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When healthcare works super well by Jokiat in ABoringDystopia

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America is a scam wrapped in a racket dipped in fraud sauce.

Making an obscene profit during a crisis, late stage capitalism by Hagisman in ABoringDystopia

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Apparently the public funding was around 70 million dollars, Gilead invested over 1 billion dollars to develop the drug

Facebook is blocked the hashtag #savethechildren. This is bone chilling. by Haktir in ABoringDystopia

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Illuminati?.. wtf is this, 2005? Get with the times, we all know that Facebook is ran by the Democrat lizard people like Tom Hanks and Ellen.

Facebook is blocked the hashtag #savethechildren. This is bone chilling. by Haktir in ABoringDystopia

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Allow me...

So, George Floyd was actually a secret Democrat Antifa terrorist who was cloned to that they could sacrifice him to start riots around the country to distract people from the "super secret" (that is somehow "found" without any security clearances?...) Pedophile ring ran by Democrats and Tom Hanks (apparently Cast Away was supposed to be inspired by his time on Epstein Island. AND WHO DID HIS CHARACTER WORK FOR?!?!?! FED-EX !!!!! ITS ALL RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!).

There's no Republicans involved with this though. And certainly not Trump. Because he was sent from God himself to wipe out the evil Democratic party before they complete their evil plan of kidnapping all of the world's children to use their blood to make frazzle drip and live forever.

I didn't actually read all of it. I've just seen enough of these nut job's to know what they're going to say unfortunately.

Essentially illegal by BritneySchmitt in ABoringDystopia

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Which form of Ranked Choice Voting? That doesn't necessarily solve the proportionality problem. Which is turn does not solve the two party problem.

You have 360m+ people and two political parties that have any hope of getting anywhere. And it is ultimately because almost all your representatives run in are winner takes all elections where voting for a 3rd party just serves to drain from your preferred major candidate. This creates and stonewalls the two party system. As well as furthering binary thinking about complex issues.

Two party systems all draw connections between issues that ought not necessarily be formed because very different people are forced to vote for the same party as one another and which party you prefer for indicates and influence from your world view and further influences your world view. I.e. Gunnuts and Christians are as uncomfortable a political marriage as Socially Progressive CEOs and Marxists but that is totally normalised in the two party American System.

Democracy is founded on the essential value that societies ought to be run by people who live there. If not only for the sake that Leadership be legitimate. But moreover because every commonly held view, even within small minorities of people, has merit and ought be at least heard through, and in doing so Democracy would in fact function more effectively and effectiently.

Thus, representing as many people as possible in government ought be the goal of any democracy. And the US has a hell of a lot more than two political positions across its 360M. And the federal government needs to actually represent as many of its citizens as possibles and its citizens views actual views as much as possible. The struggle of government ought be the natural opposition of these views. But not structurally built in as we see in the 20th century US.

To propose a possible alternative system amongst many, Mixed Member Parliament (MMP) is a really good alternative system that is used in Germany, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales for their National Elections.

Each citizen gets TWO primary votes in an election. One, known as "the electorate vote" is directly for a candidate, typically for their local representative for where they live and that is often FPtP.

The other, known as "the party vote" is directly towards a politcal party rather than any particular candidate, and critically awards votes proportionately to how well that party does. Meaning, if a party gets 15% of the votes, they should get about 15% of the seats and if you get 49% of the vote you should get just shy on half the seats. There is typically a bottom threshold for how common a view must be to win a single seat, typically 2.5-5%

Parties have a public list that ranks their members that is publicly available before the election. They award seats moving down the list depending on proportion of the votes after the election.

If no party receives more than 50% after an election (incredibly common) then the parties must work together to form a coalition. Coalitions partners can use this status as leverage to represent minority interests. Thus voting for a minor party that more closely represents your true political convictions than a majority can help to make a major party recognise your cause. "Green" parties tend to favour well in this system. Parties singularly focused on indigenous Maori issues have also found much success in NZ's MMP system.

As no one party holds the majority alone, no one party has enough votes alone to pass or block any proposed law and thus collaboration on everything is key for doing anything at all. This is structural, you need friends in other parties and if you backstab them they will fuck you come elections and form a coalition with the other guys or something. And if your party gets a reputation as a bad coalition partner then your sunk.

