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Applesauce fucking rules.

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The transitions on Centipede Hz are done so smoothly, I love it. I also think all of Panda's songs on here are great, New Town Burnout especially. Centipede is really solid all the way through, but the main thing I think that it's missing is the Panda Avey harmonies. Also, the Centipede Hz tour was AMAZING.

I like the centipede.

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It's not my favourite album, but I'd be lying if I said Amanita wasn't the best closer to an album. I'm not the hugest fan of the back half of CHz but Amanita is so great.

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What about Alvin Row?

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I know it's basically praised as gospel around here, but I only really like a few parts of Alvin Row. I find myself losing interest in different parts of the song which makes it kind of drag. It should be noted that I'm not the hugest fan of STGSTV anyway, so take that as you will.

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You'd be lying if you didn't say it wasn't the best closer...too many negatives there.

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Thanks, fixed!

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Rosie Oh is their most underrated song. I fucking love it. Least favourite AnCo album but still an enjoyable listen.

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Considered one of their weaker points in the discography by some, but I've always really liked it. The first 4 songs are killer, but especially applesauce. When I was first getting into ANCO, that song really helped me see the light and understand their brilliance. I still think it is one of Avey's top vocal showcases, up there with fireworks and for reverend green. Also the transition from new town burnout to monkey riches is just too good!

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Definitely not my favorite; I think they went a little overboard with the noise bits and samples, but it gets a lot of undeserved hate. It's still fucking good! The first four tracks are definitely the highlight and once again succeed in sounding so AC while sounding so different from their other work, but then the album does slow down for a bit. It does pick up with New Town Burnout into the end though. It seems like they weren't sure how to go about the level of accessibility on this album post Merriweather. They didn't know if they wanted to stay accessible for all of the fans of Merriweather or jump entirely back to weird shit, so they just kinda met in the middle. I'm sure their next record will be a return to weird shit. I'm read for some new weird shit. I like weird shit.


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My first Animal Collective experience. It got me hooked.

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Same here man. It was an incredible time for me! Never have I been so captivated!

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So I was relistening to this album recently and tried to think of an abstract description for its vibe.

This is what I came up with........

"Holographic Lollipop"

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Someday, there'll be a remastering and a rerelease that'll pave out some of the more jarringly poor mixing and effects to reveal something better. Father Time, Monkey Riches, and Pulleys will be replaced with Gotham, Honeycomb, and Crimson (shit yes, Crimson). Mercury Man will have the great melody and vocals pulled out of a miasma of effects, and you know what? Strip back more of the effects and inject more energy into the performance (looking at you; Wide Eyed). And it'll be paired with a copy of ODDSAC and maybe a physical copy of the Keep EP. And someday, even the mighty Deakin will release his solo album. Then Centipede Hz will be greater. Like, full potential greater. EDIT: Applesauce to Honeycomb

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Monkey Riches is one of the best songs on the album! But other than that this sounds like a dream

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What's wrong with Father Time?

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New Town Burnout kicks fuckin ass tho. As does the breakdown in Applesauce

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Nice, nice, very nice.

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This was the second album of theirs I ever listened to (first being MPP). I remember thinking, "What the fuck is this? It's so different than MPP. I love it."

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I love this album all the way through, but it's not like MPP where I can put it on any day of the week, I have to be in the right mood. But I'll listen to individual songs, don't get me wrong. I'll listen to Moonjock or Wide Eyed any day of the week. I love how chaotic this album is, even if some people were turned off by it

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One review I read of this album described as the sonic version of a burrito being smashed on a windshield. All of the ingredients are delicious but all smashed together it loses something. It combines so much of the different AC sounds not just into one album but into singular songs. Each one has so much going on.

I might sound hard about this album but I do actually like a good chunk of it. But it isn't one that I come back to really. Some songs I will listen to when I work out but the album as a whole I've listened to significantly less.

Applesauce, New Town Burnout, Father Time, and Monkey Riches is really what makes me come back to the album. All of those songs are amazing. Beyond that all of these songs are really phenomenal live, especially Monkey Riches.

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Of course, this album has some real greats (Amanita, Applesauce, Monkey Riches) but I feel like I'm alone in my love for Mercury Man (which most of this thread seems to affirm). I love Avey's voice on the song and the melody has this really sweet effect to it, even though it is kinda buried under some odd effects.

From the very video-gamey intro to the hauntingly beautiful choral vocals towards the end, it's one of the tracks on this album I unapologetically love and I find it uniquely beautiful, like the group's come full circle from STGSTV, once again creating a new kind of beauty from a new kind of sonic jumble.

