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Driver Surprise Me

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If I heard this live I would lose it…

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Didn't they play this for a run during the SWB tour?

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Yeah, it pops up every few years.

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They did in Chicago in Dec 2017! I lost my mind. Never even thought about the possibility of ever hearing it live, so it was a pleasant, well, surprise.

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If you heard somebody yell "OH MY GOD" when Matt said they were playing it, that was me.

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Chicago has weirdly gotten it twice (source: there both times)

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You’ve Done it Again, Virginia would be cool to see live

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They have soooo much amazing music: Available, All Dolled Up In Straps, Santa Clara, Tall Saint, Slipping Husband

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Counting on „Sugar Wife“ at every gig where the crowdfunded Sugar-Wife-banner is on display.

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Not a prediction but would love to hear Blank Slate, Sin-Eaters, Little Faith, or Sleep Well Beast!

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I would do unspeakable things for little faith

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Would fucking explode if they played Blank Slate or Sin-Eaters. Two of the best songs they’ve ever written imo

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I was hoping for City Middle in LA after spotting the “I have strange memories of you” shirt Bryan was wearing on the first night.

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The Thrilling of Claire

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I wanna hear Santa Clara in New York

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Blank Slate. :)

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Thrilling of Claire without a doubt

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I want Karen so badly

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Ooh, this would be a good one live, especially the screaming part

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City Middle (on the board and in one of Bryan's IG stories I think)

Thirsty would be cool

All Dolled-Up In Straps would make me cry (please save that for the inevitable open air 2024 performance in Hamburg, Germany ;))

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Lucky You or 90 mile water wall

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I think I would die on the spot if I ever got to hear 90 mile live

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God I hope they do 29 years in London.

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Tall Saint would be my first choice. Virginia close second. Lucky You or Available (I know it will never happen) would be amazing.

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Fashion coat!

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you were a kindness!

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Exile Villify

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Yes. Similarly., I love when this and “Think You Can Wait” come up on my shuffled playlists.

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Sunshine on My Back