In MMP Parties are more easily started, even with few members or capital as your only goal ought be win 1 electoral area or ~5% of the total when starting.

elections are nearly exclusively state funded be design (often allows small &/or declared personal donations up to a max) election funds are divided amongst parties based on how well they did last election, typically giving some funding all the way down to to all parties who nearly got seats but just missed out.

In this way parties not just change positions but simply come and go as the people need a party to represent a political viewpoint at any particular political juncture.

But critically to all of this, as you found criticisms and came up with questions of MMP know that this is only one of many alternatives to the US electoral college system that would be much much better in my opinion.

The US is the world's first modern democratic Republic. That gives your historical prestige on the world stage but not greatness. The first of anything is never the best. The US Democracy presented an excellent offering that other Western countries took, adapted and improved. And they have continued to develop their democracies through to this day while America enshired theirs in glass.

Apologies for the length.

Tldr: democracy is about represented the people who are being governed for both legitimate and functional leadership. It works better the more views that you can represent. MMP is one way of doing it well that few Americans think about very much. But moreover Americans need to build and implement their own better electoral system.

Essentially illegal by BritneySchmitt in ABoringDystopia

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Being a gun guy and loving weed is the hardest thing to decide between. Never see anyone represent that how I feel it should be.

Distorted patterns of portrayal by theylied2you in ABoringDystopia

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Media shapes our society

Hijacking the top comment to say: so does social media.

No one here was stealing food to feed their child, no one was dissolved in acid.

The black guy on the left is De'Marquise Elkins who shot and killed a child during an attempted robbery. Real weird image to use here...

The white family on the left is a stock photo.

The black couple on the right were most likely stealing baby formula to sell on the black market. It is really common and that kind of quantity isn't going to be about feeding their child.

The white family on the right is Randy Coffland and his daughters. He killed them, shot his wife, phoned the police to say what he had done and then killed himself. Unless they wanted to dress a corpse in a jumpsuit they couldn't have taken mugshots...

Ironically whilst this post is trying to highlight media bias (which I certainly agree exists) and the misleading way people are often represented based on the colour of their skin... this post is in itself biased and misleading. It undermines the very point it is trying to address.

Anyway... by xforedk in ABoringDystopia

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Almond milk is incredibly water intensive to produce so just say no to almond milk period.

Edit: ffs people I’m not saying dairy is better, just if you’re going for alternatives don’t go for literally the ecologically worst option

Thanks for your service — but stop resisting fascism. by outlawsoul in ABoringDystopia

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I’m a retired (over 20 years of service) USAF officer with 27 Combat missions, and 53 Combat Support missions. Your assumptions are wrong in my case. The United States is clearly broken, and has lost its way.

Thanks for your service — but stop resisting fascism. by outlawsoul in ABoringDystopia

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We're proud of our country rightfully so, but that doesn't mean we're blind to it's injustices. We enjoy our freedoms, and we swore an oath to defend, and uphold the constitution of the United States. I like to believe many of us remember that oath, and will uphold it to it's fullest in the face of tyranny, and injustice. Many of my brothers, and sisters have. I live in Portland, many of them protested alongside these people when they saw the gross incompetence by our government, and these federal "Officers"

Thanks for your service — but stop resisting fascism. by outlawsoul in ABoringDystopia

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I can't remember seeing anything as pathetic in my life as the armored officer who started wailing on Christopher David with his baton in response to the simple question "What of your oath?" The slightest challenge and he wastes no time in showing that he has nothing to make him strong besides a baton and anonymity.

So weak, so afraid, so undignified. Mr. David is 100 times the patriot that tiny man will ever be.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? by The-Desi-Girl in ABoringDystopia

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It's not condescending specifically against women. It is a general rule for situations in which there is a large imbalance of power, regardless of gender. Other examples are prisons and schools.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? by The-Desi-Girl in ABoringDystopia

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This isn't going to be a popular opinion, but that's so shitty. Telling a grown adult (in the cases where it was an adult) that they can't give consent is condescending as fuck. Feels like an infantalization of women.

It do be like that by AraceliStanley in ABoringDystopia

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Sometimes when I'm on one of my walks (lol no, I'm not 85 years old), I get into this really meditative state where I actually feel nostalgic for the moment I'm in, as if I'm remembering it from the future. Helps me realize how beautiful everything is.

Masked protester being attacked by a Trump Supporter by FriendlyPresentation in ABoringDystopia

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Oh no! That far-left violent person is suffocating that patriot's God-fearing hands with a microchipped mask that turns people gay!

