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I really don't think so. So far the singles have been very meh imo. New Order t shirt is my favorite so far and I don't even rate it that much. I cannot see the comparisons between TWFM at all if I'm being quite honest.

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Yea I'm kinda underwhelmed too.....I didn't gravitate towards the last album either but op has raised some interesting points about the similarities to the other songs....makes me want to give it a second listen cos i think he might be right

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Eucalyptus reminds me of afraid of everyone

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I sure hope not.

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It'll be it's own thing. Everybody said I Am Easy To Find would be a sister album to Trouble (which it wasn't). There'll be similarities and repeated themes throughout their work

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Yeah that’s true. One of my favorite things about the national is that none of their albums really sound alike. I’m just glad that I like the direction of the album to be completely honest