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Sorrow found him on the sweater rack. Sorrow waited, sorrow won.

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Should’ve gone with the turtleneck instead

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Put on a Christmas sweater and put on a scowl.

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He can have it.

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Cause I’m not gonna take it

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printing this out and putting it on my fridge and if anyone asks, he's a distant relative

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He’s in the lobby in his ugly christmas fuck me sweater, the red one

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When he trims a tree, he does not light it up.

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These comments do not disappoint

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He’s suffering more than he lets on, his ugly Christmas sweater is on

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It's a terrible sweater, and I'm walking with snowmen.

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He put on an argyle sweater, but he forgot to put on a smile

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Thank you so much for sharing

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He just took a 45 minute shower

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That's not even close to the ugliest christmas sweater of all time

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Sad daddy

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I'm gonna hang this on top of my Christmas tree this year, thank you.

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Sometimes you go la de da de da de da da

Til your eyes roll back into your head

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Post-stairwell glass of gin, from the looks of it.

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Never realized how much he looks like Bryan Cranston.

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i thought i was insane for seeing the similarity

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I thought it was Bryan Cranston before I checked the sub and title lol