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If you want to get away from pressure, France is not the country for you.

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I moved to Costa Rica for like 4.5 years, fucking loved it, and if I didn't have a job I loved in the US I would probably go back.

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I recommend Thailand.

I moved there and taught English for awhile, then bummed around for awhile. The unofficial motto of the country translates to something like "no worries" or "it's fine."

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I've met a few people who moved to Cambodia or Thailand for a little while.

It was part cultural though. The main reason why they did that was that their savings took them a long way.

Moving from a first world country to another? Without a visa? That's asking for a low class lifestyle.

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I sure would like to travel, but permanently stay in a different country, probably not. My heart lies here in the US.

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Yup. Moved from the UK to Holland. There is a transition time where it is hard and stressful and you miss things like Branston Pickle, but I'd never go back again now.

I wouldn't go to France though. Unless you can speak pretty good French. I would suggest getting away to a country where you speak the language.

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Tried it. All the chicks had hairy pits. Would not recommend.