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TLDR, from reporter Olivia Singh:

  • Phil Dunster, who plays superstar striker Jamie Tartt, unpacked the show's ending with Insider.
  • Dunster reacted to the love triangle's vague conclusion and reminisced about his favorite scenes.
  • "It was really sad, but also, it's like the end of high school," Dunster told Insider of his emotional last day on set. "It was like we were all excited for the next thing to happen, but we all were loving it whilst we were still in it."

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I love a man who uses "whilst."

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I was thinking the exact same thing whilst I was reading. So many incredible uses of “whilst” - it’s one of the best British words.

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It’s amongst one of the best things out of that area.

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Is it weird that when I read his answers, I'm reading it using Jamie's accent?

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Same. But it’s also weird knowing that it isn’t Phil’s accent!

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It’s not??? Wow he did a great job then!

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Check out the accent

Phil Dunster - Richmond

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That was great fun to watch. Thank you for sharing!

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He talks about it a lot during his appearance on last week’s No Such Thing as a Fish podcast.

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Fabulous, thank you for the link. ;)

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You have broken my brain.

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I tried listening to Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent) podcast, and it was so hard hearing his normal voice. It just doesn't fit

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He’s posh and an absolute luvvie

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Weird his name is Phil too! Last name I would have guessed

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Holeh guacamoleh

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Fookin’ Steveh Nicks

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What the fook are Denver Broncos?

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..."when i was just a little sexxeh bebeh..."

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I chuckled at this

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Jamie's accent is my favorite out of them all!

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Its funny if you read the questions with trent's voice

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Phil Dunstah

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Yeah, me too. Spook-eh.

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Brett is absolutely killing it with Bill Lawrence (who brought him into TL), and I suspect Phil's career is gonna be huge. For me, he is truly the breakout star.

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I mean Brett was in the the last Thor movie.

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And he's also an incredible writer. He doesn't even need to appear on Shrinking (which I would LOVE) to feel his presence. I'm not denigrating Brett at all, I'm saying I think he's going to go on to be an amazing producer and actor and writer, whereas Phil is clearly an actor.

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Shrinking is low key my favorite new show. I thought Jason Segel and Harrison Ford’s characters would easily be my favorites. Instead it’s Gaby & Derek

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Derek is pure fucking joy in a bottle.

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D-train and G-spot?

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Eat a dick, Pam!

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Beat me too it. My god, that scene is just gold

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My favorite part is the following beep beep of the horn after he tells her to eat a dick.

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Derek is the best. Definitely the character I’d most like to be friends with.

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My mind was blown to see Ted McGinley (Derek) had been the neighbor on Married with Children. He’s got the neighbor husband roles on lock!

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I think I saw an interview with Jason Segal where he was like "I'd love to see Brett be a character, but he had too much going on. But maybe now that Ted Lasso is done..."

So I think I expect to see him as a patient in an episode next season in just like one episode.

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As long as they establish that he and the Janitor are feuding and can't be in the waiting room together.

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In what way do you feel Brett’s presence if I may ask? The show is very much a modern Cougar Town, with the typical hard-ass/insecure newbie mentioning relationship Bill Lawrence has a tendency for falling back on (Jack and Frank Dunlevey, JD and Dr. Cox) with Segel and Ford’s relationship. Even though Brett is involved, it feels very Bill to me.

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I don't disagree about the Cougar Town reference, but it's an absence of tightness and joke delivery mainly vs an SNL skit delivery.

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But that cameo at the end and subsequent casting as Hercules came about because of his role on ted lasso. Brett was one of the writers for TL, he just felt he could encapsulate Roy Kent and asked for the chance to portray him.

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He was in an episode of Doctor Who a couple years ago too

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He was on a Ricky Gervais show called “Derek” for a few episodes. Odd show tho.

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Dude has probably the best ass I’ve ever seen on a dude.

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Google Eden Hazard’s booty.

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imma say phil dunster's is still better, but i will also add that you are probably a straight man if either of those asses are the best ass you've seen on a dude lol.

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Called out. U right.

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There’s a twitter account called @EdenHazardsAss

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I'm surprised at the lack of Jamie edits set to Megan thee Stallion's Body or even Baby Got Back/Anaconda because that booty is a thing of beauty

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Google Larry Fitzgerald’s ass and you might think differently

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Oh my. Looks like we have two aces

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Two asses

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I’m voting for Brett and Phil as the next Doctor/companion.

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Solid choice, but James Lance should be the next Doctor

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"Who are you?

"Trent Crimm, Timelord"

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He could write a book titled “The TARDIS Way”

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He would not disappoint in the role.

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I'd love this but I also thought he'd be an incredible Master.

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With DW’s tradition of an actor playing a side character for an episode and then playing a main character I wouldn’t be surprised if Brett came back lol

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Who is Brett?

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Brett Goldstein, who played Roy

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Goddamnit bot, bad bot.

Nah, changed my mind, good bot.

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Not be pedantic but Apple referred to the episode as the season finale, not the series finale.

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I’ve never loved someone using the word pedantic more.

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Even Beard in his AMA said they haven’t made a decision on what’s happening next with season 4 still a possibility.