Masked protester being attacked by a Trump Supporter by FriendlyPresentation in ABoringDystopia

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That's the most frightening part. Even though the outcome is horrible, I don't think this is a person who wants to do bad things. It looks more like a desperate person fighting against what they believe is actually threatening their free will. Some of these people might be evil in themselves, but I think most of the time the evil is the system that has distorted their world view, exploited their fear and uses them to attack the forces that threaten it.

White Privilege In A Nutshell by AntiAbleism in ABoringDystopia

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what about the hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money that goes up in smoke every year into USAPs organized by the Pentagon, totalling over 8.5 trillion dollars since 1996? Could we use some of that money Daddy Mnuchin? No? Fiddlesticks.

i'm usually a very detached and disconnected person but such flagrant corruption in the face of a national emergency, which we are still in mind you, and a global pandemic makes my blood boil. i'm not sure if he's aware that if you give a man nothing in his time of need, you've engineered your own worst enemy, because there's nothing more dangerous in society than a desperate man with absolutely nothing to lose but his life. now take this fact and multiply it by tens of millions of people. if we continue this path of willful ignorance and refusal to help your fellow man by challenging the status quo, collapse isn't far off, unfortunately.

Funny how that happens by saul2015 in ABoringDystopia

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Are you kidding me? The Dems also voted ALONGSIDE Republicans against a mere 10% cut to the military budget. 10%.

We are about to face a homeless crisis/ economic crash unlike anything that can compare to the Recession of 2008. But fuck us right? Gotta keep the industrial military complex going! Gotta give those multinational corporations one more fucking tax break THEY. DON'T. NEED.

Gotta give the rich more money to shuffle into illegal, offshore bank accounts while our infrastructure is literally crumbling, education and health services are cut again and again, gotta deny people their rightful unemployment IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC.

And what else the Dems done other than present the bill and whine about how the R's are sitting on it? They have done nothing. So fuck the Democrats and Republicans. Neither side cares if we die and if the Democrats actually gave a shit like they pretend to, I'm sure there could be other things they could do to help the people. But they gave not even the barest minimal effort.

“Freedom” in the 21st Century by SartorialHound in ABoringDystopia

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Freedom isn't free.

No, there's a hefty, fucking fee.

A different perspective... by G-raja808 in ABoringDystopia

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I don't think you can understand this without considering the impact of religion, and how deaths from disease are perceived in that context.

In America's understanding of Christianity, God makes his pleasure and displeasure known, blessing the righteous and punishing the wicked. This primarily works in two ways: wealth and health. God is just, and so are his works: therefore, the people who are rewarded with wealth and with good health deserve it. They must deserve it, no matter what we think we've seen of those people, for only God has knowledge of a man's inner soul.

Once you understand this, American society makes a lot more sense.

  1. The coronavirus is part of God's plan to punish the wicked. Righteous people who have more time on Earth will not get sick. Some will get sick and survive, because in that illness there is a lesson to them and to others. Some will die because it was their time; they will be rewarded in Heaven. Some will die because they were wicked; they are being punished. "If I get sick, it is because I am a sinner." (Remember, everyone is a sinner.) "Why should I wear a mask -- if I get sick, I deserve it, and if I get someone sick, they deserve it."

  2. Donald Trump is a righteous man because God has rewarded him. Humans (particularly, the media) may disparage him, but these are lies and mistruths and spin. Nothing you can say will change the fact that we know he is a righteous man, because God has rewarded him.

  3. Righteous people do the right thing. God rewards righteous people with wealth because they know how best to use it to help everyone and make the world a better place. Humans must not use force to steal that wealth and redistribute it -- God has already distributed it properly. Thou shalt not steal. Anyone who tries to use force (i.e. the government) to redistribute wealth is acting against God. Let the righteous men decide where that wealth is best spent.

  4. God rewards good people with good health, and illness is a punishment. Why would we interfere with God's plan by taking money from the righteous people to give free healthcare to the people he is punishing? If curing them is part of God's plan, the charity of righteous people will make that happen.

How can you fix the deep and fundamentally-broken culture? I think the culture needs a different understanding of what God is.

Thanks I hate it by AvonBarksdale666 in ABoringDystopia

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I, as a plumber, promise to walk off any job installing these, fuckin disrespectful.

Yep here we are by Post-Narrow in ABoringDystopia

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My 7k must have gotten lost in the mail.. any other kiwis see 7k show up in their bank?