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I’m pretty sure they already said it won’t

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I sure hope not. Love him tho

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No. It’s going to be a guitar heavy record, just like Stadium Arcadium

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which is a good thing, but I still feel there could be room for some creative stuff on a b-side or something!

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He keeps things separate. He might do something with those tools if it seems to fit, but it wouldn't be anything like his albums.

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I’d love to see it but I believe he said he only playin’ the geeter

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Also he used only one guitar allegedly

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Some synths like on Stadium Arcadium & the Getaway would be nice tho...

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No, that has been made clear.

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No he said he wanted to make strictly rock music. It would be cool if he did.

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I think Zephyr is the closest you're ever going to get to that.

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On this record,sadly,no...

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On this record,sadly,no. I bethink yond he didnt useth synth neither

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No. They already said they wont.

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no room for that and...why?

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There's been alot of mention about it being about rock and stuff so probably nothing too major but he's used synths and stuff for years in tracks anyway so I wouldn't completely rule electronic elements out.