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Pleasantly surprised with the poll results. They’ve never put out a bad album but the 3 album run of Boxer, HV and TWFM is pretty unimpeachable.

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I think it’s Boxer, but High Violet is close.

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There is something great about every album, but for me SWB is an ultimate masterpiece. There is just everything – from classic rock bangers to completely new sounding with electronic arrangements. I love how songs grow from something quiet and melancholic into something epic and monumental like I’ll Still Destroy You and Empire Line. I also like the overall vibe (meditative, lyrical and menacing at the same time) and Matt’s range of singing (from screaming on Turtleneck to just thinking out loud on title track). I’ll never grow tired of returning to this one.

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Exaactlyy. Damn this record is their masterpiece without a doubt and the flow of the tracklist is flawless. The grammy made total sense

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This will become apparent to more people over time

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My theory is for most people it will always be the album that introduced them to the band.

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I got introduced with High Violet but my favorite is Sleep Well Beast. But honestly any of the four from Boxer to SWB could take the top spot on a given day (with no hate on Alligators or IAETF either).

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Boxer introduced me to them, but High Violet hit even harder where I knew they were both a legit great band and right up my ally style wise.

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I was introduced to SWB, but Alligator was an awakening for me

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SWB inteoduced me but Boxer mollywhops hard

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I heard boxer first but trouble found me and is my favorite album ever

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I was introduced by sad songs for dirty lovers. I couldn’t vote for it even if I wanted to.

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That makes sense.

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Alligator was my first, Boxer was my favorite up until IAETF (which is now my favorite).

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Mine was High Violet and out of the four albums I've really dug into, it goes: TWFM > Boxer >> HV >> SWB.

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I like alligator, it was the first album I listened to, but I think boxer is their best album. It's got a strong narrative, there are no shit songs and a whole load of great ones and it's like a weighted blanket for the soul.

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TWFM gang rise up

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The lack of love for sleep well beast hurts my soul

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I think boxer is the best album, but sleep well beast is my favorite. There’s love!

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Took the words right out of my mouth

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It’s awesome, no doubt. But if you pin people down for one best, they have to make a difficult subjective choice. It is ranking ahead of Alligator, which is sacred territory for many here. So there’s that I guess.

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SWB just never hit with me. Great tracks on there, but as a album it is very disjointed imo. Plus I will never ever understand the love for Guilty Party - one of their most boring "hits"

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Maybe people are just angry about Turtleneck still 😂 SWB is a fantastic album. I think picking a favorite is almost impossible.

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it's boxer by a mile, it's the best album

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I know I’m going to be in the minority on this one, but Boxer has never resonated with me in the quite the same way Alligator or the post Boxer albums have done. Can’t really explain why!

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It wasn't even the first one I'd heard, I think part of it is the way it represents a sort of watershed moment in their career and for their sound, jumping off into a much more post punky kinda thing after it. The songs on their own stand so strong IMO

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Boxer is the one. As much as I love all the other albums. But… Boxer.

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The lack of love for sleep well beast hurts my soul

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Not even including the self titled first album:( (& sad songs for dirty lovers!)

I may be the only one who claims that one as my favorite, haha

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Couldn't fit them in the poll and knew they wouldn't win 😔

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  1. Boxer
  2. High Violet
  3. I am Easy to Find

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I feel like these albums are the ones that mean the most to me as well. But leaving off TWFM seems criminal nonetheless.

Boxer is their most concise album, HV is their "biggest" (sound-wise) and I will forever defend IAETF because its exploration of love is absolutely beautiful to me!

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fought between boxer and alligator, i personally think boxer is their best but alligator is my favorite

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This is my struggle.

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Favourite is sleep well beast, but "best" is such a hard term to satisfy. Probably Alligator tbh, widest range of emotions performed in the musically best way

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I think the poll should ask, which album would you “want to hear played live in its entirety?” I bet Alligator would get more love then.

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TWFM and it’s not close

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It's a tough call, and my favourite songs are split across different albums, but I have to go with SWB.

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Voted for Boxer so fast, no need to overthink it. Kinda stunned High Violet has the lead

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High Violet for me.

Boxer has four huge songs but the rest are very meh to me.

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not included here.

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my favorite album is boxer for many reasons, but i firmly believe their best album is swb.

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Suprised SWB is that low. My #1. I became a fan in 2011.

