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The Bridge/Outro make the song.

Crunchy, like TWFM.

No shouting, but I can see shouting in the future.

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Definite TWFM vibes. Thinking of Graceless, which also doesn't have the shouting on the official release but he belts it out when playing live. Eucalyptus is probably going to be the same.

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There's shouting lower in the mix at the end of the recorded version of Graceless, but yes, agreed.

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There’s some belting but it’s mixed down. Definitely crooning energy

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There is more distortion on these guitars than likely every track on TWFM combined…not hearing the comparison

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Maybe sea of love

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Trouble will find me

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Kettle cooked crunchiness

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Holy f*** it is good

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It's definitely my favorite so far.

But I've said the same thing about both of the other two songs at different times, so I can't be trusted, really.

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I love how different the 3 songs feel. They all have different aspects that I love in a good National song. I'd probably rank them: Eucalyptus, New Order T-shirt, Tropic Morning News. But we'll see how Eucalyptus settles in after a few days.

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That's how I'm feeling right now, but, like you said, I'll see how Eucalyptus settles in after a few days, because I may end up putting New Order T-Shirt above it. But so far, I'm really loving Eucalyptus.

I've thought and said Eucalyptus so many times today that it doesn't sound or look like a word anymore...

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Aw yeah now we're cooking with gas.

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You can’t afford gas…unless it came from you shit art?

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Are you talking about the music, or the reaction to it from the male members of this sub-Reddit?

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Real Drumming (for those who were worried). No shouting.

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I dig it, kind of as expected based on live versions. They're never gonna have Matt scream in the studio because it doesn't sound good lol, it's better suited for those cathartic live performances

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That was nearly 20 years ago though. Matt's voice is not as strong or the same anymore. Which happens to everyone.

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Screaming on Eucalyptus sounded pretty good in the Port Chester bootleg though.

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True enough. They seem to really avoid it in studio.

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TBH his shouting in Bearsville didn't sound perfect, so I can see why they didn't have it in the recording but it's cool for sure at the live shows

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Any links?

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I think Minnesotawi21 meant "scream in the studio these days" considering, yes, there are recorded versions of songs featuring screaming in the past (Abel, Mr. November, Graceless, Afraid of Everyone, Sea of Love, Turtleneck sort of, etc.)

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It's up there now.

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Is it coming to Spotify?

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Yes, but not until 1:30pm ET. Apple Music seems to always get new releases a bit earlier than Spotify. It makes the anticipation crazier!!!!

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Strong twfm vibes

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absolutely. the keyboards are TWFM to a T

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Fuck this song is a grower have listened to it at least 20 times today

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The guitar in the bridge!

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Wow, wow, wow. Goddamn. This album is gearing up to rival TWFM & High Violet for me.

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I think with the release of this one, I'm feeling this way too!

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This album. It's... going to be pretty good, isn't it?

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Shaping up that way. What’s nice is they still have Ice Machines and This isn’t Helping in their pocket. We know those are solid af too.

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I've not heard any of the live stuff yet! I was in two minds about playing this, but figured 9 new songs next month is still going to feel like a decent number. It's good to know there's more excellence to come.

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Well, they are classic sounding NTL jams. So you are in for a treat.

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Better than IAETF for sure.

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See I'm a very big fan of IAETF, but these singles have me excited on a whole different level. I think I'm just ready for these guys to let loose a little more.

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I dont get the hate for IAETF. I thought it was a complete album

ETA: loved it

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yeah I liked IAETF more than sleep well beast actually

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I'm with you 100%.

I think some of SWB slaps live, but the studio versions don't get much play from me.

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If these three songs are indicative of the whole album, I really think this will be my favorite since probably High Violet

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I love a lot of songs on TWFM and it's probably my 4th favorite album after High Violet, Boxer and Alligator but the way these 3 songs are shaping up I'm optimistic if the new album doesn't beat out TWFM it'll at least beat out Sleep Well Beast for me.

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Strong strong REM vibes, like Hi-Fi era.

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The album reminds me a lot of Up on the whole.

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I very very much want the National to cover Sad Professor.

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The subject of Sad Professor, apparently (according to the man himself, anyway): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Sutherland_(author)

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Ah that’s very interesting! Guessing you’re enjoying the album then?

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It’s very good yeah. I was a little worried based on the first 2 singles myself (loved Tropic from the live shows). It’s definitely better than IAETF, but at this point I’d probably slot it 6th (TWFM, Boxer, Alligator, High Violet, SWB) in their catalog. Could see it surpassing Beast in time for me.

