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This album is an absolute joy for me. I feel like, for most AnCo fans, this is the album that served as a gateway to the rest of their discography. It really cemented the fact that they can arrange beautiful tracks in many different styles. My go to album for summer driving, it's dripping with pure saccharine bliss, without sacrificing creativity either. I haven't heard many songs in the vein of Guys Eyes, and if any others have please lead me that direction. Many would say it's overrated, but I believe it achieved it's place on the pedestal for a distinct reason

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Guys Eyes is pretty much their Beach Boys song, especially this one song by the Beach Boys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO_LX-m74uw

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I dont know about most AnCo fans. I, for one, first listened to them during Feels and it didn't click til Strawbs.

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Best album or no, I would consider this the quintessential AnCo album. In the Flowers might be the best opening song in the history of time. Perfect flow between songs, and while they all form a perfect piece together they still cover the full spectrum of AnCo feels we've grown to love. Brother sport was the first AnCo song I ever heard, and Bluish was the song I fell in love to. It's easy to give this album flak because it's the most accessible AnCo album, but there's gotta be a reason everybody can get behind it. 9/10

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Yeah, their best album. 10/10.

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Merriweather is the gateway drug to Animal Crack.

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accurate. I used to have friends. Now I have AnCo. I'd do it again though

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MPP was my introduction to AnCo and I wouldn't have it any other way. The album holds a very special place in my heart.

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I first heard My Girls back in 2011, the first Animal Collective song I had ever heard. It wasn't until 2014 when I decided to broaden my musical horizons that I made the decision to start with Merriweather Post Pavilion, the only album I had ever heard a song from. I wasn't high, but what I heard blew me away. I had never heard such a cohesive blend of songs so well done and amazingly written and performed, especially Brother Sport. The first time I heard that masterpiece was a life-changing experience, because it opened my eyes to my favorite band of all time, Animal Collective. I'm sure this was the case for a lot of people that became AnCo fans after 2009, but honestly it seems like the best way to discover this band; it's the most accessible and easily listenable of their albums. I've written several screenplay outlines to movies that are formed around MPP, and I think that's the best compliment any album can receive, at least from a filmmaker's perspective. MPP was also the first album I heard when I first dropped acid, an experience that will always hold a dear place in my heart. Every time I've recommended AnCo to somebody, its been with this album, which is something that I'm proud to give people. I'd honestly give anything to hear MPP again for the first time, to experience such a masterpiece in such a great way.

TL;DR: I fucking love this album more than I love myself. It's the best Animal Collective album, and everyone should hear it before they die.

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I got hooked with Feels, but I think My Girls and In the Flowers are my favorite AC songs.

Not to mention I had a lot of great concert experiences at MPP in MD.

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the magnum opus of pop music

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I frequently say Merriweather Post Pavilion is probably the Dark Side of the Moon of Animal Collective; what I mean by that is Merriweather is the one album everybody has heard, and it is the album that kids might hear, love, and falsely declare their selves Animal Collective fans (lolz).

That isn't to say the album is no good; it is actually absolutely fucking fantastic; the layers in each song are so colorful and full of feels that it is impossible to not think about summer or joy or love while blasting this record. The instrumental explosion during In the Flowers perfectly sets the vibe for the tracks to come; it really is a masterpiece from the collective.

In the past, this album has been somewhat shat on by fellow AC fans for being "too accessible"... that's probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard. The point of Animal Collective (or any artist really) is not to be super inaccessible, but to not give a shit how accessible it is or isn't. As long as it still has that great AC sound, there's no reason to flip, and this record definitely does, once again successfully without a doubt sounding like Animal Collective while being extremely different from any of their other albums.

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I don't remember where I read this, but someone said: "Like a great crescendo, everything AnCo has done has led up to MPP. The album is their masterpiece and what we all have waited for, but had no idea."

It is their most complete album and just phenomenal. Perfectly put together, like a Christmas present that you see and just by looking at the perfect wrapping job, you know what lies inside is going to be amazing.

It's not my favorite album by AnCo, but it is one of the best albums of all time and the album that everyone should listen to.

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That quote is from the Pitchfork review IIRC

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Ooo you are correct! Take an upvote!

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It leaked on Christmas of 2008 so it was quite literally a Christmas present for me. :)

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My favorite album of all time

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I absolutely LOVE MPP. Got it at the library after hearing about AnCo and deciding to give them a shot. Honestly, at first it sounded weird and abrasive, and Brother Sport was the only song I really liked. But gradually I started opening up to the other songs, and eventually it clicked about the 3rd or 4th time I listened to it all the way through. Great album, to me it's a futuristic Pet Sounds on (even more) acid.

