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This song is written by Ed, Max Martin & Shellback & produced by Aaron. The rest of the album is only Ed & Aaron

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Yeah that's what bothered me about the song, it didnt feel like it came from an Ed & Aaron album. Hope the rest of the album makes up for it though!

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I think this was chosen as a single because it will be the most radio-friendly and poppy song of the album. Honestly I didn't like it, it sounds like another song from him (Dive). Patiently waiting for the rest

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I plan to listen to this record because I listen to anything Aaron works on but this is very much an Ed Sheeran song. It’s fine but I don’t see myself listening to it again. He coproduced it with Max Martin, who is basically the pop industry. I’m curious if they’re all coproduced.

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It's a hard no from me, to be honest.

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Very poppy, which is no shock. Kinda wild that they’re doing an album rollout for this sort of at the same time as the national. Does Aaron sleep? I was very worried that all of the stuff Aaron has been doing elsewhere would bleed into the national, particularly weird goodbyes and new order t shirt because they sound too generically poppy to me but tmn and eucalyptus restored my faith that he still can remember what the national as a band can/ should sound like. It’s hilarious to me that if you take a step back and think about like if ten years ago someone was like “Aaron from the National is going to become one of the biggest record producers in the world with the likes of Taylor swift and Ed Sheeran” I’d think they were out of their mind.

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Between the new National, Gracie Abrams and Ed Sheeran albums, I'd say 2023 is the Year of the Aaron

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I think he might have been involved in the new ben Howard album coming out this year as well

Edit: never mind, apparently I was thinking of his last album

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He worked with Nanna from Of Monsters And Men on her new album as well, out on may 5th

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      I’m thinking mostly about the music itself, not Matt’s vocal performance/melody.

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      You couldn’t pay me to listen to an Ed Sheeran album (besides +) even if Aaron is producing it

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      Kind of a cool beat. Terrible lyrics and vocals. Will never listen again intentionally.

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      I wish they could stop this collabing spiral. Ed Sheeran is just gross.

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      Ed Sheeran cant make a decent song to save his life.

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      I will always love, respect and admire Aaron (very important to note). As an outsider looking in (also important to note), sometimes I can't help but feel like some of his producing choices are $ or popularity based and that he is pretty bored with The National. And it makes me sad.

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      I mean, building a powerhouse portfolio outside of the main band you work with is a very smart thing to do as a working musician in an industry with zero guarantees. If The National goes away for any reason, Aaron could work with literally anyone at this point. Could the same be said for most musicians in most bands, popular or not?

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      Yeah you are right. Like I said, I am an outsider looking in and my opinions on this DO NOT MATTER. I am fully aware. I just don't wanna see him get swept up in Grammy chasing or something in order for him to be fulfilled as a musician.

      We love you Aaron.

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      Oh, I know what you’re saying and I wasn’t trying to attack your opinion. Just offering a perspective. Sometimes the smart money isn’t the same thing as the creative money. And the creative money so rarely pays the bills. It’s a damn shame.

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      I think we hear the most about the biggest collaborations but I feel like Aaron is still collaborating more with other indie artists. He has more projects coming out with Eve Owen, Nanna from Of Monsters and Men, and Bess Atwell. There’s one more but I forgot his name. These are just the ones that have been made public

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      The album Complete Mountain Almanac that Aaron & Bryce did with their sister is great too imo.

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      Interesting! Recently he had albums with Gracie Adams, ben Howard, Justin Vernon. Know anymore?

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      One of the more recent ones from last fall was with Indigo Sparke, which was a great indie folk album. He also had a few songs with King Princess and girl in red.

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      I think his comments about the new album shows that he is not bored with the band at all. He could just quit and produce other artists 100 % if that was the case.

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      It’s got some Aaron flourishes, but it’s a very Sheeran song. It’s fine. It will probably be a massive hit.

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      I think it's a fine song, & Aaron's production highlights the lyrics well.

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      As if collaborating with JJ Abrams’ daughter isn’t embarrassing enough.

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      Wow I didn't even know that she was his daughter. I guess if the price is right...

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      Lol I had no idea either.

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      I’d take her music over Sheerans any day though.

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      It’s a joke that this 20 year old girl comes out on stage and says “oh me and my FRIEND Aaron did this together” like no u got ur dad to pay lol

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      Ed’s been my guilty pleasure for years. I like it a lot.

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      Just listened to it and I like it.

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      It’s not for me. Just reminded me why I don’t like Sheeran, I expected more but as someone pointed out Aaron didn’t write this.