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This show was absolutely epic. What a setlist and encore performance. Matt walked right by us during Terrible Love, so fun!

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vanderlyle live (as a closer no less!!) is a bucket list item for me. going to the detroit show and hoping to finally get it.

when I was young, I somehow saw jane's addiction more than 20 times before I finally got summertime rolls live. it was a horrible, oppressively hot day and it started raining just as they started playing it. I can still remember watching the raindrops sizzle as they hit the pavement while summertime rolls washed over me -- smashed into me -- and thinking "my life will never be the same after this." of course that's both absolutely insane and totally true.

vanderlyle is easily as big a deal for me now as summertime rolls was then. my life would never be the same after it.

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The urge to yell out “chandeliers!” early after “hanging from…” was strong

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That's a cracking photo.