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I think it’s more powerful than it first appears. It’s about knowing you’ll never truly be out of someone’s life when you’ve been together so long, have kids etc.

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I was actually thinking a similar thought earlier today. That it's not just about the particular item he'd miss. It's him trying to say that if he misses it and/or her, he can visit. Like, "I can still visit you, right? Even if it's just under the pretense of seeing our eucalyptus."

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“We’re never not going to know each other”

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Part of what makes this line great for me is how real, almost prosaic it sounds. It’s a very simple phrase that can be said in an ordinary conversation between two people going through a separation. It sounds like the meaning is on the surface, but at the same time you can understand that there is more to it – that you can miss not only some stuff that you are going to pick up, but also everything connected to the person that you are no longer connected with. I understand that this line can sound a little weird or too simple, but for me it encapsulates frightening realness of this song.

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Super well said, this is what I was trying to get at!

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That part reminds me a little of Arcade Fire’s Neighborhood #2…It has a similar chant/shout rhythm to it: ‘Come o. Alex, you can do it’.

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I made a comparison to Arcade Fire in an earlier post on this song. Glad someone else hears it.

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I immediately was reminded of the final chorus line of Rebellion off that album.

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Mountain valley spring is also great thats the kind of mundane shit that comes up

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Truly. Everything gets reduced to the same level. You care as much about the furniture as you do the bottled water when you're in that moment.

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I agree with the sentiments that this is probably the best, most immediate single we've gotten since the TWFM era. Still waiting to love something as immediate as "Don't Swallow The Cap" though

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This is the best single since graceless and every line fits perfectly

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As an avid lover of Graceless, the fact that my first reaction to this statement is not to call it a bold take is telling.

Eucalyptus is probably up there with some other songs that are quintessential The National. I'm gonna sing along to this and cry when I see it live.

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I’m a 47 year old man who has been warned by his wife not to yell I don’t want it at the shows

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I turn 35 tomorrow and been married only 3 years in July. Hasn't been a great marriage so far. Every album The National releases seems to have a theme and come at a time that perfectly fits something I'm going through in my life. I'm thinking I might be singing this song alone when I see them in Minneapolis in August.

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It’s gonna be ok man. I’m going on 25 years it’s always got it’s highs and lows - the lows just make for better writing

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I keep telling myself that, and I do appreciate someone else telling me that, sincerely. I'm hoping we can work things out in couple's therapy, because I didn't get to see the real hear until after we got married, and we'd been together 2 years at that point. I'm keeping the faith.

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Strangely I’m going to Minneapolis alone as well because I’ll be in town for business

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I'll see you there then. I'll be the bald crying man.

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I'll join the both of you! I'll be the balding crying man (hopefully near the front)

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Ha I’m bald too. Maybe why we are crying

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Funny thing is, I started going bald pretty young, about 22, but then shaved it all off around 28. But now I'm growing it back out and, turns out, I'm balding somewhat gracefully. I hope you're the same!

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I see this line as more sarcastic, it's just an exasperated joke to convince them to take it.

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I share this reading, especially with the delivery. "Listen, if I change my mind, I'll come by just to look at it, how about that?"

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I want it as a t-shirt

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i have a theory that although the song lists items they own , that this is really about the kid in this relationship and how during divorce they can treated just like an item of possession.

I may be way off but these lines hit harder when I imagine it that way…

“If I miss it , I’ll visit“

“ I don't want it, it wouldn't be fair It'd be so alone without you there”

Whatever your interpretation , it is an amazing track!

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I remember when my wife and I were dividing up our house and things. I wanted her to take things that I might possibly want later just to leave open the possibility that I'd have a reason to see her again. You take the bikes and camping equipment and if I miss it I'll (have a reason) to visit.

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    I totally see where you're coming from. I think part of what I like about the song and this lyric is how straightforward and not overly poetic it is- almost like a very real, very personal conversation just set to music. Don't get me wrong, I love the National's deeply poetic stuff and often cringe at things that are too rhymey. This works to me for some reason, hope it grows on you too!

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    It's trying to be flippant, that's why it's "too easy." It's someone in a complicated and devastating situation trying to package a difficult idea into a trite axiom to make it easier to swallow. He's trying to conceal the uncertainty with a nothing phrase. I think it comes across brilliantly.

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    I feel the same way. I’m a die hard dan of The National and this pains me to say but this single isn’t doing it for me and this line and the cringe of the delivery is a big reason way. I really hope it eventually grows on me.

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    Maybe because it’s only sung 765 times in a row