Edit: it's also the only AnCo album my friends will tolerate lol.

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This was my gateway. Bought it at the store on a whim just because I had heard good things and it blew my mind first listen which is incredibly rare for me. A favourite song is hard, probably either Taste, Lion in a Coma, or Brother Sport. The album really sets them apart in the sense that I usually find more experimental bands' accessible sides to be weaker, but while this is easily their most accessible album it's still just as good as their other stuff.

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Everything starts from MPP. A fantastic album this often times diminished because of competitive AnCo fans who forget the real reason why they loved the band in the first place. Amazing fucking album and I have no problem saying it's top three for me as someone who basically worships the band. MPP is also the only poster I have hanging in my room showing love for my favorite band

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Story time Round 2:

This is somewhat a continuation of my Strawberry Jam Story. Names and places have been changed. blah blah blah.

So after listening to SJ for weeks straight and being damn near tripped out each time I listened to it, I started to move onto other albums in the playlist my friend gave me. I really wasn't sure what album to listen to next so my buddy told me to listen to MPP because it just came out like a few months earlier and it made it into the charts. I decided I might as well because SJ was so awesome this one could be great as well.

I waited until all the work was done on the USS BOAT and decided to take my usual amount of CCCs. Unfortunately, I was all out of pills so I had to use my backup of Delsym (which is by far the most intense trip if you drink a whole family sized bottle). I said fuck it, I will drink the whole bottle because I didn't have anything else to do the next day. I chugged the bottle and waited until I starting getting that tingle and then I put on MPP. Now normally it starts of with "In the flowers" but the album my friend gave me started with "My Girls". This song blew my mind, not as intense as "For Reverend Green" but is was still intense and the visuals that correlated were starting to get powerful.

As the album progressed my trip was starting to become much more intense, once I hit "Are you also frightened" I was completely lost to the outside world. I could hear all the subtleties placed in the song. Every note was resounding in my head, firing all at the same time. It felt like I was being dragged into a dark room and I was being surrounded by all the noises in my head.

"Bluish" was the next song that stuck out in my brain. Before the music video was even out, I had visions of being in outer space falling into an infinite void while vertigo was taking over. It was so soothing and it was like the universe was complete with my soul. I still have soft spot in my heart for this song because of this experience.

Finally, "Brother Sport" was the very last song that I really remember listening too. By the time I got this far into the album my peaks were overwhelming and I couldn't process much more of what was happening. Brothersport made me feel like I was being shouted at by people I haven't seen in a long time. The interlude before the last verse seemed to last for years but I didn't want it to end. The addition of new sounds built my excitement and brought me to a higher level of intoxication. Once it was all over I knew that this was going to be one of the greatest albums ever made. After the album was over I put back on SJ and drifted off into non-REM sleep.

Key points: Because I didn't look at the names of any of the songs while I was listening to them, I had to go back later and figure out which songs I heard.

This was one of my most intense trips, with only one topping this. My first experience with "Down There"

This is another one of my daily albums, I listen to at least 1 or 2 songs a day.

My favorite tracks are "Brother Sport" "My Girls" "Bluish" "Summertime Clothes"

TLDR; I robotripped really hard and had what felt like a spiritual awakening while listening to MPP for the first time.

EDIT: For some grammar and overall look.

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dont robo trip, kids

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It's pretty awesome.

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My Girls was one of my first myspace songs in like 8th grade. Very special place in my heart for this album.

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one of my first myspace songs in like 8th grade.

No way, that would mean...


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Crazy, right?

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As the subreddit's foremost critic of MPP I will say that this is unequivocally my least favorite Animal Collective album.

As many of these comments confirm, this was a lot of people's first Animal Collective album, or the only thing "accessible" enough for them to listen to, so it holds a special place in your hearts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But this album is such a step downward toward the mundane and away from the overflowing of heart and feeling that every Animal Collective album has always had.

To say that MPP was a disappointment isn't even entirely accurate, because a lot of the MPP songs were previewed live pretty much right after SJ dropped. Animal Collective constantly previewed things that were confusing/disjointed prior to an album's release that ended up being beautiful when the album actually came out (Did You See the Words, For Reverend Green, Turn Into Something, etc.) but the lack of drums and the hollow electronic sounds were present on the early versions of MPP songs and I had a feeling of "THIS is what people are getting so hyped over?"

Of my top 10 least favorite Animal Collective songs, 4 are on MPP. No other album has more than 2. That isn't to say that MPP doesn't have its bright spots. Like pretty much everyone, I think Brother Sport is fantastic. I will occasionally listen to Lion in a Coma. But honestly, that's about it.