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This album had the perfect feeling for describing the transition between summer and fall. Probably because that's when it came out and when I remember listening to it most but I think the album cover even radiates those summer/fall colors.

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Starting to come around to it. A few more listens will be good

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I haven't listened to CHz in a while, but the last time I did, I came to the conclusion that the album sounds almost like a combination of different sounds from around the world. For example, Today's Supernatural sounds almost like a Latin American song, and Amanita most certainly sounds Asian. What do you guys think? Am I onto something?

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I remember hearing about this album coming out my last few months in the Navy. I preordered special edition Vinyl and received it a little after I got out of the Navy. I remember listening to it while playing Darksiders 2 and it was awesome. Wide Eyed and Applesauce are my favorite songs on the album. I love listening to this so much!

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My enjoyment of this album fluctuates. I'm either obsessed with it or I don't touch it at all. Still a great album and that tour was dope.

That being said, New Town Burnout into Monkey Riches is one of my favorite transitions of their discography. Reminds me a lot of Guys Eyes into Taste.

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Avey's vocals on Applesauce are my favorite of his. Monkey Riches is growing on me very nicely. Also, Honeycomb/Gotham should've made their way in it somehow!

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Not one of my favorites in their catalog, but I still enjoy it overall. My favorites are Rosie Oh, Applesauce, and Pulleys.

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This album feels way to cluttered and in your face for me to enjoy it. I've tried it a bunch of times, does anyone have any tips to appreciate for what it is, because I honestly can't find any merit to it at all.. Definitely my least favorite AnCo record

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I didnt understand this album until like my 3rd listen. i think some peace lies in following panda's drumming throughout the album. its pretty chaotic but if you can follow the bongos and african bead drum thing in the songs such as todays supernatural i think it helps put it together. Also deaks guitar sections can be pretty cool in this album such as the big finale in Amanita or the fast paced solo-ish part in Moonjock during the "run out again!" section.

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This and STGSTV battle as my favorite Anco albums. It's just so damn good. That's all I have to say

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A massive improvement over MPP. I'm not particularly crazy about the Father Time-New Town Burnout-Monkey Riches-Mercury Man stretch, but I'd take any of those songs but Father Time over anything on MPP but Lion in a Coma

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I mean... It's a good album, but let's not get hasty here.

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I'm not getting hasty at all. MPP is by far the worst Animal Collective album, and despite hearing the ChZ stuff live before the album came out I was still worried they were sinking deeper into that vacuum of mediocrity. But they didn't.

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What a strong opinion. I mean, I prefer their older stuff too, but objectively speaking I'd say MPP is a masterpiece and will be timeless. It really conveys the last decade well as well as the transition of underground and indie music as a whole.

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o_O your hate towards MPP is...odd. I respect your opinion but you are easily in the minority here. Whether it be fans, critics, etc.

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I don't hate MPP per se. If it were an album by any other band that I listened to in a vacuum I would think it was decent, but never get the urge to say "wow I just really want to hear MPP today."

I'm also in the minority that MPP came out when I was a sophomore in college. I had already heard most of Animal Collective's then-extant catalog by that point, and as an ANIMAL COLLECTIVE album, it lacks heart, it lacks emotion, and once you get past the shimmering electronics, it's just so hollow. It lacks the things that made me an Animal Collective fan to begin with.

It has moments where it shines (Lion in a Coma, Brother Sport) but where it falters, it REALLY falters (Bluish is probably the worst song Avey has ever written, Guys Eyes is a reworked version of an awful Panda Bear song, Daily Routine is probably the worst song Panda Bear has ever written).

It's not a bad album in general, it's just a bad Animal Collective album. I find it hard that people who entered into AnCo's world with MPP can later go back and listen to other stuff. Had I entered with MPP I would have never given the other stuff a chance at all.

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I got into AnCo with all of my friends in high school in the time before MPP. My favorite album from then was Sung Tongs, and for most of my friends, it was Feels. Every single one of my friends thinks MPP is the best AnCo album now.

Thats not to say your opinion is wrong, but I definitely dont think youre right about the timing being important. I think to the vast majority of listeners, its just an all around better album. The three songs you listed, for example, are songs most people love.

I would guess your dislike is just you not liking a few of the songs on there, or maybe having an aversion to more electronic music. Just my two cents.

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I think it kinda runs on a little bit too long. I'd be satisfied if CHz ended after Monkey Riches because it feels like it would be a good ending point. After that I just feel like I'm listening to bonus tracks. It's still a pretty solid album, tho.