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I'm jumping on the "Izzy Sanchez Farsight convertion" wagon.

A super fun model to paint and really easy.

The red is white zenital with white highlights and naphtol crimson ink from liquitex!

Ig: handsomefred.paints

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How easy was is to pull off the conversion? I plan on jumping on the Izzy train, and am curious about the work ahead of me!

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Really easy tbh, just some little plastic lins to remove. Imho the hardest part is change the pivot point of the right wrist to point better the arm!

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I’m glad to hear this, I love the pose change. Izzy said it wasn’t easy but I think he changed the feet, I’m all up for giving it a go if it’s doable for a mortal like me.

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Hey, could you please explain how you painted the red in a bit more detail? I love how it turned out! And sadly your instagram link does not seem to work :0

Keep up the great work!

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Is red liquitex ink on a grey scale! (black primer and white ink from above) Here I recorded the red application https://www.instagram.com/reel/CrtIS58PpFs/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

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Those mid cloak stealth suits are so fuckin slick

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I'll post some pics of them and I'll make a tutorial sooner or later!

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If you ever do and remember me tag me lol

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Looks great! How did you stabilize the tiptoe pose?

EDIT: Also, what's your recipe for that rock? It looks gorgeous!

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The base is simple, white base on all, seppia ink on the sand and brown (brown umber earth ink) on the rock, then just two dry brush, first a mid brown like mournfang and then a lighter drybursh with karak stone!

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Where is he mounted to the base? Just at the foot? Do you mind sharing how you managed to get that pose without stress points on the feet?

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The pose looks so regal and contemplative.

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More "old farsight does't give a fuck"

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Nice pose! Will need to check out how Izzy did it. What a great artist they are.

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Really cool and I love the effect on those stealth suits!

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I loveee this paintjob, the NMM on the sword is such a nice touch too

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I was updated by Reddit to look at this post. Look at it, was like "That Farsight slaps." Got to the last image and was like, "Those mid-stealth Stealth Suits are incredible and look fantastic!"

TL;DR: You did a damn good job!

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Thanks a lot!

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I also plan on doing the izzy!! You did it justice. Stellar paint job.

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How did you do the white tau markings?

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Freehanded :D

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That is really clean! They look like stencils.