In The Flowers was something definitely improved upon from its days of Dancer With Flowers in Her Hair, that didn't even have the big electronic burst in the middle. But this is such a gimmicky way to write music that Animal Collective had avoided up until this point. In The Flowers is less In the Air Tonight or Don't Fear the Reaper and more dubstep let the beat drop. When you listen to In the Flowers, you are simply waiting for "If I could just leave my body for the night."

I hated My Girls when it was House. I hate it now. "A social status" is not a material thing. I'm not heartless. I understand the sentiment of wanting to be able to provide for your family. Panda Bear prior to MPP tackled life issues beautifully. "I'm Not" is a beautiful lament of the fear of not being ready for parenthood. So is Derek. Maybe there's a beauty in seeing that transition from fear into "I want to provide." But I sure as hell don't see it. The one beautiful moment of "My Girls" is "I will with heart, on my father's grave" which hearkens back to Young Prayer and his declaration of "I will have sons and daughters" but sadly that tribute is lost in electronic drivel and stupid stupid lyrics.

"Also Frightened" I honestly don't have many qualms with. Pretty good Avey+Panda harmony. Repetitive electronics that don't rise to the level of annoying. Not so bad.

"Summertime Clothes" is pretty ok as well. This is one I was actually excited about from the Bearhug bootlegs. It rises and falls without being gimmicky. It flows pretty well. Lyrics are decent.

"Daily Routine" I will skip every time it is on. I cannot stand this song. It's essentially all of the bad things about Chores (repetition, a boring as shit middle section, annoying electronics) with none of the good. Maybe Panda Bear's worst song ever.

"Bluish" is another awful song. Bluish lyrics aren't good enough to go on Hallmark gift cards. It's so fucking cheesy it actually makes me cringe. This is a strange one for MPP for me because it's not so much the emptiness or repetition that gets to me, it's the lyrics. I'm an attorney, maybe I am heartless, but this is just an awful version of Flesh Canoe to me, with warm acoustics replaced with hollow woosh woosh noises and lyrics like "it makes me so crazy and I can't say why." Avey is so much better than this song. Purple Bottle. Grass. Turn Into Something. Essplode. Good Lovin' Outside. Mouth Wooed Her.

"Guys Eyes" - I hated the Song for Ariel version too. Right up there in the holy pantheon of songs about masturbation like Longview and Pictures of Lily. And the same complaint as Daily Routine.

"Taste" - I wax and wane on this. Some lyrics, oh man. Do you appreciate the subtleties of taste, bud? But at the same time, Panda's vocal part makes the song pretty good. And I think we can all get behind "Am I really all the things that are outside of me?" It's actually Avey's version of Carrots, except more applied to life in general than music. This is probably the oldest song that made it on MPP which is why it sucks less, I guess?

"Lion in a Coma" - I legitimately like it. The musical bow does get a bit grating sometimes, but I think "Please don't leave me things that feel good..." is the best moment on MPP.

"No More Runnin'" - I don't DISLIKE it per se, it's just forgettable.

"Brother Sport" - While I don't think this is an upper echelon Animal Collective song, not even I can really hate on this.

For the record, my first animal collective album was Sung Tongs. My favorite Animal Collective album is either Spirit or Feels. I was already in college when MPP came out. In a vacuum, I think it would be an OK album. I'd probably treat it the same as I do now. Listen to a few songs, shelve the rest, and never really get the itch and say WOW I JUST REALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO MPP TODAY. It's just that as an "Animal Collective" album, it's so far off base to be almost unrecognizable, and as someone who really really really connected with Feels, and SJ, it was altogether a disappointment. Animal Collective is a lot of things. Divisive. Strange. Experimental. Pretentious, maybe? But one thing Animal Collective has never been is forgettable, and that is why MPP will always be the bottom of the barrel for me. and while I'm not much of a review-reading guy, one in particular sticks out to me. [MPP] "lacks the playfulness and spontaneity that endeared so many to this group." I have to agree. It's a mundane album written about mundane things with mundane electronics that any number of groups could have put out.

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instead of comparing ITF to a dubstep song i like to think its more like a roller coaster or a crazy movie, where things change very quickly and to a euphoric feel, but then, it manages to get even better. those 4x4 housey drums manage to sneak into the frantic scattered synth sounds and then some of the my favorite lyrics on the album, maybe their whole career: Then we could be dancing No more missing you while I'm gone There we could be dancing And you'd smile and say, "I like this song".... what a perfect way to describe an out of body experience, a trip, or a dream