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Lots tied for first but Otherside has to be tops

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Otherside, final chorus, Slane Castle.

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I mean, anything Slane Castle

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But Quixoticelixer chorus is right up there, too. I always sing the hey la's and ooh ooh oh ooh's rather than AKs part.

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Quixoticelixer is really good !

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White Braids And Pillow Chair and Dosed

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may i add Universally Speaking to this wonderful list?

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Oh yeah

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Venice queen

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Otherside, Save The Population, Stadium Arcadium, Slow Cheetah, Someone, Million Miles of Water

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Funky monks

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Righteous & the Wicked

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So many good ones, but the two that immediately stick out to me are Universally Speaking and Easily.

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dosed tear, alot of btw

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Otherside sneaky good. Listen to the isolated vocal track on YouTube and it’ll blow your mind.

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Out of Range

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Stadium Arcadium

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Midnight or Desecration Smile

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Mini-Epic and Righteous and the Wicked

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On Mercury

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Venice Queen, especially the Slane Castle version

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slow cheeto

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Venice queen

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dosed and cant stop for sure (the latter being particularly hard to sing and play at the same time)

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Def cant stop

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Apart from what’s been mentioned, I love Breaking the Girl.

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Save this Lady- Desecration Smile B-side. Has incredible JF backing vocals on the chorus

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Desecration smile B side? I have that single on vinyl and the b side of mine is the live version of funky monks from 2006 and that imho is John’s best backing vocal 😉

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I wanted to ask this same question. I'd say Righteous and the Wicked or Dosed for me.

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