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10! Incredible instrumentation, melody and lyrics:
"Do not tell me I've changed, You're just raising your standards"

Probably my favourite on the record next to Cold Girl Fever and Son

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7 - The lyrics are spot on

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Solid 7. I love the opening line-you’re walking taller than you should…the air is thin around your beauuuutiful head.

At each show we go to, my buddy and I meet new people. We always ask the trivia question what’s the first line of the first song on the debut album? It’s been hit or miss on the answers!

Great idea for doing this!

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I look forward to the death cab ones every day, this is a great idea!

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Me too! And re-listening to the death cab song that day is always fun too

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the death cab threads are absolutely where i got the idea! i rewrote the rating suggestion so it wasn’t flat out plagiarism, but you can definitely see the similarities 😅

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I kind of figured lol. This is awesome though honestly life is hard ya know, the daily song discussions for bands we love is a really nice thing to look forward to daily 🙌

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7, great song which conveys the vulnerability when your significant other is obviously done but you’re not. Horrible feeling

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5 only on this scale in terms of the national. 8-9 altogether though

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8, one of the best songs off their debut. Devastating lyrics and (relatively) stripped down production that manages to still encapsulate the band’s distinctive energy right out the gate.

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It's the very first song on the very first album, i really like this one

"Do not tell me I've changed, you're just raising your standards,I am the same, I am the same..."

Oh not living up to people standards and not feeling good enough is such a sad and relatable feeling :(

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Oh a solid 9. Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics. Obsessed with "You're weighing your options / What would you trade me for?" One of the best tracks on the album.

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Solid 7 for me!

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Beautiful head. 'You've shown tenderness for me... to him' Devastating. Matt was writing next level lyrics right from the first song. This is harsher than about today. AT about losing someone because you are taking them for granted, BH about losing someone and seeing them outgrow you and detatch but being unable to stop it. This lyric pretty much started my v long love affair with TN.

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that is absolutely my favorite line, there is something so GUTTING about the “…to him,” so good

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We did daily song discussions last year. Do we need to revisit this again?

Edit: Or could we at least do this again post TFTPOF to give us something new to add?

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I think by the time this gets to TFTPOF it will have been out for a while

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I might take a pause on this to switch over to TFTPOF when it first comes out, so we can get some good first impressions, and then head back to wherever I left off. Dunno, might ask when I get closer.