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We all know it’s Boxer don’t believe the contrarians

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Dont understand why People dont see SWB as top 3 or 2 material. I've listened the national since boxer..and even tho I love boxer and HV since they are the foundation to their identity and great records..I think SWB get what they did and brought the songwriting to a New level without sounding repetitive or uninspiring. For real dont understand the hype with TWFM comparing to SWB, cos SWB is waaay more exciting and adventurous..like it has some weird vibes that boxer had + new electronic elements that remind me of Kid A from Radiohead..I mean cmon SWB won a grammy, and it was so well deserved, Plus the production of it is on a another level.

Idk it Just seems that the national fanbase overall likes to be in the safezone, SWB is such an underrated record that it hurts. And dont get me wrong TWFM is good but is so goddamn overrated. Its lacks of the uniqueness that HV or boxer had.. for me TWFM feels like their "sophomore acessible album" like a lot of songs sound like singles..and the ones who dont..are kinda meh..like they are good but they dont stick with you for long..like fireproof for example..or heavenfaced..idk..its missing something..some concept sound that guides the record or the overwall vibe..Sometimes TWFM feels like a Hits collection record..and Idk even tho its Nice to listen to cos of some of its great moments it stills lack some depth as record for me.

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Well, the question didn’t allow for a ranked ballot answer from individual answerers. You can’t assume the top 3 votes for best represent top 3 at the level of any individual. (Though in my case, it is probably the case, much as I enjoy the other ones, including SWB)

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Yeah I agree completely - TWFM is fine but it always felt like The National on safe mode/autopilot to me, and at points basically sounds like a Coldplay record. Far too glossy and safe production and song writing wise.

The band even said similar themselves, that when making TWFM they overdid it and made an intentional effort to strip back their sound a bit for SWB, which I think was a good call.

TWFM has my favourite National song ever on it (Humiliation) but other than that and a couple of others I find it a bit of a drag to get through. I'm not sure how an album that contains songs like Demons or Fireproof is viewed by the fanbase as anything other than painfully average - nobody goes to a National show hoping they play those songs, and they're almost never mentioned individually on here, yet you'd think every song on TWFM is a 10/10 banger the way people talk about it

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Thats exactly my point..like wtf. And yes Humiliation is the best for me too of the record. There are 4 songs that really Shine for me there..Humiliation, Graceless, Sea of love and Pink rabbits. Btw I do get what u said about coldplay, but I love them..but its True that since Mylo xyloto they overproduced thing..they should kept what they had with viva la vida album.

But anyway..it is very strange how the fanbase suck TWFM and never really explains why. I Love how SWB is them taking more risks maintaining their identity even more than TWFM for me..its like...SWB is the boxer band but more subtle with electronic experimentations

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For myself, 2013, when it came out, was a turning point year in my life. A lot of stuff going on. Discovered the band and saw them in concert that year. Also went on a very memorable seaside road trip where the watery sounds of that record were the perfect soundtrack. So all that added up to it burning into my consciousness in a special way.

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Yeah I do get that. Everyone has its own experience and story with it and that counts. I do like TWFM, It has a lot of great moments..I Just think that comparing to other albums of them it feels a little more uninspiring for me even tho is good..I miss the weirdness or complexity that they have on songs like brainy or squalor victoria for example, TWFM has consistency but it never grabbed me like a lot of fanbase, still like...8/10 anyway

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HV introduced me, but SWB is absolutely magical, so it has to go to that one.

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I was introduced to them with Boxer and loved it, but High Violet floored me when it was released. Still go back to those two every so often, but none of their other albums have done anything for me—they all sound like the color gray.

I’ll keep trying with every new release, though! 🤷‍♂️

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Truly embarassing for this subreddit that SWB is higher than Alligator

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According to this very unscientific poll, this band peaked years ago. :) Will they make a striking comeback?

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I understand that some people like IAETF, but 45 (at this point) think it's the best album the band has ever released? Huh...?

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I love all of them from Boxer to the present. IAETF is my favorite with Trouble second. High Violet has some production issues. Sleep Well Beast has some songs that sound unfinished to me. Boxer doesn’t have the modern Dessner production.

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Sad songs for dirty lovers gets paid DIRT

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Boxer for me, honestly High Violet might be my least favourite of the choices

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How did you do a poll? It won’t let me 🫢

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Really surprised by High Violet love. It honestly is not even in my top 3 which are SWB, Alligator and TWFM in that order.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion (including me!).

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Boxer is best, alligator is favourite

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Yea I got introduced with Alligator. Surprised how lowly ranked it is wth. Feels like another life time ago. I still remember downloading a leaked version of Boxer and burning it to a CD lol. Wish they’d make music similar to Alligator again, but that will likely never happen. I still enjoy their music.

For me it’s: 1) Boxer 2) Alligator 3) TWFM 4) HV 5) Sleep Well 6) IAETF