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It's a double entendre

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Pretty sure this was an intentional play on words

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the odds of a coincidence are too low!!!

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The smells!

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Oh the smells!

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Don't discount the sights and the sounds too.

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I never heard "this pussy will obey" until I saw people say it on reddit. Now I can't unhear it.

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Considering the pussy in question here is in its late 70's.....eehh!

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And likely had hemorrhoids to boot.

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How to you get downvoted for this? Why else would you bring a pillow around.

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Exactly. I’m not trying to be crude. The comment is based on logic and experience.

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Maybe the hater have em. LOL

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Haha quite possibly.

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Y’all need to get some fresh air.

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Oh great so now I have my choice of two replies to my wife when she asks me to do something:

  1. "This pussy will obey"
  2. "Superstar don't do the dishes"

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Ok I really wish I didnt know that “this pussy will obey” could be a possible lyric in this song. But we’re dealing with ak so who knows 😂 I will choose to hear pussy willow ☠️😂

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sorry I sent your brain there!

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I've thought this since first listen

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That willow tho

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Also worth considering the very first line in the song is calling himself a tiger. This pussy will obey could very well be describing himself being happily in service to his partner.

My first several listens I actually heard bay and not babe. As in a bay lined with pussy willows.

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I didn't, but now I do!

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you're welcome :P

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Ew ew ew ew ew

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I really think it’s just an accident.

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happy accident