I honestly wouldn’t be entirely shocked to see this enter a “curb your enthusiasm” type zone where they continue the show but on their schedule.

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I highly doubt there will be a season 4. Maybe a spin off or a sequel series but without Ted.

His story ended in a good place and bringing him back in any way more than just like a phone call or FaceTime would cheapen his decision to prioritize his son.

I'd still rather have the series go out on a high rather than stick around longer and ruin everything it built.

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If it comes back it’s because they’ve decided they have a story to tell.

They won’t bring it back just for money.

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Coming back because they decided they have a story to tell is no guarantee of quality, unfortunately. That happened with my favourite show of all time, Detectorists, where they created a Christmas special that just wasn’t very good. Great moments in it, absolutely great, but also absolutely horrible choices and terrible changes that worsened the end of S3.

They could make a season 4 several years down the line that’s good. They could also make a season 4 several years down the line because they think it’s a story worth telling and it just isn’t good. Considering that S3 had plenty of problems, I’m not entirely sure the odds are good for it being the former.

Past quality and current passion is not a guarantee of future quality.

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You can say that about anything.

Why even make season 2 when season 1 was so good?

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It’s to say that if writers have a plan for a certain amount of seasons, stop for a year or two when they finish said plan, and then come back to it, there is a very good chance that it will not measure up to the original.

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Curb has done this for years and done so to relative critical acclaim.

Always sunny has done it for the last few years as well.

I just don’t understand the doomer mentality on this sub that a show this high quality bringing back all the key players couldn’t possibly have a high quality story to tell after their initial story is over.

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Again: Detectorists is my favourite tv show of all time. Critically acclaimed (as much as a niche British tv show can be), and without having it’s last season be subject to mixed reactions from it’s fanbase and critics. It brought back all the key players for it’s Christmas special.

And that didn’t prevent the Christmas special from feeling wrong and bad. It didn’t prevent the writers from reverting the character growth of several characters, and making one of the two main characters feel like an almost totally different person. Yes, there were scenes that were good, scenes that were fantastic, and I’d say the whole thing was more good than bad. That doesn’t make it feel like any less of a mistake that it exists.

It’s not doomerism, it’s observing a simple reality that teams are not infallible, and hiatuses can lead to dire consequences for a revival. Could a S4 a few years down the line be great? Yeah, but considering how much S3 stumbled, and having been burnt by revivals before, I would not assume it’s automatically going to be a park to success.

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Nothing is guaranteed, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to do it if they want. Teams aren’t infallible but that doesn’t mean what we’ve got hasn’t been quite good and if they want to make more expecting a drop off in quality is in my opinion doomerism.

There’s a massive difference between a Christmas special and a season of a show. A Christmas special is much more likely to do a greatest hits and reset character than a season is to do so.

You’ve been burned before I get that. That doesn’t mean you’d be burned again.

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I think they’ll continue the show, without Ted and call it Richmond - with the note on Trent’s book and Trent renaming it being the turning point.

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They do it often as what seemed to be a placeholder until there’s an official announcement. I remember “Mr. Corman” had “season finale” as well but was later changed to “series finale” when it got cancelled.

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Which is interesting because when the episode placeholder was listed on IMDB before it aired, they referred to it as “series finale” in the description blurb, but they definitely changed it later. But they have the airing dates listed as 2020-2023, meaning it has ended. Will be interesting to see how/if they bring it back again!

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I could not love him more.

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I know! He is one of my favorite characters from the show and my gosh he’s beautiful

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Just mad love for Phil. What a great guy

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I have to hand it to the show - I actually kinda like the baby shark song now. It annoyed the shite out of me before the show aired, but change a few words around and it’s great now!

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As a parent, and no matter how anyone can find Baby Shark annoying. Playing that song/video and having your 2 year old stop hysterically crying is worth every view.

Baby shark is the equivalent of silence.

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I usually don’t read interviews but I’m glad I read this one! I kept cracking up.

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The scene where Roy threatens the players when Trent joins them, watch Jamie as Roy walks into the mangers office

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He has the best reactions on the side when he is not the main focus/speaker in scenes, just a delight!

I loved how everyone on the sub for awhile thought he kept “breaking” and was laughing for real, and then after it happens several times you realize he was making an acting choice!

Phil was doing those shit-eating grins and giggle reactions that way as part of the character. It worked so well, like a lovable brat back there.

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Watching the credits, the character you'd think as the least likely to be played by an actor named Phil Dunster is Jamie Tartt

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turns [Richmond] into better players and, by extension, more well-rounded people.

It’s the other way around, surely?

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Can American people stop saying “British accent” now, please? There are about forty British accents, and many of them sound sooo different to others! Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, West Country, Cockney, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff to name just a few.

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i feel like the show really started declining after season 1 except for his character. hope to see him in more stuff

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Love him in that Cineworld advert from years ago

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Wait. It start off saying he’s cockney. That’s not a cockney accent, yea?

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Does Jamie Tartt have the best redemption arc in all of television history?

I cannot remember a character I hated more and then wanted to win and then loved as much as Jamie.

Maybe hated more and then liked, but never loved as much.

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finale of that 3 season arc. This show is far from over.