"I've got a question for your head I made a shadow with my hand And i made it like your heart And it will never be the same Cause your ohms the sweetest thing inside of you" feels like poetry by AugustSpiesSeptember in AnimalCollective

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Assuming you don’t know much Animal collective because they have so many great songs similar to this. AnCo songs that have the same energy:

Turn Into Something


Summertime Clothes

Lying in the Grass

Unsolved Mysteries


Almost all of Enter the Slasher House (by Avey Tare Slasher Flicks)

Hey Light


We Tigers

Who Could Win a Rabbit

AnCo songs that have a similar poetic feeling:

Penny Dreadfuls

Chocolate Girl

Bridge to Quiet

Water Curses

Banshee Beat

The Purple Bottle

Natural Selection


All the main songs of Deakin’s Sleep Cycle

Leaf House

I hope this narrows it down somewhat, it was hard for me not to list the entire discography lol. Reply if you want more from AnCo or more from other artists!

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Happy 42nd birthday to David Portner aka Avey Tare! by gregphipps37we got the Good Crew™ in AnimalCollective

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forgot your alt there bud

What happened during the HCTI era ? by [deleted] in AnimalCollective

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They had a really terrible tour in the Northwest where they had a bunch of broken equipment, a broken tour van, and had to borrow money from friends/family back home just to ensure they could finish the tour. They also had a bunch of personal drama back home. They also were sort of inspired by the early days of Modest Mouse, who basically traveled the country in a beat up van and played dive bars for years before they commercially broke through, and they realized that romanticized idea was much more miserable in practice. Deakin also mentioned that the four of them were not getting along on that tour, and Geo mentioned that they "needed space". So there was a lot of incentive to kind of take some time away from each other at the end of the HCTI recording process.

No one's really sure why Panda stuck around, because touring was always the hardest on him because he has always had extreme anxiety in regards to being on the road/touring.

Geo went to grad school at the end of the HCTI process. He had been accepted prior to beginning the tour, but after such a terrible experience, he basically accepted his admission offer in the middle of the tour. Deakin left and became a carpenter for a while and was working full time doing that during ST.

Avey has mentioned that the lyrics on Sung Tongs were the first time that he started to write lyrics from his own perspective, rather than just generalized stories, and a lot of the ST songs came about as the HCTI era came to an end and the ST era started, so it makes sense that those then-recent experiences were what shaped the lyrical content of ST.

It's kind of important to note though that Avey is actually the person that never has talked much about "negative" touring experiences, he even enjoyed playing to essentially no-one during the Danse tour with Black Dice. So while I think that Panda/Deakin/Geo all had their own problems that sort of came to a head on that HCTI tour, Avey never really indicated that he had as bad of a time as everyone else did on that tour, so I'm not really sure that anything on ST (which was almost entirely written by Avey except Leaf House) really captures the feeling of that tour to the rest of Animal Collective.