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Summer of 2013 was when I really hit my love phase with the band. Trouble Will Find Me had just come out the past month. I was listening to it but not intensively. My wife had just started a new job with a company based out of Seattle and flew up the week before my birthday to do a long week of training. For my birthday, her boss flew me up there on the Friday of it so she and I could spend the weekend together in Seattle on his dime. I loaded up the iPod with TWFM and a few other albums. Got off the plane, and started the album before I boarded the train into downtown. Listened to TWFM on the entire ride in. I Need My Girl started playing and it instantly hit me since my wife had been gone for the week. Made the time between me getting on that train and seeing her take forever. That core memory probably is why the album is my favorite. The song also has special meaning.

All that said, Humiliation is the best song on the album.

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Dropping you into a song with "I survived the dinner" is one of my favourite things ever. What masterful storytelling

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It was our wedding song.

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Same :)

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I love this too.

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Dark Side of The Gym for us. Strong choice for u guys also :)

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I love this.

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Ours too!

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And you got out and said I'm sorry
To the vines and no one saw it

Is my favourite line in any National song.

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yup. I’ve been trying to work out a tattoo for it for eons but I’ve no idea how to capture that feeling visually and just the lyrics doesn’t seem enough

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totally understand this, a couple years ago i tried to do an illustration based off of this lyric and couldn’t get it right. it only works with the rest of the song.

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This is the song that made me fall in love with this band. When I first heard it I could not get enough… it was on repeat for weeks. Then I hit the back catalog and swooned over and over again, and the rest is history.

It is not my favourite song, TWFM is not my favourite album, but it will forever hold a place it my heart.

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I feel like the reason many people dislike this song is because they think it’s uninteresting and/or repetitive but I think this is actually what makes it so beautiful. It’s simplicity reflects the desperation of the subject. Matt has said himself that (at least up to that point) I Need My Girl was the most earnest love song he had ever written and I think the way he delivers the lines of the chorus over the sort of somber, meditative guitar loop over and over again really says everything it needs too. The song doesn’t overstay its welcome. Anything more and it might have for the message the band was trying to get across. Absolutely beautiful.

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Oh also, I’m a Death Cab for Cutie fan and this being the National’s “most popular” song reminded me of how I Will Follow You Into The Dark was not the song even the band expected to blow up but now is their most well known. It’s just interesting to me how sometimes a song that, to some degree, defines a bands reputation isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of the rest of their discography.

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god i love this song so much, it will always be top 10 for me

the “shimmery guitar riff” is so full of nostalgia to me and THAT verse.

“you got out and said i’m sorry to the vines, and no one saw it”

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Love that line. "Talking to a shark in the corner" gave me similar vibes

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Same--like I could see the same woman ("girl") doing both.

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I bet every lyric is about Carin

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I personally love it. I’ve been a fan for years but just kind of by myself (never really engaged in this sub or any other type of TN related forum/fandom stuff). I didn’t realized so many hardcore fans disliked this song! It’s not my #1 fav TN song (and no shame to anyone who would list it as their favorite!!), but just because it’s not a deep cut or anything doesn’t make it bad or unsophisticated or something. People like what they like.

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It’s one of my favorites and I’m not ashamed lol. It’s beautiful

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How can anyone hate the song? It’s wonderful. I don’t pay attention to what their “popular” songs are - I like what I like

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Contemplating a National-inspired tattoo and “I am good, I am grounded.” is currently top of the list.

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I love that line.

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I don’t know if this link will work, but I’ve had this a few years now.

Still love the idea of it, but the artist did a rubbish job 😑


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No, the link doesn’t work. What is it?!

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My “I am good, I am grounded 🎶” tattoo down my forearm.

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Ah! Great minds! I’ve seen a lot of National-inspired tattoos in this subreddit but not that one. I was surprised I hadn’t seen one yet…

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I still love the song no matter how many times I hear it. I just love the car in the garden line, just the idea that the song is almost like a privy conversation between 2 people. It just feels so intimate. And I'm an absolute sucker for slow burn songs. I know personally I've grown past the need to be too cool for certain songs based on popularity. Really The National isn't nearly popular enough to hate on hearing their most popular song in different places.

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It is my favorite song from them and i am not ashamed!!

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It’s such a good song off a great album.

