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the geese of beverly road or quiet light

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Plus one for Geese of Beverly Road

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when they played Boxer in full at Homecoming 2018 and followed Gospel with System, that was top tier

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If they ever play this at a concert I’m at, I will melt/die.

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This is also mine

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Oh my if I could hear those drums live 🥹

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Exile Vilify

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I'll Still Destroy You, it's one of my all-time favorite songs. I've seen it on the recent setlists and I'm praying they'll play it in LA.

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Baby We’ll Be Fine

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Just played it tonight!!!

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I live in Chicago too 😭 Wasn’t able to swing it this year unfortunately.

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I need to get tickets to more shows!

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Yesssss I so hope they’ll do it in Atlanta!

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All The Wine

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Secret Meeting

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Karen was the first song I heard by The National. Would be ridiculous to hear it live and relive my lonely high school days!

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I was so stuck between slipped and Karen! One of my favorites.

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Daughters Of The Soho Riots

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Going to see them in Austin in November and can't wait. Have only seen them one other time years ago.

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I am going to the Houston show, but I'm going to try and save up the best I can to swing both, so maybe I'll be there too!

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I got tix for both Austin and Houston, and going to Homecoming too!

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This was my first NTL song. Listened to it when I was probably 13 or 14 and never turned back. Would be a dream to hear it live

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That's mine too. They actually played it at my first ever gig, which was so unlikely because they hadn't played it for ages, and I recorded it... except I didn't because I didn't press the button on my camera properly. I'm still mad.

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SEA OF LOVE! Still haven’t heard it live. Would also die for Heavenfaced.

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Oh good, I'm not alone in liking Heavenfaced! Seems like there's a lot of hate for that one.

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Humiliation- they've only done it 2 times since 2019.

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Insanity considering how incredible that song is

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City middle

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Slipping Husband

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Yes!!! Hopeful for tomorrow! 💜

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Without Permission

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Santa Clara. Ive never seen it live but it’s a top 5 National song for me.

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They played this in DC back in 2017 as the opener. It was stunning.

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I couldn’t agree more. These will be my 22nd and 23rd shows next week and I’ve never gotten that or Ada once.

Driver, Surprise me is another pipe dream😭

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Couldn’t believe it when they played it in Montreal in 2019. What an experience! Definitely hope it reappears again, even if it’s not at a show I’m attending.

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slipping husband

I called it for it and lemonworld earlier today and at least we went 1 for 2… fingers crossed for tomorrow

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cardinal song live and that guitar part a minute in would make me cry

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Available. I need Available to come back. I'm desperate.

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Matt has stated that he will never perform this song again. Sadly.

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Blah I know :( Hurts my heart but I get it. I saw them play it last in 2011 and I dragged a bunch of friends who didn't know them to the show, hyped up how great that specific song was, and then right before it began, Matt went into a rant about how he doesn't know why they still bother playing it at all. I think he called it "petty" or something. I was like 🫠 oh cool cool that's great 🫠 hahah

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Petty? It rocks. Sad to hear this.

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Apartment Story, always

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Patterns of Fairytales

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what is this song? 🫠

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It’s from their second album, Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers

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Oh thanks, huge fan here but i trully never paid much attention to the first two albums. Will check that!

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SSFDL has some really good stuff on it! I also particularly like "It Never Happened," "Available," and "Slipping Husband."

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Oh me too. It’s been a long time since I listened to the first few albums in full but that song in particular has always been a stand out to me in regards to their early songs

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It fucking happened tonight

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No way? Really? Wonder how long it’s been since they last played that lol

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They said they have never played it live

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So cool! I have a feeling they read these threads on here and get ideas lol

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Oh yeah for sure they do, it's great when you never know what you might hear at a show

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This thread 🤗 I love you all

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I’ve seen them 5 times and surprisingly have never seen them play Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks. I’m pretty sure they were going to play it when I saw them in 2019, but it got cut because of time.

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They did it as a crowd sing-a-long at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY last year as an unplanned last encore and . . . it was bonkers.

Link: https://youtu.be/o-_zYm1RmCk

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I got the crowd sing-a-long too at a small venue in Rio once, was pretry magical

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There was a (much louder!) crowd singalong in Manchester last year. Still magical, so can only imagine how awesome a small venue would be. 😢

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Empire Line! They refuse to play it whenever I'm around!

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City Middle

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It would never happen because he already ruled it out, but Cardinal Song

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Is there a list of songs that they’ve said will never be played live again?

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Fashion Coat

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American Mary

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The Perfect Song

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I’ve never seen them play Karen. Hoping they start mixing this one back in on this tour.

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Driver Surprise Me.

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So far around the bend?

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Friend of Mine. I do like Slipped though

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Dark Side of the Gym

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Gotta be Sea of Love. Really hoping they play it in Leeds!

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and Lucky You. That song is so special for me

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Little Faith for SF please and thank you.

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City Middle, Runaway

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About Today or Guilty Party

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The Alcott (Joking lol)

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Hard to Find

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About Today, Driver Surprise Me,

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90 Mile Water Wall

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I would soil my pants if they played “Driver Surprise Me”

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I didn’t see them on the TWFM tour so getting Humiliation Thursday was insane. Complete surprise. I’ll be there tonight and Geese of Beverly Road is my hopeful choice tonight. These setlists have been amazing in Chicago. You could have went all 4 nights if you wanted to and wouldnt have left disappointed any night (assuming tonight continues the trend).

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You’ve done it again, Virginia

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All The Wine cuz the first verse is about me 😆

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the geese of beverly road or city middle

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City Middle

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I would love to see Quiet Light again … or Guest Room. Hard to choose

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Wake Up Your Saints

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But i agree with geese

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Terrible Love, by far!

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All of alligator, cardinal song, about today.

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Exile Vilify

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Geese or Runaway.

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Lit Up

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I’ll go with Lean. I’m afraid there’s 0 chance I’ll ever experience it live

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I got both of mine, Humiliation and Abel. Wish I could go every night!

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Baby we’ll be fine — and they played it in chicago 😭

Alligator was my intro to them and I’ve seen them 4 times since (earliest was High Violet days). So I’d be happy with anything on Alligator (other than Mr. November and Abel, I love those but have heard them live! Actually I want them to play those, too.)

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Slow Show or Green Gloves. I’m not picky.

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