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As someone who often suffers from inability to communicate with people in “normal” ways and who gets exhausted from seemingly ordinary social interactions, I was also deeply touched by this album. It seems like it was made for people who suffer from fear of being alone, but at the same time feel themselves uncomfortable around other people, and that’s exactly my situation. I admit that it’s not the best album, but it’s probably the most relatable and touching for me, at least at the moment.

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Thank you for sharing :)

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Thank you for sharing. I can totally relate. I use artwork and writing to communicate in the most effective ways. I’m the quiet loner in the corner lol. I love this album. But you’re bang on. I can totally relate. I am fairly alone. I’m afraid I always will be…..but not being alone is stressful…

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Rapidly becoming my favourite album of theirs.

I really CANNOT. WAIT. to hear the new songs performed live in Dublin in September.

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The new album is wonderful. As far as The Alcott ... I love the song, but don't love the decision to include it on this album. Sounds out of place here. To my ears, it plays like a business decision (which I understand) rather than a creative decision.

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This seems like bait. How is it the only song worth mentioning. It very much ties in to the theme of the album. Especially if you think of the Alcott as a rehab or ward and not some classy joint...

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I hear you on the theme. That fits w the album. I guess it’s the Taylor vocal being so dominant that makes it feel out of place here to my ears. Maybe a better fit on IAETF which had loads of dominant female vocals. Here we have Your Mind and This Isn’t Helping where the female vocals are harmonic and not lead. Just my opinion.

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i agree taylors voice is dominant and she’s trying to show off her vocal range, she’s doing too much and it takes you out of it

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This seems like a personal dilemma, not an opinion nor criticism...

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yes. listening to music is a personal experience.

i was not criticizing at all. i’m sure a lot of people love that song and i’m happy for them they have it.

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Ahh I guess you used the word you in the me sense..

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yeah whoops. by “you” i meant me when i am listening to it . not “you” as in you specifically or everyone who listens to it.

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How did you feel about I am Easy to Find?

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I love IAETF. It’s one of my favorite albums ever made by anyone.

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TFTPOF is already out of my listening rotation. But "Your Mind Is Not Your Friend" is a really great song that appeals to by Buddhist sensibilities about "mind." I also really like Ice Machines. I am glad a lot of other people are getting a lot out of the album! If you look at YouTube, there are some people (many actually) who feel the same about "I Am Easy To Find." It got them where some of their other works did not.

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How can a lyricist be a good lyricist and not say things that appear insignificant...

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Fan to fan, it genuinely makes me glad that you feel that way, really, so don’t take what I’m about to say the wrong way but.. this album just doesn’t do it for me, at all. There are still a couple of really great moments - like the intro to Alien and then the guitar part later in the song.. I’d still kill to see them on this tour - even if they only played songs from Frankenstein. I’m glad they released it, they were on the brink of calling it quits and now it’s a ‘permanent piece’ of their history, which at this point is my own life’s history.. I’m still excited to see where they go from here.

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The more I listen to this album, the harder it hits. Especially alcott, never thought I would say that. Why do I keep thinking that alcott, is about their relationship as a band and how they will be stronger than before, by remembering what brought them together in the first place. I just love it, and this can be applied to any relationship worth saving❤️