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Feels is definitely the optimal starting point for anyone getting into AnCo. It contains some of their poppiest tracks while also holding stranger songs like Bees and Daffy Duck. It holds my second favorite track, Grass. All together its probably my 4th favorite album by them.

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Feels is my favorite but I still think MPP is the best one to get them into it. I'd say Feels next though.

Purple Bottle and Banshee Beat are two world class tracks.

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Definitely read that as "poopiest"

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I spent the past couple of days listening to new AnCo albums back to back that I hadn't heard before, and when I went back to Feels, it felt like home. I couldn't help but smile at the opening of DYStW and felt complete at the end of Turn Into Something.

What did I dislike? Personally I think some of the mixing is weird. Certain parts of songs I really enjoy but can't hear, and certain parts are too loud for what they are. It's very hard for me to find things I actively dislike with this album.

Favorite tracks? Banshee Beat is my favorite off the album, hands down. I love everything about this track, the slow slow build, the hit of POOL, the instrumentation, everything. Some of my "Necessary AnCo" from the album includes Purple Bottle and Bees.

Yes, it still holds up. It places first for me, next to STGSTV, above MPP at second and Strawberry Jam at third. The production value was great, and the songs never get old.

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I do agree with mixing. Water Curses is probably their first album that was mixed really well. On the other hand I think that Feels was their best mixed album up until then, if that makes any sense. Like all of the albums that precede Feels aren't mixed nearly as well.

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Yep, I'm listening to Daffy Duck right now and I think it could have been so much better (and it's already pretty good) with better mixing.

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For me Feels is their greatest work. Not to discredit anything else from their remarkable discography, but I feel like the exploration of sound and melody on Feels is special.

From the effervescent melodies, soothing background drones, fuzzy guitars and clacking percussion, it manages to create an effortlessly serene atmosphere that links song to song; like a stream of daydreams picking up where the other left of. The hectic cacophony of melodies in The Purple Bottle and Grass, complimented by the ambient builds in Bees and Banshee Beat. Lyrically as well, Avey explores his relationships with an honest and peaceful mindfulness, inundated with his usual quirk and pith.

Every time I listen to it, I just can't help but feel I've stumbled upon a secret garden somewhere where the instruments and the sounds of the trees are as one.

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I’m here 7 years later to say that I happened upon this thread only now and your description of ‘stumbling into a secret garden somewhere where the instruments and the sounds of the trees are as one’ perfectly describes how this album has made me feel since I first heard it.

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'Feels' and 'Strawberry Jam' are, IMO, Animal Collective's "truest" albums, in that this is where we get the two sides of what they're all about. 'Feels' is their poppy guitar based album where 'Strawberry Jam' is their trippy electronic album. 'Feels' is one of the most consistently amazing throughout albums I have ever heard on my life. Special shoutout to 'Banshee Beat', my all time top Animal Collective track.

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I'm going to skip most of the acclaim I and others have for this record and jump straight to this question - why do people seem to dislike/discredit Loch Raven? I can see why it is overshadowed by loved tracks like Purp and Bees and Beat, sure, but why do people necessarily find it sub-par?

For me, Loch Raven was one of the tracks that stood out to me the most. The song is serene, textured, and almost melancholy in a way. The vocals are delicate and match the ring-tinging in the background. Yes, it is repetitive, but it does not deviate that much from typical AC song form. Every time I listen to Raven, I hear a new segment of vocals or a new harmony that ties into the overall atmosphere that the song creates. It is playful, yet contemplative and intimate. I think its a wonderful song that compliments Feels as a semi-closer and balances out the ups of the album by providing a peaceful comedown.

Please leave your reactions/opinions to the song!

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Yeah, agreed. One of the quintessential Panda tracks in my mind.

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Well said. I think it is the epitome of that peaceful and delicate "feels" sound. It was my favorite track on the album for a while. The tone it sets is just so perfect. Bees and Banshee Beat are the only other tracks that truly capture that feeling on the album.

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Bees for the win!! Gonna be the closing track at my wedding

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It’s also kind of a creepy song! With some level of anxiety which is why I love anco so much

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Feels has some of my favorite yet some of my most skipped tracks. I can't say it's my favorite album as a whole, but four of the tracks off of Feels would make my top ten list.

I really love Did You See The Words, Grass, Purple Bottle, and Banshee Beat. The other songs are good but a little slow and hard to understand, IMHO. I like other albums (Strawberry Jam, MPP) better as a whole.

But seriously, those four tracks are some of my favorite of all AnCo.

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This is exactly how I feel. I would rate Banshee Beat and Purple Bottle as my two favorite AnCo songs...and I do love Turn Into Something and Flesh Canoe.

...but Daffy Duck, Loch Raven, and Bees are probably some of my least favorite AnCo songs.

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Hmmm Flesh Canoe is easily a low point for me (Daffy Duck being the lowest), and I love Loch Raven and Bees. What is it about Flesh Canoe you like?

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I would say it's the vocals and lyrics that do it for me. Especially the "Then I talk to your breath and we Enjoy the air And I creep on your chest..." part.

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Ahhh Feels, one of my favorite albums from AC. Did you see the words really sets up for what lies in wait for the listener. Avey's vocals on that track really melt inside me and gives me those Feels of being alive. It also contains other great songs like Grass and Banshee Beat. I can't say I really dislike anything from this album but I do prefer the Stevie Wonder version of The Purple Bottle (It was the first version I listened too before hearing this album). I think it stands up today, I usually put this album on while I am relaxing or more recently I have been putting this album on as I drift asleep.

