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A couple of Matt lyrics that will be revisited motifs:

"Sky is white" - There is the "withering white sky" in Humiliation, and the "bright, white beautiful heaven hanging over me" in Don't swallow the Cap, for instance

"If I go into the sea, I will bring you down, down with me" - There's the people sliding to the sea in Sea of Love", and there are oceans and floods in other songs too.

There's being "terrified" of losing someone, which of course comes up again repeatedly, like in About Today.

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“Bottle eyes, glassy blue” and “Your eyes are broken bottles” in Wasp Nest

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Yes, good call.

There will also be a lot of “arms” and “hands” in later songs like “break your arms around your love” and “we’ll throw out our golden arms”.

There’s also both “throats” and “necks” but I can’t remember if there is a mention of a “spine” in other songs.

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“The sky is turning white” from I’ll Still Destroy You.

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7.5 - I couldn’t decide whether to put this in the “above average” or “super above average” category. A really great early song from them that I wish they played more. The whole second verse is devastating. “Don’t hold on to me when there’s nothing to hold”

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By the way I think you should do what the death cab one does where the daily song is randomized and not just in chronological order

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is that more interesting? i wasn’t sure what they were doing exactly which is why i went chronologically, but i can randomize it if that’s more fun.

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I meant to reply directly to this comment: Personally I think it’s more fun because every day is a surprise and also for people who may be more familiar with certain albums etc. you’ll probably get more engagement I would assume

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those are such fair points! i’ll see what i can put together to make randomizing easy and see if i can’t start that for tomorrow’s thread.

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Damn. Was getting psyched for The Perfect Song

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I like the chronological order idea. That way we get to see the ratings for the whole album at once. Just my personal preference.

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One of my favorite songs of theirs.

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Personally I think it’s more fun because every day is a surprise and also for people who may be more familiar with certain albums etc. you’ll probably get more engagement I would assume

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Really good lyrical song with solid instrumentals especially when enjoyed on the turntable. 8 for me!

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As far as this album goes, this one is an 8 for me. Its my favorite off this LP. The classic “Matt” lyrics, the electronics, the guitar, I love it. This is the most “National” sounding song off this record imo.

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Solid 7. A great song that I love dearly but the last line completely loses me.

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I always thought it was a joke. You have this whole song about a breakup-like situation, and then the punchline makes fun of it all: what are you for, now that I have hardcore? Except google says it's 'hard cold' and indeed that makes no sense.

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A predominant characteristic of hardcore punk is emotion, this would later be refined in a sub-genre, emo or emotional hardcore in the late 80’s. Hardcore is in essence all encompassing way of living, especially in the NYC scene during its time. I always loved that line because it offered an accessible alternative to dealing with heart break and more, the real word. Definitely an 8 for me!

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Another 7 for me.

Love the line I promised to leave if you ever went cold. Then leave when I’m sleeping you told me.

In addition to those songs mentioned previously re:arms, I’ll add I’ll need my arms the rest of the night from Don’t Swallow the Cap.

And in addition to the obvious coat reference in Fashion Coat, we have the references in Val Jester and Lucky You and even Weird Goodbyes.

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