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“A Lot Of Sorrow” was released on vinyl


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I believe you're referring to "A Lot of Sorrow", more info here: https://superdeluxeedition.com/news/the-national-a-lot-of-sorrow-limited-edition-9lp-vinyl-box/

Only 1500 copies were made and I think none are available at retail stores anymore, you might want to look in eBay or similar sites.

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$600+ 🥲

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I caved and bought this on Discogs for $400, randomly found a copy at a record shop while vacationing in SanFran 2 weeks later (for $200). Wife wouldn’t let me buy it lol

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Boooo. That’s a steal compared to most prices

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It's funny, I always thought the performance was called "Sorrow 100" because the file I had was titled that. Thanks for the info!

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During the pandemic they streamed the whole thing on YouTube once with full video but it was gone as soon as the stream ended. I don't think it was recorded by anyone at the time as I've never seen it since. My friend was so gutted the next morning as I was sending him screenshots of it while I was watching.

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Gutted I missed this. Also have looked since and never found even a partial video.

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Wow, thanks! I think this is the original post I saw back in 2013-ish. I can't believe I'm seeing it again. I really appreciate it.

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No problem! I was a big part of the fandom on tumblr back then and also obsessively tagged things so I was able to find it quite easily :)

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I remember that everyone thought they'll never play Sorrow again after that but they played it immediately and Matt was like "we know it really well now"

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You’ve already gotten your answer so I’ll offer a tiny bit more on the artist— a lot of sorrow was conceived by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson who has created some stunning works.

He created a 13 (?) screen video installation “The Visitors” of him and his friends performing a song for an hour or so, in various rooms of a large house in upstate New York. As you walk through the room and see the different musicians, you notice the directionality of the music surrounding you and feel transported, as if you too are in that house. I can’t really describe how beautiful it is… the closest comparison I can think of musically is basinski’s disintegration loops. Minimalist repetition that balloons and swells to a somehow shocking and transcendent climax.

I saw it at the institute of contemporary art in Boston, then again in Cincinnati during homecoming. The kind of museum installation where you stare in awe for an hour, then watch it again the next hour. If it’s ever shown at a museum near you, you must go.

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This is so cool, thanks for sharing. "A Lot of Sorrow" seems like such an interesting concept for a performance, so I'm glad to get some more info about Kjartansson.

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I can't find it right now, but I remember a great review/blog about the vinyl, with the reviewer becoming increasingly drunk and unhinged

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I mean that’s pretty much how you’re supposed to listen to a National album