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My dad is the reason i started listening to the national since i heard it a LOT growing up. My mom passed a few months before i need my girl came out. I wish she could have heard it, it would have been so beyond perfect for the 2 of them. That’s why it’s my favorite, the meaning. this was the song my dad needed at the time in his grieving.

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Every single concert I’ve been to and they’ve played this, bar none, there’s a guy next to me (usually in a flannel shirt) swooning as soon as this comes on saying wow, this is my favorite! Last year at Red Rocks I was flanked on both sides w the swooners. Personally, I swoon over Slow Show. I dont hate I Need My Girl, just now find it humorous to watch the reaction of the flannels.

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Probably one of my least favorite songs by the group to be totally honest!

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Me too. The punks and cannonballers line is the best part of it. I skip it bc it drags imo.

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I’ve Pavlov dogged the missus over the years by playing National albums in the car...

And this is one of her faves..

Especially the line “ remember when you lost your shit “ small things,small minds etc

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However my favourite line is ‘ it’s full of punks n cannonballers ‘

No reason.

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The best line - wish Matt would yell it

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I must be in minority here, but I’ve always thought that song lacked something. Perhaps I just find the chorus uninvolving. Literally 50 National songs I prefer. .

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It drags. Only skip on that album for me.

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I’ve listened to it for so many years, so sometimes it hits and sometimes it skips. I have to be in the right mood, unless I’m at the show then I’m swaying and crying 100 percent of the time.

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“Sometimes it hits and sometimes it skips”… for me, that definitely hit lol, and put words to a feeling. Thank you! ♥️

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Wild. I read that first sentence and assumed this was a hyperbolic opinion as opposed to a statement of fact but I just checked Spotify and it really is their most popular song (on that platform). It’s a good song I am just surprised that it’s the most popular track on Trouble Will Find Me, let alone the most popular National track in their entire catalog.

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    Yeah, It was the 5th single off the album even still the other singles don’t have nearly those numbers, I would be willing to bet The Spotify algorithm has a lot to do with it. It’s a very easy song to enjoy and like you said probably found it’s way on plenty of playlists.

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    Never imagined it’d be number one on Spotify.

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    6,5 out of 10 compared to the rest of their catalogue, sorry.

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    Yeah it bores me backwards

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    Its a beautiful song and I think its expertly crafted.

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    I wouldn’t say this is the bands most popular song. It is possibly their most played song on streaming, which is different, and due to it also being featured in a tv show which boosts that.

    I would say personally, and not speaking for all, but “Fake Empire” or “Bloodbuzz” would pip this, but it’s all subjective.

    TLDR - most played doesn’t mean most popular

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    "Just because it's played more than everything else doesn't mean it's played more." Yes it does lol.

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    You’ll have to explain that one to me, where did I say that?

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    I was paraphrasing.

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    Hmmm. I don’t think you know what paraphrasing means.

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    I don't think you know what popular means so we're even.

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    love it!

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    It was the first National song I heard. Hooked ever since.

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    After seeing it for a 12th time in Portland last week, I can confirm that the song is amazing and deserves all of the love it gets. People just get sick of the regular rotation and want to see the deep cuts live. I get that.

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    Wow, I did not know this was their most popular song. It's probably my least favourite on TWFM but I still don't skip it or anything.

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    Love this post! My brain always picks up this undercurrent of emotional longing in an endless void - but it gives you permission to lean into the dark because deep down you know it's gonna be alright. Like that saying the night is darkest just before the dawn.

    Welp, time for a negroni, lights down, and leaning into the void of longing.

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    My favorite song and I didn't get to hear it at their LA show but I was still satisfied with what they played because they were AH-mazing!!!

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    Amazing song!!

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    first heard the song driving through the Iowa cornfields heading west as the sun set, just peeking over the horizon as fall began to make itself known. I don’t think I have ever looked at midwestern sky the same…

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    I wasn't aware of this. I need my girl is easily one of my top 5 from them. Never skip.

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    Such a great song. I really wish they would release an official take of the Version with Phoebe Bridgers from Forrest Hills Stadium.

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    It was the first song of theirs I ever heard, and it was love at first listen.

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    I’m on a hiatus listening to this song. It makes me think about my ex-gf too much. 😭