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Really great post not sure why this isn't getting more attention. I wasn't aware of Forest Children Risen, thanks!

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It was caught in the spam filter for 9 hours. And like 12 hours before that. No big deal.

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Posts like these should be stickied/in the sidebar.

Good work! I've only heard about half of these so this should be a treat :) thank yah

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dear lord.. how deep is this hole?

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ty based ghost

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I like the recording of the alternative Taste from the BBC session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4exDHCjnK4. Better audio quality than the two versions your posted.

So much better than the MPP version. I was bummed when the more chilled out version made it on to the album. I thought the more up-beat version would have fit the album better.

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The history of Taste is pretty interesting. It's the oldest song on MPP, but not in the version that actually made the album. The original "chill" version had been around since the SJ era, and they actually played it that way a lot, but they thought that version didn't "work."

Panda rewrote his vocal parts to what you hear on the MPP version of Taste which kind of structured the song into what it is today. It's the only MPP song to my knowledge that got any significant reworks before the album came out. The rest of them had some lyric changes and stuff, but were structurally the same as what got put on the album.

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Atiba song is so amazing.

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I really feel like this post and a link to the collected animals live show catalog should be stickied or placed in the side bar. I haven't heard about half of these jams so I've got a busy morning ahead of me.

Thanks OP, you the real mvp.

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This is my favorite AnCo Live performance.

It has two songs that I couldn't find anywhere else (Sleeper Factory, Polly) and the best live versions of Doggy, Covered in Frogs and Winters Love that I've seen. Everything just sounds so passionate and genuine (hear Avey's laugh at the beginning of Winters Love) and that really does it for me.

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Oh yeah I totally forgot about Sleeper Factory. Polly was released on the Purple Bottle white label B-side though.

Post amended.

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Oh great /u/superspookyghost, how dost thou know everything?

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In my case it was being borederline obsessed. Reading interviews, band bios on the web, q and a's, liner notes, discogs etc.

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Wasn't Pumpkins Hallucination played at the 2001 Houston show?

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Bookmarking this post to return to againandagainandagain. Thank you for putting all of these in one consolidated place!

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Don't believe the pilot is a beautiful one

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Amazing post. Some of their best tracks here

I love how in Guadaloops you can hear a little bit of the melody from the last part of Chores

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we need one of those playlist bots in this thread

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Thank you for that Geo video! I've been looking for that forever because I didn't know the name. But I seem to remember a second video, does that exist or am I imagining it?

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No Automine? It's Geo, Deakin, and Avey:

No Last Ball - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBaljaIwQMA

Circuit Spread - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddlgiCED93c

Crocodiles and Zebras - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqiylIWVGig

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Totally slipped my mind. Have to keep in mind I was writing this at like 5 am in between breaks from typing a brief. I'M NOT PERFECT!


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Haha all good. Just wanted to make sure no one missed out on listening to them. It's a great lil EP. Thank you for putting this together!

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It is TERRIFYING how much they sound like the Beach Boys on Baby Day.

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Also, would OP consider "Things Fall Apart" an obscure Panda Bear song?

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I intentionally didn't include any collabs or remixes, simply because they weren't written by Animal Collective members. A lot of people like to use Panda's backing vocals because they like his voice (which I can totally understand)

The one exception is Walkabout by Atlas Sound, because Panda actually taught Bradford Cox to use the electronics to make that sample when he was opening for Animal Collective. I don't know how much Panda actually wrote the song though, i get the impression Bradford pretty much wrote it.

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Oops, I should have realized that. And I didn't know Panda taught him that, that's pretty awesome!

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Wow this post is a treasure trove -- thanks for sharing! I love "Happy Singing Band" too. It's one of the under the radar gems of their body of work for sure.

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I'm really late for this, but thank you. This is great.

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I’d just been looking for a song. Didn’t remember what it sounded like, but just that it had a woman’s name and was so good and I used to love it. So thank you 🤍 it’s Judy Biworker. 🤍

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I think I had this on a mix cd in high school along with Tikwid. Never ever forget Tikwid.