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I’ve decided TMN has my favorite lyrics, NOTS is my favorite Matt vocals and Eucalyptus favorite music.

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New Order T-Shirt for me, personally. Feels like I'll Still Destroy You(one of my all-times) but with a focus on a significant other. I love the imagery so damn much.

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Agreed! "I'll Still Destroy You" is like loving someone to pieces, and "New Order T-Shirt" is like gathering those pieces back together.

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i absolutely agree with you, something about it is just devastating and gorgeous all at once

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This is an incredibly strong set of singles and I've never been more excited for an album release. They really feel like they're in peak form. Quintessential National songs for me. Maybe recency bias but fuck it I'm all in.

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Probably recency bias, but despite absolutely loving every single single so far, I think it’s Eucalyptus for me. It feels like HV and TWFM had a baby and those are my two favorite albums.

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Tropic Morning News is just so good, definitely my favorite single so far

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"New Order T-Shirt" for me. I was on the fence about getting a ticket (big fan but tickets are pricey) and listening to it convinced me that I just had to see them live - so I'm seeing them for the first time this June!

P. S. This also despite the fact that if you're from Indonesia like me, "New Order" means something way, way less pleasant...

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I always thought New Order (the band) was named after the national socialists/fascists, just like Joy Division, however, looking it up it is actually referencing an article about Cambodia. Joy Division is also unrelated to national socialists apparently for what it’s worth

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I didn't even know there was a band called New Order! In Indonesia, the New Order is what the period of dictatorship we had between 1966-1998 is called.

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Yes, the song is referencing the band’s merch. They even released a collaboration:


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It might be TMN for me, but only just. Think lyrics there are fantastic and might be some of the best stuff written by Matt and Carin in a long time. Music-wise I unlike some other fans enjoy the beat and think that it’s, may I say, repetitiveness is the perfect way to compliment the words. I am not sure though – Eucalyptus might take that spot in the coming days. NOTS might be the underdog of this three, but still great nonetheless – atmosphere which is at the same time warm, nostalgic and heartbreaking for me is pure representation of what The National is.

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eucalyptus is definitely one of my favourite national songs I've heard so far (new fan and am still working my way through their discog). the outro kinda reminds me of cherry tree which is such a masterpiece and my fave.

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Cherry Tree is so good

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Tropic Morning News just gets in such a good loop at the end. New Order's quite good as well, gives me very 'I Am Easy To Find'-album vibes. Which is great for me, cause it's one of my favourite albums of theirs.

Eucalyptus will have to, and probably, grow.

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Eucalyptus by a hair

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It’s really difficult to say. Every song touches a different part of my brain or soul.

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If I am honest, I am not feeling much for any of them so far 😬

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Unlucky! They're exactly what I was after, but different strokes for different folks

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It may require more listening. Not sure as of yet.

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Honestly NOTS and Eucalyptus disappointed me :( I love TMN enough to make up for it tho lol

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I haven’t listened to the singles. I want to hear the whole album for the first time as a whole, likely while tripping.

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I only listened to TMN once because I saw it live. I haven't heard the other two because I'd like to do the same thing in the same way, but I'm going through something and a friend said that I might need to listen to Eucalyptus tonight. I'm a little worried because I'm kinda tired of crying already.

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Wow, what a patience!

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Eucalyptus is far to similar to Weird Goodbyes for me.

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The top two for me.

Eucalyptus: When that song ends, I say to myself “I can’t TAKE IT anymore!”

I don’t care for the vocals- that falsetto bit is not Matt’s vocal strength. The chorus is way too repetitive and whiny to me. And while the music layering may ramp a bit toward the finish- it is standard formulaic NTL fair. Nothing that I feel in my chest. I just think it is overall a lazy effort on their part. The only favor the guys did is not naming the song “you should take it”. But I think they wasted a really cool song title on a meh song.

BUT, the other tunes have been very encouraging signs for a strong upcoming album!

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we'll chalk this up to "Bloodbuzz Ohio" syndrome. The masses love the cookie cutter songs.