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That’s really encouraging; each of the tracks I heard them play on the road last summer were very promising (ice machines, this isn’t helping, TMN, eucalyptus) and had great energy.

Haven’t listened to New Order TShirt yet (trying to preserve the mystery of these tracks I haven’t heard), but I thought they did a great job with the studio versions of TMN and Eucalyptus.

Very excited to hear this one. The pre-album press stuff has been intriguing, with Matt’s writer’s block and Aaron talking about how important some of these tracks are for the band.

I do hear the stylistic resonance with TWFM on tropic morning news and Eucalyptus, and also the album art and color scheme is quite reminiscent of TWFM—I love that record. so all this is to say that I appreciate your comment and am really pumped for the release!

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My favorite REM album. I was psyched when we saw they were recording on the road last summer in a similar-ish fashion, and was hoping for similar vibes from this album.

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I like it! Given the singles released so far this album is gonna be great!

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The live version definitely brings this song to another level, but the studio version is nice

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At least we are getting an official live version of the album.

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After listening to this like 5 times in a row, it really has become clear to me that this song is like a mix of the grandiosity of HV, TWFM vibes, and drums from SWB (like Empire Line-ish). By far my favorite of the new singles (and I like TMN a lot and despite some qualms with the production- New Order T shirt definitely grew on me too). Good shit, can't wait for the rest of the album and to see them play this live in May.

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Pretty surprised this is the most well-liked, hyped single so far. It's okay, but I wasn't blown away by it or anything. Lyrically it's not hitting me hard except some of the verses. The chorus isn't working for me. However, musically, I think the build up and climax are really nice. I could see why it works well live. But I was a little disappointed. Hoping it grows on me. It's not bad by any means, but it didn't totally click yet.

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I’m with you so far. I imagine the chorus as being great live with yelling. But I like everything else, and the chorus is different than other songs by them, and that has value too.

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Though, on a second listen, I’m digging it more, especially at the end.

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Ok, now I’m in loving this song. It was more of a slow burn than the other songs for me. They need to tour Australia so I can hear it live.

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I’m with you on this. I’ll give it some more listens and see how I go.

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Instantly love it. Hell yeah

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This is the song I’ve been anticipating and it’s just great. I listened to it here at work - can’t wait to blast it at home. I also can’t wait to hear it live!! With him screaming!!🤞🏼

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This sounds so High Violet to me

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Love it. Impatient for the album!

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Goosebumps, I’m loving it

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I love it. I've loved all three so far. This one is definitely my favorite, but I've said that about the other two at times, too. I'm glad I decided to cancel my pre-order from Amazon and pre-order it for pickup at my local record store. I couldn't have waited until May 2 to get it. I literally NEED this the day it comes out. It's not a want; it's a necessity.

(Well, and I get to support my local record store, which is nicer, albeit more expensive. But it's a shame they don't have the green LPs.)

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Very High Violet. I really like it - love how it builds to a final crescendo, like their best songs do IMO.I would’ve actually preferred real shouting I think but we’ll get that live :)

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This > Tropic > New Order

You can finally hear Aaron!

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I’d call what he’s doing near the end restrained shouting. It’s not not shouting anyway. Anyhoo I like this one a lot.

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I think they're actually doubling his vocals: main one is the serious, restrained one and faintly behind it is the more screamy one.

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Thank you! I was trying to figure this out.

Fantastic song!

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I dig it. Agree with the other user who mentioned a bit of an REM / Stipe style on this one.

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Gets better with every listen for me. New Order T-Shirt is still my fave though of the three releases.

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i like the arrangement on this more than the other tracks but rly not into matt’s vocal

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good song, i really like it but again the mix sounds terrible to me, Matts voice sounds like it was recorded in a bathtube.

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This song kicks ass. Gotta say it’s way better live but still like studio version. Video includes clips from Bearsville!

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Love this. Def took me a few listens. But man, super heavy sounding. Love it.

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Holly shit. This is going to be a definitive song for me. New sound but still so classic National. I’m super hyped for this album now

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This song has no right to be that good. I loved the first two singles, but this one has some insanity to it that just makes it for me.

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It’s PERFECT. That back half, my goodness.