9/10 would listen again

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Feels was the album that I started listening to first. Did You See The Words was the first song that stuck out to me, and when I heard that outro with beautiful piano and vocals, I knew this album was something special.

For me, there's not much that I dislike about the album. The one track that I'm not in love with (Daffy Duck), I still enjoy listening to, as the creepy ambience strikes an emotional chord with me. My favorite tracks on the album are DYSTW, Grass, Purple Bottle, and Bees. Though I'm not a long time AnCo fan, I've been listening to this album for close to two years, and it still holds up for me. Such a fantastic record. I feel that they were able to take some of what was on Sung Tongs, and make it darker and more mature. Feels really evokes them feels.

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My favourite album. I know it's not their best work but it's my favourite album. I relate a bit too much to banshee beat.

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Feels, for me, is one of AnCo's most emotional records. I've been listening to this album for years now, it was my second transition album after Strawberry Jam that made me really appreciate and get into Animal Collective so eagerly. I think I would place it either second or third on the scale of best Animal Collective albums, behind Strawberry Jam. Did You See the Words is one of my favorite songs, and it's an excellent album opener. I hold amazing memories with this song, especially when they play it live. I just know when Avey picks up his guitar, I can almost tell by his facial expression that Words is about to be played, and it's always so magical and a little bit relieving. My favorite part about Feels is the amount of energy that they bring into the album, initially, all for them to really slow it down a few songs later with Flesh Canoe and later Bees, so that we can catch our breath, and hearts. Also, The Purple Bottle, is one of the best songs I've ever listened to as well as seen performed live, all for it to shortly be followed up by Banshee Beat with that steady, eerily subtle build up, all for me to lose my fucking mind in a jaw dropping, drool dripping manner, which is unfathomably amazing. The reason that I believe myself, and almost every other fellow AnCo enthusiast hold this record so dear, is the amount of human connection that was established throughout each and every one of these songs. It's an album about love and despair, in my opinion at least, and it allows me to really experience a different side of relationships that we undergo as humans. It's truly beautiful and I cannot thank them enough for it.

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It's without a doubt my favorite album of all-time, being that it holds so much sentiment in my heart. Everything about the fuzzy drones, the uniquely off-key piano, the cloyingly sweet vocals, and the euphoric bursts of sonic energy make this my spirit album. I cannot sit and listen to this album. Every track in this album hits me just right and makes me feel as if there's nothing to do but dance and sing along with the widest, goofiest grin. This album is the Sun.

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Oh the feels for Feels...

I like it in how it presents another shift towards a more conventional sound from Animal Collective, but this one plays out like the early albums are pasty loud records of mystic beings doing mystic things that we homo sapiens don't quite understand yet, and this album is taking that kind of visual and putting it into focus so people new to the AC world can give a slow entry into the unsane; usually Merriweather is used as the example of AC's more mainstream sound used to introduce new people to AC, but I think Feels is the better fit in sound and thus more deserving of that spot. Merriweather, while probably more accessible, is so different from the general AC sound that it runs the risk of being that album that somebody will listen to and declare their self an AC fan without ever looking at their other stuff (Example: "I liked Dark Side of the Moon so I'm definitely a die hard Pink Floyd fan now"), while Feels I think encourages people to explore.

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I love the FEEL of this album (Heh) But seriously, even the upbeat tracks have kind of a quiet, stilled feeling. I certainly think it holds up. It's not my favorite, but it's up there!

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Feels sounds to me like something halfway between Tago Mago-era Can and Arcade Fire. Anyone else hear a strong resemblance?

Can - Peking O

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

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Anyone who hates Bees needs to go smoke a bowl and try again

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I'm a week late but the first time I heard Feels it kind of hit me in a tender spot and I couldn't finish it. It's a very sensitive, emotional album. I'll always remember it for being the only album to really cripple me right off the bat like that from nothing but instrumentation and mood.

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Funnily enough this album would rank somewhere in the middle for me, despite the fact it seems to be the most well-regarded among fans. It still has some awesome songs though, like The Purple Bottle, Banshee Beat, Daffy Duck (I know this one seems to generate dividing opinions but I love it a ton. It reminds me of Laughing Stock-era Talk Talk), Loch Raven, and Turn Into Something.

Actually come to think of it, I'm in love with most of the album, but for whatever reason I get less of an urge to spin it than some other stuff.

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This album smells nature.

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probably the record of theirs i've listened to the most. i appreciate every single song and the only one i can convince myself to skip is flesh canoe even tho realizing it was about noah and dave cuddling helped it click. i think above all else this album has had a huge fucking influence on indie music. while all of their harsher, abrasive earlier stuff helped a lot of people start experimenting with weird gear, the feels are undeniable. changed love songs forever man

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I always felt that People and Tikwid were def Feels tracks. Should really have been included on it. Panda's drumming on Tikwid is so boss. Also Daffy Duck and Loch Raven aren't getting much love here, IMO, they kind of "make" this album.

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This is the album that definitely has some of their best songs, but also some of their worst. DYSTW, Grass, Banshee Beat, The Purple Bottle, and Turn Into Something are really some of the best that the band has ever put out. But my god do the rest of the tracks suck. Just boring stoner dribble. They sound like HCTI (which I love) without the experimental/noise aspects; just completely lazy and unimaginative songs. It definitely would've worked better as an EP without Flesh Canoe, Loch Raven, Daffy Duck, and especially BEES, which is IMO the single worst AnCo song. I'm so split about it, but because more than half is so goddamn brilliant, I give it such a high score.


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Flesh Canoe and Loch Raven very deeply beatiful songs, I think. But I agree Bees and Daffy Duck so difficult to listen. Worst songs of album.