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Given how many artists are scheduled each day and there only being one stage I would think gates would be noonish and first act would be 1 or 2pm. Airport is 20ish minutes from downtown by rideshare or a little longer by the 2x bus that is like 2$ and will take you from the airport to downtown Cincy.

If you haven't been to Cincinnati, come a day early if you can and check it out. As a heads up it's Oktoberfest that weekend wich is sort of a big deal but We've also got a bunch of cool stuff within walking / free streetcar ride of the venue. Lmk if you want and recommendations

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I would love any recommendations you’re willing to share! We’re driving in the day before 😊

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What part of town are you staying in?

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Downtown - close to 5th and Race St

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in 2018 the festival started early (I feel like it was noon but maybe it was 2PM) and the line to get in was INSANE. If you can pull it off I would highly recommend getting in Thursday night so you can wake up Friday and just go eat/work your way to the festival instead of frantically trying to get to the hotel from the airport, get checked in, get ready for the fest, and then make it through the line etc.

Also you're gonna be flying into Kentucky and will need to transport yourself to Cincinatti. It's not a very long trip but definitely worth keeping in mind. We took the shuttle in 2018 and that was pretty painless.

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I would plan on getting in Thursday. Wake up Friday have brunch at Sugar n Spice on Sycamore get on the connector and head down to the park around noon

Skip a mad rush from the airport…