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it’s a decent song. probably my least favorite single so far. New Order T-Shirt is still my favorite 😌

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I’m the opposite, I love how subjective music is

[–]-dylthewriter-I’m evergreen 🌲 10 points11 points  (0 children)

ikr! it’s what’s so fun about expressing our opinions about music to everyone. we’ve all got our own views on everything. i’m glad you love the song though, it just hasn’t clicked with me yet after the first listen. i may love it more down the road

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I do, too! I love that even though some artists may not be my cup of tea, they make somebody out there incredibly happy. And even though somebody may really dislike artists I like, listening to them gives me goosebumps. There's a place for every artist in this world. And people who love the same artists appreciate different things about them and may like completely different things about them. I love that about art in general, really. But since reading, writing, and music were my first three loves in life, I tend to apply it more to those three categories.

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I love it. Unrelated, are Matt and Carin good? 😂

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he's still got a wedding ring on. And she wrote on this record.

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Carin (co-writes) tracks are the best tracks imo

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the song has such big divorce energy I was worried for a second lol

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I feel like the song is about the national itself. Who will take the instruments?

[–]aueyaeeoo 1 point2 points  (0 children)

good point! I like how the meaning unfolds the more you listen, too.

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My first thought! The lyric is about splitting households and possessions and divorce

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I really liked the shouting when performed live… bah… but still good.

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same! disappointed they didn’t do it for studio version

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Agreed! But like you said, still good.

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The studio version is just ok but I could see this one being a banger live

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Best track since TWFM. Just played all 3 tracks back to back and to me it is now obvious that we are going to get an amazing album.

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Eucalyptus into NOT-S is quite nice. Good track listing there

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It just hit Amazon Music Unlimited [1:05 pm]!

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I really like it! Question: I preordered the album on iTunes. This song is showing as "purchased," but it's not in my library and I can't listen to the full thing yet. Is this because it was released midday, and it will be available tomorrow? Just wondering if there's a problem (I have it on autodownload and have restarted it). Note: Not referring to Apple Music, the streaming service, but my iTunes Library.

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LOVE! I haven't felt a connection to their last two albums, but absolutely loving all the songs from the new one. Lyrics in top form again, too. Sooooo excited!

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i have to say this is the single that clicked the most for me. i love the other two but i had to listen to them on repeat until i got past some weirdnesses (like the lyric metrics) and enjoyed their beauty. this one however — i was having lunch with some friends when it dropped, so i put on my headphones and listened just once, then spent several hours walking around the city and humming it. only now i got to sit and properly listen to it and i’m already hooked. i love every aspect of it.

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I hear quite a REM influence vocally on this one. And the guitar solo reminds me of Khruangbin.

I like it, but probably my least favorite of the 3 so far. But I’m bad at judging songs from first listen.

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My least favorite of the three easily. Melody is pretty repetitive and boring and the lyrics never really hit for me. The return of the brass made me nostalgic even though I prefer their recent turn to strings. The drumming is great too. (Although it takes a while for it to get there). Maybe it'll rise up like New Order T Shirt with a few more listens, but I doubt it since at least I liked portions of that song initially like most of the other "growers".

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Definitely not a first listen fan. Feels uninspired. Meh.

Tropic Morning News still my favorite.

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i'm probably the only person who hasn't really liked any of the new stuff :'(

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No im with you tbh. I'm really struggling to connect with any of them. Musically this is probably the best but the lyrics across all three tracks feel uninspired, almost as if its AI version of Matt. Im really really hoping the spinning the album as a whole will change my mind and I will end up loving it. I am worried tho I got to be honest. But others seem to like it so im probably just missing something.

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Interesting, I could see not connecting with the lyrics (because to each their own obviously) maybe but to say they're uninspired seems a tad unfair. I think the lyrics for all 3 songs have been wonderful and so vivid and personal (and I think are the best part of New Order T Shirt, which is an okay song musically).

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The new record's acronym is CHATGPT

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I think this one will grow on me. I remember seeing this live and liking it a lot, and this one doesn't quite grab me right away, but I love the intensity and size of this thing.

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They're playing it on BBC radio right now!! The host screwed up though and said Phoebe was featuring on it

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The metadata on the track on BBC sounds says the same, think someone else messed up, not the host

Edit:that or she’s buried in the mix like Eve Owen in NOT-S

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That was Mina Tindle on NOT! But yeah, someone messed up because Phoebe is on two other tracks.

[–]whatyoudoingrightnow 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Ah! I thought I was wrong but was too lazy to check so went in with blind confidence! Thank you for the correction

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Matt’s singing sounds similar to TMN on it. Wonder how much of the album will have the kind of quality these two singles have. Overall, really like it

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If they overdubbed live takes from last summer, I can see how they have similar sounds.