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The strangest thing I've ever seen in Limsa by Firetail_Taevarth in ffxiv

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This is my band The Nightingales. When I'm not playing music I'm doing stupid stuff like this. They're spinning in Leviathan now

Steam Asking for Registration Code Again by ReplayableContent in ffxiv

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Go into your Documents folder on your PC and then go into Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn folder and look for a file called FFXIV_BOOT.cfg. Open it up with Notepad and change EulaAgreement and StartupCompleted values from 0 to 1. It should fix your problem.

FC cosplayed FFXV chars to celebrate the event being over soon by [deleted] in ffxiv

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Honestly? The gear / hair mods ruin it. I don’t care what ya do with the game for yourself, but a central factor in what makes a glamour / glamour cosplay impressive and worth sharing is how well it can be done within the natural limits of the game we all play. Breaking those rules in such fundamental ways is just… really disappointing to see. I hope you take this to heart when you consider sharing glamour / glamour cosplays in the future.

PSA : FFXIV Content creators: Enable captions/transcripts for your media by Oschonroritsu in ffxiv

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Squintina here. Most of my videos have automatic captioning turned on.

And my more recent videos have actual uploaded captions, since I tried not to veer off script too much.

For the upcoming expac, all of my videos will have proper subtitles AND I'll actually remember to not put important things in the lower third since I realized that on some of my videos, the subtitles sometimes cover important information!