favorite song on it, and one of my all time favorite songs. its so powerful it always gets a reaction out of me, whether it is to cry or laugh or sing or just yell. its so cathartic and it feels triumphant even though there is a definite anxiety to it. its like feeling victorious even though you know you'll die, simply because you have lived. its just one of the best pieces of music ever imo. also the first time i heard it i was pretty thrilled to hear the percussive acoustic guitar because thats been a reoccurring theme in a lot of my musical projects, so again theres that personal tie in that makes me love it.

and i definitely think it still holds up, it is like timeless. and also because it is so singular. nothing has ever been like it before or since. theres plenty of things with similarities, either musical or vibe wise... but really just not like it. its in a class of its own

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i know bot. i do it on purpose. its starting to turn into you stalking me now...

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My 2nd favorite anco album only just passed by campfire songs

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love this album. There was a couple months last year where I was really in to it. I would come home from work, smoke a couple bowls, put the album on, and cook dinner almost every day during that time. Pride and Fight, There’s an Arrow, and Lablakely Dress are the standouts for me

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Fell in love with this one this summer. The songs are reeeaaallly long and somewhat repetitive which at first put me off but approaching the album with patience revealed how impactful every change in the song was thanks to the slow buildups (Pride and Fight comes to mind).

Also I’m doing a cinema studies class in horror film right now so I’ve been really into looking for that influence in AC songs, and Hollinndagain is great for it.

Definitely the kind of album that requires attentive listening to be enjoyable (at least for me) and can be tiring when I’m not in the right mood but when I am.. damn it bangs.

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The last one that clicked for me. But it is so rewarding. Such a solid album from start to finish. Pride And Fight, There's An Arrow and Forest Gospel are solid AnCo tracks that need more attention by the fanbase.

Pumpkin gets a lot of hate but I think its a great closer. It perfectly sums up the chaos of the album into a short mess.

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Dreaming of owning a st Ives pressing of it and crack box. My top two vinyl dreams of their catalog.